How To Cross Out In Discord? Step By Step Guide

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Discord is chat software that allows practically anyone to chat online, mainly gamers and social groups. It is one of the most well-known firms in the world that provides text or voice chat with groups of people. Channel owners on Discord have their own set of rules, bots, and communities of followers. But did you know How To Cross Out In Discord?

How To Cross Out In Discord?

Using the tilde key, which is present on both physical and digital keyboards, you can mark text as crossed out in Discord. You can delete text in Discord by adding two tildes on either side of it. Text can also be crossed out using a context menu if you’re utilizing Discord on a desktop or web browser.

Cross Out In Discord

Discord has so many features and instructions, that it may take some time to master everything there is to know about it. On Discord, we occasionally wish to offer a different style to your daily correspondence.

For some, highlighting something that is so familiar and, in certain circumstances, showing it as crossed-out text in Discord, style is a vital step. Here are some simple and straightforward formatting tips to help you stand out in your messages.

Understanding Markdown Text

Discord employs the “Markdown Text” formatting system, which is a markup language that formats plain text. In a nutshell, it turns plain text into HTML, which is subsequently shown in a browser. It allows users to just input standard text together with the formatting codes (which aren’t difficult or lengthy), resulting in a wide range of visual effects with no effort on the part of the one who is writing the message.

This includes the ability to underline, bold, and add additional effects to text. Perl, a popular internet programming language, is used to create Markdown. The primary idea behind Markdown is that it’s simpler to use than HTML while still creating the same aesthetic effects without the need for opening and closing tags.

There are several Markdown possibilities, and we’ll go over each one. All of these formatting codes work on the same principle: you place a specific character or letters before and after the text you want to change. It turns on the effect if you place it before it, and it turns it off if you put it after it.

You write the codes right into the Discord chat window and the altered text appears in the chat window for everyone else (and you). Other well-known websites, such as Reddit, employ Markdown to allow users to easily alter their text without needing to know HTML. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at how you can utilize Markdown in Discord to generate some popular text effects.

Cross Out In Discord

Strikethrough is a typeface effect that makes the text looks as though it has been crossed out. The following image shows an example. If the application supports it, the strikethrough font effect can be enabled from the font properties, or it can be applied to text on a web page using HTML or CSS. Discord, on the other hand, requires the usage of symbols to cross out the words.

On Discord, this text effect is quite simple to use. Now all you have to do is follow the straightforward directions. First and foremost, you must launch the Discord application on your Smartphone. Then you’ll be able to join any friend’s or server’s Discord chat. Then you must begin entering the whole message that you want to send to other Discord users.

  • You could get the strikethrough text formatting style in the next step by typing two tildes ‘’ symbols. This symbol must appear before and after the text where the strikethrough effect is desired.
  • That’s all there is to it. If you’ve finished typing the text message, including the needed symbol, all you have to do now is press the Enter key to send it. And now you’ll notice that the text message (that you sent) has a strikethrough text effect based on the symbol positioning.

Bold Text

This paragraph should be read if you want to use a bold text format in your writing. In any document or platform, this bold text format is intended to highlight or overemphasize a specific word or phrase. The Asterisk (*) sign can be used to add this text format to the Discord program. You can also add this symbol to the message conversation by pressing the Shift+8 key combination on the keyboard.

You must insert two asterisks symbols at the beginning of the text and two symbols at the conclusion of the text to change the text format to a bold text style. In the chat, you may see the image and learn how to add the asterisks symbol.

Your SMS message is now ready to send after you’ve included the symbols. When you send the text message, you’ll see that your text is automatically bolded (if you used the same method as we did earlier to insert the symbol).

How To Cross Out Words On Discord?

Put two tildes () before and after your massage to strikethrough it. For instance, “[your text goes here]” will be changed to the strikethrough version of “[your text goes here].” You can mark up your text in addition to this.

How To Cross Out Words On Discord

How To Cross Out Messages In Discord?

Using two tildes before and after your massage will make your content strikethrough. As an example, “[your text goes here]” will be changed to “[your text goes here],” with the strikethrough. It’s not the only type of markup you may apply to your text.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In Discord, how do you strikethrough text?

Simply add two underscores (__) to either side of your Discord text to make it stand out. To strikethrough text in Discord, simply add two tildes () to either side of the text.

In Discord, how do I change the text style?

Go to User Settings in Discord after opening it. Click the Appearance tab under App Settings on the left side of your screen. This will bring up a menu of options for customizing the app’s appearance. There are three separate sliders under Chat Font Scaling, which we will focus on.

Is it possible to change the color of the text in Discord?

Discord doesn’t do a great job of supporting a vibrant and colorful text chat experience. There’s text chat, but no built-in color commands and, at first glance, no means to make your writing look “fancy.”

In Discord, what does AFK mean?

In the context of Discord, an idle user status signifies that the user hasn’t signed out, but hasn’t looked at or interacted with the platform in a few minutes. If you’ve heard of the phrase “AFK” (Away From Keyboard), Discord’s idle status is similar.

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