How To Delete CM Launcher On Android? Full Procedure

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I believe you are bored with your phone’s CM launcher. In today’s post, I’ll demonstrate to you How To Delete CM Launcher On Android? From morning to midnight, we utilize a mobile phone in our daily lives. Throughout this time, we only saw the normal Android launcher on our phones. After a while, it becomes monotonous.

After that, we’d want to experiment with a new cool, and unique launcher for our smartphone. As a result, we install third-party launchers on our phones to make them look cool and appealing. Do you realize, however, that all these apps are extremely harmful to our smartphones?

How To Delete CM Launcher On Android?

You must navigate to Settings->apps to remove the CM launcher or any other launcher.

Delete CM Launcher On Android

If our phone’s RAM or processor is insufficient: it has an impact on the phone’s battery life and performance. Furthermore, some programs that are not installed from the Google Play Store are potentially dangerous to our privacy.

Additionally, if you utilize third-party Android phone launchers, you should be familiar with the cm launcher. That launcher is fantastic and has a lot of great features. If you’re using the CM launcher, you’re probably having some of the same issues I’m having with it on my phone.

You also want to get rid of this software appropriately. Then this is the article for you. We’ll give you some background on the CM launcher before showing you how to properly install it.

What Exactly Is The CM Launcher?

CM Launcher is indeed an Android app that replaces the standard Android home screen, commonly known as a starter, with a more personalized and, in some cases, speedier version. However, if you’re encountering problems with your phone & think the Launcher is to blame; deleting it is the best solution.

How To Remove CM Launcher?

To uninstall the CM launcher or other launcher, go to Settings->apps and then remove them from there. Also, if you have a reduced smartphone, avoid using launchers since they will make your device slow and unresponsive.

The procedures for uninstalling CM launchers are equally applicable to certain other third-party Android launchers such as Go launchers, Nova launchers, Google custom launchers, and others.

  • Go to your Android settings first.
  • In the settings, search for the Apps menu.
  • Select all apps from the Apps menu at the top of the display.
  • Look for the downloaded CM launcher in the list of all Apps.
  • Now access the CM launcher’s settings by tapping on it.
  • On the upper right side of the screen, tap the three horizontal dots.
  • Select Uninstall for all users from the pop-up menu after touching the three dots.
  • To uninstall the CM launcher, select the OK option.

Remove Any Information That Is Connected To It

Delete any data or apps linked to the CM Launcher that you may have downloaded. Go to your main screen and look for file explorer, then hit the file explorer button. Now, once you’ve launched your mobile file explorer, look for the folder labeled CM Launcher.

If you’ve organized the list alphabetically, you’ll discover it quickly. Once you’ve located the CM Launcher folder, go into it. Then choose to delete the entire folder or all of the files included within it.

What Is CM Launcher On My Phone?

People have modified versions of the Android launcher to mix things up. One of these apps, CM Launcher, completely changes the appearance of your phone by letting you add various themes.

What Is CM Launcher Used For?

Launching themes for your devices is free with the CM Launcher android app. It is created so that it 100% boosts your system while also safeguarding your mobile device from virus assault. The biggest feature of this software is how little space it takes up—just 1 MB—while performing excellently and outperforming popular launchers like Etheme Launcher, APUS, and Nova Launcher.

Is CM Launcher Harmful?

CM Launcher poses a risk since it is a backdoor for several spyware, adware, and bloatware. It installs programs like battery saver as system apps, which means you can’t remove them without rooting your smartphone. You shouldn’t even attempt to install it or use it.


I hope you were able How To Delete CM Launcher On Android? Successfully. It’s not difficult, and I demonstrated how to accomplish it in a precise and simple manner. If you are unable to uninstall the CM launcher; Please leave a comment and let everyone know what’s wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I uninstall the CM launcher from my Android device?

Simply go to the Play Store and search for cm launcher, etc, and then uninstall it. Welcome to the discussion boards. You may also go to settings>apps>scroll down to and pick on CM launcher. You ought to be able to uninstall the app from the app screen.

On my phone, what is the CM launcher?

CM Launcher is a light launcher that allows you to keep all of your apps organized attractively and fluidly, as well as provide a variety of other functions. Your most-used apps will be displayed on your desktop’s main screen by default: WhatsApp, Facebook, Settings, Camera, Chrome Browser, and so on.

Is the CM launcher required?

CM Launcher is possibly dangerous because it serves as a backdoor for a variety of viruses, adware, and bloatware. It installs apps like battery saver as system apps, which means you won’t be able to remove them without rooting your smartphone. It is not recommended that you use or even install it.

Is it possible to remove the CM launcher?

The issue with launchers like Nova, CM, and others is that once you set them as your default launcher on your Android phone, you can’t simply uninstall them like any other app. To uninstall CM launchers or any other launcher, go to Settings->apps and then uninstall them from there.

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