How To Destroy An iPad Without Physical Damage? (Do This)

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When people inquire about How To Destroy An iPad Without Physical Damage? things become more complex. When someone wants to destroy a phone purposefully, it’s less frequent. However, the subject comes up, and there are numerous solid responses. We can delve into the solutions rather than ask abrasive questions about why this is necessary. At the very least, you can learn how phones operate.

How To Destroy An iPad Without Physical Damage?

Put it in the microwave for 3 seconds maximum to break it without causing any physical harm; much longer and the battery will overheat, become confused, and cease functioning.

Destroy An iPad Without Physical Damage

Encrypt The Phone

The last approach makes use of powerful encryption software. On this list, it’s the simplest way to disable a phone. Install an encryption program to protect your phone from being accessed at all. Deny access to the password after that.

If you repeatedly enter the wrong password, certain apps will lock themselves. All you need to do is never input the password since others won’t. The phone will be held captive by encryption, which can even delete if that is what it intends to accomplish.

Kill The Battery

The most time-consuming approach on the list, but one that might answer the query. Although a dead mobile battery doesn’t destroy the device, it substantially limits its functionality. If the battery is detachable, you can pop it out and destroy it until it is rendered useless.

Your duty is over after you put it back in. If the battery cannot be removed, it can be destroyed by everyday use. A battery sustains a modest degree of chemical deterioration with each recharging. You can render the battery useless if you speed up this process.

Remember that the battery is made to be recharged a thousand times before failing. So, it would help if you kept the phone connected to a fast charger to hasten battery demise. Run whichever applications have the quickest battery drain while it is plugged in. While it will still take weeks to complete, this strategy can cause the battery to die too soon.

Kill The Circuits

You’ll find a number of suggestions to put your phone in the microwave oven or use a charger that is too powerful if you Google how to damage your phone secretly. These things are highly harmful even though they can kill a phone. Both pose a significant fire risk and potentially release harmful gases.

They are also likely to leave behind damage that may be seen. Desoldering the phone’s main power connector or charging port is a preferable alternative. The phone cannot function since this prohibits it from obtaining electricity. More importantly, this approach poses very little fire danger and little to no chance of apparent damage.

Freeze The Phone

Low temperatures are just as capable of killing a phone as high ones. Keeping smartphones below -4 °F (-20 °C) will usually cause them to malfunction. Most freezers maintain temperatures of zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If you place it in the freezer for a night, it should become chilly enough to sustain harm. There is no need to soak it in anything other than air.

Usually, the temperature will be enough on its own. You can put it in a plastic bag to prevent your phone from contaminating the frozen food. The phone can be killed by freezing, but severe temperatures can also cause physical stress. Most importantly, if you put the phone in the freezer, there is always a choice that the screen will fracture.

Heat The Phone Up

A smartphone can only be used securely up to 120 °F (48 °C) in temperature. The phone may overheat and sustain harm if you leave it running in a location with higher temperatures. One of the simplest methods is to put the phone in a locked car on a hot summer day.

These temperatures can go up to 130 °F (54 °C), and the phone won’t be able to cool off if it is in use entirely. This kind of “gentle” overheating could prevent the phone from being destroyed immediately. However, if done frequently enough, this can destroy any phone not designed for hot settings.

Let’s add a safety caution. You might believe placing the phone in the oven would be simpler, but if the temperature is high enough, plastic and other materials that could create poisonous chemicals are readily melted.

Remove Components

This is a surefire way to destroy a phone, although it requires a little more understanding than the ordinary user might have. You can pick up the phone if you have the necessary skills. Once done, you can take out important hardware parts like the processor.

The phone won’t function, and there won’t be any apparent indications of tampering if you can put it back together correctly. However, this strategy has a fatal weakness. If a professional opens the phone, they can tell that parts were taken. This could work or not, depending on why you need to delete a phone secretly.

Use A Magnet

Electronic gadgets were once highly susceptible to the impact of outside magnets. This is no longer the case, and a standard refrigerator magnet will not likely ruin a phone. However, powerful magnets can damage phones, and with enough effort, you can use magnets to make a phone useless.

It is essential first to realize how powerful these magnets must be. The magnet is insufficient if you can remove an object drawn to it with just your hands. While strong enough to accomplish this, rare earth magnets and electromagnets are challenging to locate.

Make a ton of passes with the phone across the magnetic field if you can find one. The phone’s metal parts will have a chance to become magnetized, and its internal magnets’ polarity to be reversed with each pass. As a result, more and more parts of the phone will start to malfunction.

Download A Destructive Virus

Once more, applying this technique to an Android is significantly simpler than applying it to an iPhone. Nevertheless, you might look for infections that utterly ruin the phone you have. There aren’t any links here due to liability concerns.

Once you locate it, such a virus will automatically install and destroy the phone. There won’t be any contact with your hardware. Thus there won’t be any evidence of intentional harm. If you do this, one thing needs to be remembered.

The virus might function differently than promised. It can take a few tries until one works. The dangerous software you knowingly install can also attempt to steal data from your phone, which is a far more significant concern. Before using this technique, delete all of your info.

Overwrite Hardware Controllers

You can brick the phone even if you stop short of wiping it clean. Another technique that renders the phone unusable while leaving the hardware untouched is this one, which is significantly more challenging to cure. Primary hardware controllers, ROM (Read-Only Memory) software, and firmware can all be changed on a computer.

The phone will stop functioning if the incorrect software is flashed in any of these capacities. The technique resembles flashing a BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or other similar low-level controllers.

You must gain root access to the phone, which is far more straightforward to achieve on an Android than on an iPhone. If you have that access, you can add hardware controllers or firmware that does not work with the phone’s hardware. The end consequence is a phone that cannot be used at all.

Completely Erase The Phone

Traditionally, a factory restore is used to delete your data. You can go even further and remove every single operating system from a phone. The phone won’t be able to do anything if you do this. Since there is nothing to load, the hardware will function OK, but nothing will ever load. Several tools can carry out this erasure for any user, including:

  • B-Folders 4
  • Coolmuster
  • Dr. Fone – Data Eraser (Android)
  • iSkysoft Data Eraser
  • Mobikin Android Data Eraser
  • Vipre Mobile Security
  • Wondershare MobileTrans

For access, the phone usually has to be connected to a computer. Use one of these programs and select to delete all partitions completely. You’ll have a fully functional phone with zero software and functionality when it’s finished.


I hope you learn How To Destroy An iPad Without Physical Damage? In this day and age, we all adore and rely on our smart devices. We carry them everywhere, unfortunately exposing us to numerous dangerous scenarios. According to a recent poll, the typical phone is damaged or destroyed ten weeks after being purchased.

As he took the iPad Pro out of the packing, the client dropped it and damaged the screen; the poor guy hadn’t even had a chance to turn it on. Many iPhone devices are broken in bathrooms, whether dropped into a tub or sink or dived into the toilet while carried in a pocket.

In this instance, liquid damage manifests itself once more and appears to occur most frequently in bathrooms. Even destruction could result from leaving a phone in a “dry” bathroom area while taking a bath. A hot bath’s steam and humidity might eventually ruin your phone by causing water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you break your phone and make it look accidental?

There are various methods for doing this. Dropping your phone into water is one method. Stepping on it is another option, as is dropping it to the ground.

How can I destroy my phone internally?

A phone can be internally destroyed in a few different ways. One method is to crush the phone’s screen with a hammer before disassembling it with pliers. Another method is to drill holes through the phone’s back screws before breaking it into pieces.

How do you destroy an iPhone?

A few methods exist for destroying an iPhone. One method is to bash it with a hammer. Dropping it into an acidic vat is another option.

How can I permanently damage my phone?

There are a few methods to harm your phone irreparably. Pouring water or any other liquid on it is one method. You might even drop it from a great height. The final method involves exposing it to heat for an extended period.

Can you destroy a cell phone with a magnet?

Yes, a magnet can sabotage a cell phone. A cell phone’s electronic components can become hampered by magnets and stop functioning altogether.

Does hitting your phone damage it?

There is no clear-cut response to this query because the degree of harm that can be done to your phone by being hit depends on various variables, including the force and angle of the impact. The widespread consensus is that hitting your phone can inflict some level of harm, which could lead to a broken screen or other internal component failures.

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