How To Corrupt An Image File? Full Procedure

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I’m here to discuss How To Corrupt An Image File? Modern cameras, which allow us to take pictures and save them as images on our computers, have made our memories more durable. In today’s digital age, we can keep countless photographs on our computers and access them at will.

The advancement of smartphones in the last decade has contributed to the current uptick in the number of photos taken by the average person. On the other hand, these images face a growing number of risks. The photographs can become inaccessible for a variety of reasons. In saving and distributing photos, JPEG is the most used format. This has led to an increase in JPEG-related data corruption.

How To Corrupt An Image File?

System or user mistakes can cause image files to become corrupt. When you can’t view the image or your image-editing program gives you error messages, your image is corrupt. Even a distorted version of the image might be visible. You can do a few things to fix a corrupt image file.

Corrupt An Image File

Corrupt Image File

Try searching for “Hex editor” on the internet. Numerous options are readily available, including some that are entirely free. Each 8-bit byte can display in hexadecimal (base 16) values – two hexadecimal digits for each.

You may also see the importance in octal (base 8) or binary, depending on the software (base 2). Most editors allow you to search for specific words or byte values, and you can add, remove, or change them. In most cases, when a file gets damaged, either a portion of the File is lost while copying other junk is injected, or some of the data values are modified.

In some picture formats, updating the data can result in a change in pixel color (raw pixel values), a line break (run-length coded values), or an unloadable image (compression or encoding algorithms used in headers).

It’s possible that for most compression schemes, loading software can identify problems if the change affects spatial information but may not be able to identify issues if only color information is involved. If it’s expecting a 1000-pixel long line, and the data decodes to 1020 or 980, then that’s relatively obvious, but having a red pixel instead of green isn’t.

Similarly, if the modification removes critical header information (such as the photo’s size), there will be issues. It may be necessary to conduct an additional study on the image formats involved when dealing with corrupted photos.

How To Recover A Corrupted Image File?

In Windows operating systems, there are a variety of formats for image files. JPG, JPEG, TIF, BMP, and GIF are the most often used formats. System or user faults can ruin image files. If you can’t see your image or your image-editing program gives you error warnings, you have a corrupted image. In some cases, the picture may appear to be warped or deformed. There are a few things you can try to fix in a corrupt image file.

How To Fix Corrupt JPEG Files For Free?

Do not despair if your JPEG files become corrupt; we will discuss some unique and cost-free methods for repairing corrupted JPEG files if you’re looking for free ways to fix JPEG files, check out the options below.

Use A Different Image Format

JPEG/JPG files can be converted to a different format to fix the problem. To restore the problem, one can use Windows’ built-in Paint program to import the corrupt image. Afterward, go to File> Save As and choose the format of your preference. Photos that have been corrupted can be undone by experimenting with other file types.

Using Image Editors To Make Repairs

Repairing benign JPEG corruption issues is also possible with picture editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and Picasa. The problem is usually solved when these faulty JPEG files are opened using these programs and renamed.

  • Scan the hard drive with CHKDSK to see if any bad sectors need to be repaired
  • Storage drives with faulty sectors can be fixed with a CHKDSK scan. Follow these steps:
  • Open the Command Prompt by selecting “Run.”
  • Type CHKDSK (drive-name) /t
  • Afterward, restart your computer and look for any JPEG files that may have been missed.

The JPEG File Can Be Recovered From The Backup

After a corrupt JPEG file has been saved to your Windows file backup, you can follow the restoration method to get it back.

You May Do This In The HEX Editor

Images can be examined in their raw form by using a hex editor. A hex editor can be helpful to remove any corruption from the image. There may be difficulties restoring the File if any of the data is missing (showing 0 bytes). HxD, Hex Workshop, Cygnus, and Neo are popular hex editors.

Consider Using An Online Photo Editor

Suppose you’re looking to edit and create image files, many online image editors such as Photoshop, Picasa, and Lightroom. It’s possible to fix the problem by accessing the image in an editor like this one.

Invest In A Quality Tool

It’s possible that the professional JPEG Repair program can help you fix your image file if you’ve tried these manual ways without success. Manual approaches can be effectively replaced by Kernel Photo Repair software.

Can You Corrupt An Image File?

System or user mistakes can cause image files to become corrupt. Corrupt images are those that cause problems viewing or modifying the image. The image may even appear skewed to you.

How Do Image Files Get Corrupted?

The image file may become damaged when saved or imported from cameras and mobile devices. When an image is corrupted, a photo editor or picture viewer may display an error message claiming that the program cannot open the file. A corrupted image can be fixed online and with file repair software.

How To Intentionally Corrupt A Hard Drive?

  • Use the Windows search bar to find Open Disk Management and learn how to ruin a hard drive purposefully.
  • From the list of disks, find your external drive.
  • When you right-click on it, choose “Format” from the menu.
  • Change the file system to NTFS; if it is RAW, click OK.


It is possible to restore corrupt JPEG/JPG files using some of the methods described in this article How To Corrupt An Image File? I have fixed the top five most common JPEG file issues using the Kernel photo repair tool. Consequently, it can be stated that it is a highly effective program for repairing all picture files, regardless of the severity of file corruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to damage a picture file?

Corrupted files can occur in any File owing to problems with the operating system or third-party applications, but images are particularly prone to corruption. A corrupted image may not be able to be opened.

What causes image files to become corrupt?

When images are downloaded or imported from cameras or mobile devices, they may become corrupted. An error notice claiming that the software cannot open the File may appear in a photo editor or picture viewer when an image is corrupted. File repair software can be used to fix a corrupted image.

A file can be intentionally corrupted, but is this possible?

You can intentionally corrupt a file by renaming its extension to a different one. However, before damaging the File, make sure to save a copy of it so that you can restore it if necessary.

What happens when a file is corrupted?

When a file is corrupt, what does it mean? One definition of a corrupted file has been damaged and no longer functions correctly. Any File, from program files to system files and even all kinds of papers, can benefit from this technique. The File may not open at all or appear scrambled and illegible if corrupted.

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