How To Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera? Process Guide

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In this comprehensive article, we’ll explain How To Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera? A question arises as to whether or not you can convert NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) files to other image formats. In this post, we’ll cover the specifics of converting NEF files to JPGs.

It is a raw image file that specifically reflects a Nikon camera’s image. Many individuals end up converting these high-resolution NEF files to more easily edit and share them. The small file size makes JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) ideal for sharing and downloading. So, let’s get started with the process of bath NEF to JPG conversion.

Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera

How To Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera?

NEF files can be converted into JPGs using these steps:

  • Install and run the Nikon NEF to JPG Converter:
  • From the software’s menu bar, select the File menu option.
  • To import a NEF image into the GUI, select the Open Image option.
  • Use the navigation bar to view a selected NEF image.
  • To convert a NEF image to a JPG image, use the Convert to JPG option in the Options menu.

Change NEF File to JPG Steps

  • Step 1: Using the NEF to JPG conversion software is the first step. This software’s demo edition only allows you to convert the first five photographs. The licensed version of the software can be used for numerous NEF to JPG picture conversions.
  • Step 2: Open the program and look for the File menu in the software panel’s upper left corner.
  • Step 3: After that, select Open image from the menu. Select the NEF files you want to convert to JPGs here.
  • Step 4: Next, use the navigation bar to look through the NEF images you’ve chosen.
  • Step 5: Right-click the image and select JPG as the file format; Converting NEF files to JPG images has been completed successfully in step 6.

What Is The Best Way To View Nikon NEF Files?

It is necessary to convert a NEF image file into a more readable image format before using it as the starting point of an editing procedure. You must have looked for a way to convert NEF files to JPGs on the internet.

Changing a NEF file to JPG is all you need to view NEF photos. It is impossible to open and read NEF images on other devices because they are a raw representation of an image. So, converting NEF to JPG is a smart idea for this reason alone.

JPG files can be readily edited, viewed, and shared after converting NEF photos to JPGs. JPG photographs are also lower in size, which means that if you upload them to a website, the page speed will be significantly improved.

How To Convert Nef To JPG Without Losing Quality?

  • Click the link.
  • Then select “Open files from the computer.”
  • Select the NEF files you wish to convert.
  • To batch convert all the files, click “Save All” in the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can designate specific files by selecting “Save Selected” from the thumbnail strip at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Change The File Type On My Nikon Camera?

On a Nikon camera, enter the menu, select Photo Shooting, click Image Quality, and then switch the file type to NEF (RAW).


Here we conclude all about How To Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera? The reason why people are compelled to convert NEF to JPG will be discussed in this blog post. We believe that the best solution for this problem is to convert the NEF file to JPG. You must process the NEF file as a RAW file. This data can then be exported to another format. Post-production processing is something you should learn if you don’t already.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nikon camera’s raw to JPEG converter?

There is a NEF in-camera processing option on most Nikon DSLR cameras that allows you to process raw (NEF) data into JPGs while they are still in the camera. If you want to shoot in RAW format yet also be able to send a speedy JPG file, this is for you.

To what format can I convert Nikon images?

Using the Select File Format drop-down menu, choose the JPG format. Choose Select folder from the drop-down menu in the Destination section. Click Browse. and go to the folder created for the converted JPEG images with the Select folder radio button selected in the Destination section (JPEG). To begin the JPEG conversion, press the Start button.

Is JPEG a common format for converting raw images?

Open the images in RAW format in a program like Photoshop, for example. Select ‘.jpg’ as the file type from the ‘Save As’ drop-down menu in ‘File’ (it might appear as JPEG). If you don’t use a compression ratio between 90% and 100%, you risk losing quality.

Nikon d3500 RAW to JPEG conversion: how do I do it?

Go to the Retouch menu if you’re using a Nikon DSLR camera. For those who want to convert RAW files into JPEGs, NEF can be found here.

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