How To Disable Earphone Mic Android? Step By Step Guide

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When your phone thinks the earphones are always plugged in, they may be fixed quickly and easily. There is a problem with your Android phone’s headphone mode. But do you know How To Disable Earphone Mic Android?

How To Disable Earphone Mic Android?

Mics ought to be included in 4pin earbuds. When you plug a 4-pin earphone into a phone, the microphone automatically changes to the earphone. The built-in microphone on the phone will only be used during loudspeaker calls.

You cannot disable a four-pin earphone microphone without tearing the insulation and connecting pins 3 and 4, as illustrated in the diagram below. It should have a 3pin connector if you’re using earbuds without a microphone. The phone will use the built-in microphone because it will know that the earbuds lack a microphone.

Disable Earphone Mic Android

Even though it may seem inconsequential, being unable to make important phone calls because your phone is always in headphone mode is a significant inconvenience. It’s also challenging to share media with others without causing controversy. Many alternatives are available to help you resolve this problem. Turning Off The Headphone Mode on Android smartphones is easy if you follow this guide.

Why Are Android Phones Locked In Headphone Mode?

Whenever a pair of headphones are inserted into an Android smartphone, the phone immediately switches to headphone mode. Even if you remove your headphones, your phone can sometimes get trapped in headphone mode.

If the headphones are not plugged in, the smartphone thinks they are. Once the headphones are removed, the media stops playing. You’ll have to re-insert the headphones for them to play again. Even if you don’t have headphones plugged in, the phone is still in headphone mode, as indicated by the headphone icon at the top of the screen.

A mixture of hardware and software may be necessary to unlock your phone from headphone mode. That’s because hardware and software faults may be to blame, such as:

  1. The headphone jack is clogged with grime and lint.
  2. Problems with your mobile phone’s configuration
  3. There are issues with the operating system of the phone.

How To Disable Earphone Mic And Use Phone Mic?

If your Android phone is locked in headphone mode, you have a few options. Always begin with easy fixes before progressing on to more sophisticated ones.

Step 1: Reconnect Your Headphones To Your Phone

Reconnecting the headphones to the smartphone and then unplugging them solves the problem quickly. Get your Android smartphone to stop seeing the headphones as an accessory.

  1. Using a pair of headphones, connect the audio cable to your device.
  2. Put the plugin in the jack slowly but firmly.
  3. Take out the hose.

If the music is still playing on the phone, the issue has been resolved. Consider additional options if you can’t find a solution here.

Step 2: Clean The Headphone Jack

Having a lot of garbage in your phone’s audio jack may be the reason why it won’t come out of headphone mode. It is possible for dirt, dust, and even lint to accumulate inside. Lint might build up within the jack if you frequently carry your phone around in your pocket. The lint sinks even deeper into the jack when you plug in your headphones.

In theory, conductive lint might be causing the phone to register it as a set of headphones inserted into the jack, leading it to malfunction. You may want to use a flashlight to peer into the jack if you’re wondering, “How do I turn headset mode off?” Follow these instructions if you find any debris within.

  1. Remove most of the cotton wool from one end of a Q-tip. It should be small to fit into the jack’s audio input. Paper clips and toothpicks are other options.
  2. Place the Q-tip in the jack and push it down.
  3. Gently rotate it while pressing down on the bottom.
  4. Remove the Q-tip. This should clear the jack’s bottom of any debris.
  5. Steps 1 to 4 should be repeated as many times as necessary to remove all trash.
  6. Attach a piece of the double tape to the Q-end tips if it doesn’t work. You should be able to remove the Q-tip and any remaining debris with ease.
  7. Headphone mode should be removed after this. Play some audio or video to verify.
  8. Turn off and on again your Android device.
  9. Rebooting is sometimes all that’s required. When your Android phones are restarted, any background apps that may be creating issues are shut off completely.
  10. Keep your finger on the power button. Usually, it’s on the right-hand side of the device.
  11. To restart your phone, select the Restart option. If not, you’ll want to select the Power Off option.
  12. Restarting the phone is as simple as holding down the Power button for one more time till it comes back on.
  13. Check if the headphone mode icon has disappeared after starting your phone. To ensure that the issue has been fixed, you can also play some music.

Step 3: Perform A Soft Reset On Your Device

It may be necessary to perform a soft reset if restarting your smartphone doesn’t work. Performing a “soft reset” means restarting your device without deleting any data or shutting off any programs. Many Android phone software problems can be solved this way because it’s quick and easy.

Step 4: Restart Your Phone

  • Allow 30 seconds to elapse. Turn it back on after that.

Hopefully, this has solved the problem. To remove the battery from a newer smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Turn your phone off.
  • Thirty seconds after removing the battery, turn the device back on.
  • Ensure that the battery is charged again.
  • Let’s try again with the phone.

Step 5: Override Audio Controls With An App

Users of Android devices can root their devices to take back control of the operating system. To perform commands not available on the regular operating system, you need root access granted by some applications.

Step 6: Enable Speaker/Disable Headphones

Disable Headphone/Enable Speaker is one example of such a program that may be used to turn off the headphones. Regardless of whether you have earphones plugged in or not, you may use this simple program to switch between headphones and speakers manually. Even though it’s made for Xiaomi phones, this software can be used on any Android device.

Android Repair Tool, an app that identifies and fixes the most common Android problems, may also be worth looking at. The one-click fix makes it an excellent choice for those with no prior knowledge of computers.

  1. One of the best Android repair tools out there.
  2. Perform a system check.
  3. Check to see if there is an issue.
  4. Let the software take care of it.

However, if your phone is locked in headphone mode because of a hardware issue, using an app like Android Repair won’t help. Plug and disconnect the headphones; check for trash in the audio jack, or visit a repair shop if the first two choices fail.

What Happens If Your Phone Remains In Headphone Mode?

Contact a professional if you have followed all the steps above and your phone is still in headphone mode. Request a repair appointment by contacting your service provider. As a result, you may not have to pay for repairs if your phone is still under warranty. An alternative is to contact a reputable, unaffiliated service.

How To Enable Headphone Mic In Android?

  • Tap Settings on your Android device.
  • Tap Apps after swiping down. Play Services by Google. Permissions.
  • Locate “Microphone” and turn the slider to “On.”

How To Disable Earphone Mode?

  • Once more, take the phone’s headphones off.
  • Make the headphone jack sparkle.
  • Restart your Android device.
  • Give your phone a soft reset.
  • To bypass the audio controls, use an app.
  • Perform a factory reset or hard reset.


Even though the Headphone Mode feature is fantastic for quickly finding your earphones when you plug them in, it can be not very pleasant when your phone incorrectly assumes that they are always on.

Do we hope you’ve been able to get your phone out of earphone mode after reading How To Disable Earphone Mic Android? You should now be able to effortlessly switch between listening to your media in private and sharing it with others. Receive and make phone calls without having to hunt for your headset!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I turn off the Microphone on my Samsung earphones?

The Microphone can be turned off by tapping and holding the touchpad during a phone call. To silence the call, press the mute button.

What’s the best way to turn off the headset microphone?

Open Device Manager by performing a right-click on the Start Button. Choose the Audio inputs and outputs are in the Device Manager window, and you’ll notice your Microphone listed there as an interface. Disable the Microphone by selecting it in the context menu of the right-click context menu that appears. A warning message will appear in a dialogue window.

While listening to music, can we utilize our phone’s Microphone?

You certainly can. This feature is available on most smartphones. A built-in microphone and headphones are used if headphones do not contain a microphone. This method only works with a 3-pin 3.5mm audio jack connector for the sake of completeness.

Is it possible to mute when listening to music with headphones?

Plugging in a wireless headset and observing what occurs is the product creator’s recommendation. To silence the phone’s speakers, headphones are not necessary.

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