How To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric? Step By Step Guide

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In this article, you will know about How To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric? This request may seem out of the ordinary for those who relocate to homes that only have electricity or those who desire an electric dryer. There are several distinctions between an electric dryer and a gas dryer that must be considered before getting into the conversion details.

How To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric?

An igniter, a gas burner, and other components not present in an electric type are present in a gas dryer. As a result, you would first need to replace all the pieces that make the dryer a gas dryer with those from an electric dryer.

Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric

To Electric From Gas Dryer Conversion

There are a few differences between a 110- and 220-volt electric dryer here in the United States. So, the dryer’s wiring needs to be changed. You’d have to swap out the gas ignition, gas burner, heating tube, and associated circuitry to use an electric heat assembly. Gas ignition and 220V flow must be figured out before this can be done.

You’d have to compare the schematics of your dryer’s gas and electric models if you were serious about it. You’d then have to buy all of the electric version’s features that aren’t available in the gas version (this may include controls, wiring harnesses, etc.).

Afterward, you’ll have to buy new parts. Make sure there are no mistakes that could impact your safety. Note that if you do this, the UL listing will be revoked, and your insurance carrier will not cover a fire caused by the dryer.

How Much Is It To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric?

On the other hand, natural gas is typically less expensive than electricity (depending on where you live, of course, and other variables). Drying a load in an electric dryer costs between 32 and 41 cents for each shipment, while drying a bag in a gas dryer costs between 15 and 33 cents.

Electric Vs Gas Dryer: Which is better? There are many advantages to using gas over electricity, including that gas dryers typically operate at a higher temperature than electric dryers, which means that wash loads dry faster.

This can help you save money on your utility bills while also extending the life of your clothing. The upfront cost of gas dryers is typically higher than that of electric dryers.

Is It Possible To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric?

Due to several issues, most specialists advise against this approach. It’s not a good investment. Gas dryers operate differently from electric models. As a result, parts for each model of the dryer are unique.

It has an igniter, gas burner, and other things that an electric dryer does not. To begin, you’d need to dismantle all of the gas dryer’s parts and replace them with those of the electric dryer. Burner tubes, fuses, and safety mechanisms all have various operating temperatures.

When it comes to undertaking this project, you’ll need to have a working knowledge of electrical and appliance components. There are presently no conversion kits on the market to make this a simple transfer.

How To Convert Electric Dryer To Gas?

The heating system would require to be replaced with a combustion box and an exhaust. You would be removing a sizable portion of an electric dryer’s components. Additionally, the electric dryer is wired for 220 Volts, while the gas dryer in your home likely has a 110 Volt hookup.

All items, except the external box, internal drum, and possibly the lint screen, would be replaced at this stage. Although theoretically possible, this would be too expensive and labor-intensive to be practical.

Purchasing a gas dryer would be substantially more cost-effective. Find the replacement parts for your gas barbecue for a reasonably simple comparison. Compare the total to the price of a new grill after including all those extras.

Can You Use A Gas Dryer Without Gas?

Since most of the dryer’s components are powered by electricity, they will still work without gas. The burner is the sole component that requires gas to heat up, so the dryer won’t generate any heat. The heatless, air-dry options, however, will continue to function


I am concluding How To Convert A Gas Dryer To Electric? Connect the electric dryer to a 240-volt, single-phase circuit, then plug in the gas line, and you’re almost done. Ensure the remaining flue isn’t too big for the remaining gas appliance if the drier vent shared the same chimney (it shouldn’t have, but I’ve seen it) (s).

With water heaters, I’ve seen this happen a lot. The water heater flue has been covered and neglected. Corrosion, Flue condensation, and back-drafting are expected if the residual gas appliance does not lose enough waste heat to sustain the draught.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you go about making the switch for those of you using gas dryers?

You cannot do this in the majority of cases. You may be able to convert a gas dryer to an electric one by purchasing the necessary parts from the manufacturer, but this may cost more than buying an electric dryer in the first place.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving from a gas to an electric dryer?

Turn off the electricity to the dryer at the breaker box. Remove the dryer’s power cord from the wall. If your dryer uses gas, turn off the gas supply valve. When replacing a gas dryer with an electric dryer, the gas line must be capped off.

Is it more cost-effective to use a gas or electric dryer?

Gas is more cost-effective than electricity when drying similar-sized loads of laundry. For an average household that washes five loads of laundry a week, an ordinary electric dryer will cost about $130 per year to operate, while a gas dryer would cost about $85 per year. That works out to a savings of roughly $40 per year for gas dryers.

Is propane safe to use in a gas dryer?

Natural gas is pre-installed in gas dryers. An optional conversion kit is required for most gas dryers to use Liquid Propane (LP) gas. To correctly convert the dryer to LP, the optional LP conversion kit includes all essential parts and instructions.

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