How To Destroy An Old iPad? (Best & Easy Way)

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If you have an iPhone or iPad that you intend to donate or destroy, you’ll want to make sure that any confidential data on it cannot be recovered. Both an official and an unofficial method can be used to accomplish How To Destroy An Old iPad? The latter is the subject of this essay.

But first, let’s discuss how to officially wipe your device, which is the best option if it’s available. This method deletes a specific encryption key from your iPhone or iPad, which usually initiates the decryption process of your information. By deleting this key, all of your data becomes cryptographically inaccessible.

How To Destroy An Old iPad?

On iFixIt, you can get in-depth teardowns for several iPad and iPhone models and other gadgets. The fundamental procedure for physically removing data is the same regardless of the particular model:

Destroy the flash memory chip after removing the iPhone or iPad’s screen and locating the logic board. You’ll need an iPhone or iPad that powers up without issue, and you should be able to link it to your computer or use the touchscreen to navigate. For iPhones and iPads, Apple offers instructions that point you to the Settings app, where you can reset the device (by selecting Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings).

Destroy An Old iPad

The instructions explain what to do if you cannot access the Settings app on your device: You might attempt to connect it to your laptop or desktop computer and reset it that way. Apple also provides information on factory reset performance by entering recovery mode if the PC reset method fails. Apple also offers other troubleshooting procedures if your iPhone won’t even switch on, such as doing a force reset and verifying that the device is charged.

When The Official Ways Don’t Work

What should you do, though, if you’ve followed all of Apple’s troubleshooting instructions and your gadget still won’t switch on or connect to your computer, even though it includes critical data you want to be sure cannot be recovered?

The good news is that if you’ve established a strong passcode on your device, the passcode also functions as part of the encryption key for your device, which means that the data on your device is encrypted. Someone who steals your device won’t often be able to access it if your passcode is challenging to guess.

However, bypass vulnerabilities for lock screens are occasionally discovered, and these are simply the ones that make it into the public domain. While some forensics services boast of being able to “tackle your locked and encrypted devices,” exploit sellers can spend millions to buy vulnerabilities in secrecy.

The safest method of deleting your device if you can’t access it is to erase the flash memory chip that contains your data. By doing this, you won’t have to worry if you didn’t use a secure passcode or whether a forensics vendor can retrieve any of your sensitive data.

Best Ways To Physically Destroy Your iPad

By “physical destruction,” we mean rendering the iPad useless and erasing its contents without any possibility of retrieval. Physical destruction does not include a broken screen or a battery that has been disassembled because the contents can still be retrieved. In light of this, there are a few clever ways to physically destroy an iPad with minimal environmental impact and help ensure that you can recycle your iPad in the future.

Best Ways To Physically Destroy Your iPad

Electronic Destruction Services

Your iPad will be carefully taken apart, disassembled, and destroyed by an electronic destruction service, ensuring that any recyclable parts are recycled. Most businesses will then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your device has been properly deleted.

Typically, firms will shred the entire gadget into a fine powder using an industrial-grade shredder. Depending on what you agree to, some people might recycle specific pieces like the camera or screen. These services make it fairly profitable to physically destroy your iPad because they don’t charge much and complete the task with a degree of authenticity.

Drilling The Flash Memory Chip

You’ll have to carry out the unpleasant deed yourself if sending your iPad to a facility for destruction doesn’t appeal to you. The flash memory chip in your iPad houses the operating system, all of your data, and other private information. Your iPad is deemed destroyed if the flash memory is removed or destroyed. You can physically harm your iPad on your own by following these steps:

  • To disassemble your iPad, separate the logic board from the screen.
  • After that, drill a hole in the flash memory chip, an image of which we’ve provided above.
  • Drill continuously until your flash memory card is destroyed.

Congratulations, your iPad has been physically ruined. Next, what? That depends. It will help if you abode by the rules for disposing of electronic waste in most nations. Therefore, you must adequately recycle your iPad rather than throw it in the trash.

Additionally, you can sell the iPad’s remaining components for parts on eBay or at a nearby repair shop. Alternatively, you might hammer it a few times to clinch the deal before recycling it. In any case, using these instructions will destroy your iPad and eliminate any possibility of data recovery.

What If I Have Multiple iPads/iPhones And Need Data Erasure In Bulk?

You might take some time to wipe all of your devices. In the end, 10 to 30 minutes of your time is not inconvenient. The true time-sink is all the waiting for your gadget to finish, which you must do while attempting to multitask and do anything else. Even if your company has a master password for all of its devices, do you want to schedule an iPhone cleanup day and lose one day of productivity?

Do you want additional security precautions to make your data unavailable and erased, or do you require assistance erasing iPhones and iPads in bulk? Greentec uses approved techniques to wipe electronics further, making them as brand-new as when they were first received. This may be a key factor for enterprises in terms of end-of-life disposal.


In this article, you learned How To Destroy An Old iPad? Old iPads cannot be disposed of in the usual trash since doing so harms the environment, much like old iPhones. Water, wildlife, and more are all at risk from metals and other components.

E-waste collection days are frequently scheduled by neighborhood non-profits and service organizations (such as schools, churches, and scouting groups). These businesses will pick up your e-waste for a minimal cost, ensure it is recycled, and utilize the money they make to fund their operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of an old iPad?

Visit the Apple Trade-In website for instructions, a prepaid shipping label, and free recycling for your old iPad. The above sign indicates that your product and its battery cannot be thrown away with regular trash due to restrictions in your area.

What do you do with a dead iPad?

Hold down the top button while continuing to press it until the device restarts. These instructions will show you how to charge your iPad and check your hardware if your iPad doesn’t turn on. Up to an hour of charging time may be necessary. Contact Apple Support if your iPad doesn’t turn on after that.

Can I sell an iPad that doesn’t work?

You can always sell the iPad elsewhere where someone else understands how much it’s worth, regardless of whether the battery died or the screen shattered. With their knowledge, they can restore an iPad’s functionality. They may find great value and profit in a broken iPad.

How do you dispose of an iPad that won’t turn on?

Additionally, Apple will recycle it for you. Given the lithium-ion battery’s chemistry, you should take it to an Apple store, explain that you need it wiped, ask them to help you erase your personal information, and then have them dispose of it appropriately.

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