How To Connect Wireless Mouse To MI TV? Process Guide

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Today’s TVs have a wide range of features, and there are many things we can do with a Smart/Android TV. There are various popular TV manufacturers, such as Sony, LG, Mi, Samsung, and others, that are available in a variety of features. Here is a guide How To Connect Wireless Mouse To MI TV?

How To Connect Wireless Mouse To MI TV?

Smart TVs provide numerous advantages over traditional LED televisions; additionally, you can upgrade a television using a separate device such as the Mi TV box. If you have an Android TV or an Android TV box, attaching a keyboard or mouse should be simple; wired connections are also supported. If you possess a PC, you probably have a mouse and keyboard, either wired or wireless. These can simply be used on television if necessary.

Connect Wireless Mouse To MI TV

A wireless keyboard or mouse is supported by the majority of Android TVs. Bluetooth or USB is the most common way to connect them to your Android TV. It is dependent on the sort of wireless gadget you own.

The Convenience Of Using A Mouse And Keyboard While Watching TV

As previously said, connecting the mouse and keyboard to the TV will save consumers a significant amount of time and effort compared to traditional controls.

Text and numbers can be entered more quickly. With Google Chrome browser on Smart TV, you can use the mouse to choose an item or type in a search term using the keyboard. Using the control means you will have to spend more time typing and searching.

When you’re browsing the web, you can move quickly by just clicking and dragging the mouse. Open and close tabs by moving the mouse up and down as we would on a computer, and click on the content to see it!

We can use the mouse to navigate to the features and things we want while controlling the TV. Using the controls takes a long time compared to this method.

Will A Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Work With The Xiaomi Mi TV?

Simply plug and play, the Rii 8 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard may be used on any PC or laptop as well as smart TVs, Android TV boxes, and more. Simply put, it’s a cinch to set up and use. There is no need to install a driver for the USB Dongle/Receiver.

Connect Keyboard And Mouse With Bluetooth

External Bluetooth devices are supported by most Android/smart TVs and are more compatible than other types of Bluetooth devices. You may enable Bluetooth on your TV by going to the ‘Bluetooth’ options on the remote control. Connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to your TV through USB. Both of these approaches may or may not work depending on the brand, so there is no way to know for sure.

USB Ports Can Be Used To Connect A Wired Keyboard And Mouse

Plug the Bluetooth receiver for your mouse or keyboard into the TV’s USB port if you’re using one.

How To Connect A Wireless Mouse To A Smart TV?

Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse

  • Make sure the keyboard or mouse is discoverable and enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Select the keyboard or mouse to link with by going to the Bluetooth device list on your TV.

How To Connect A Wireless Mouse To Android?

Swipe two fingers downward from the top of the screen on Android.

  • Scroll through the Quick Settings menu until you locate Bluetooth.
  • Just long-press Bluetooth.
  • To pair a new device, tap.
  • Make your Bluetooth mouse discoverable by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Wait for pairing.


There is a straightforward way for How To Connect Wireless Mouse To MI TV? Now, you can Connect A Wireless Mouse With Your MI TV and enjoy streaming better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wireless mice work with MI Smart TVs?

The USB port on your smart TV is where you’ll plug in your wired mice and keyboards. Use your TV’s USB port to connect a Bluetooth receiver for wireless mice. Depending on your TV’s settings, you may need to select Bluetooth pairing mode before connecting a wireless mouse to your TV.

On a TV, how do I use a mouse?

The USB port on the TV’s side or back will accept the plug from your mouse or keyboard. Connected devices will be instantly recognized by the TV. It is possible to use the mouse and keyboard in the Android app environment and the menu.

My wireless mouse won’t click; what’s wrong?

Wireless devices can stop working if the receiver is out of sync with them. The arrangement may be easily resynchronized. The USB receiver typically has a Connect button on it. On your keyboard and/or mouse, press the Connect button. The LED light on your USB receiver should cease flashing.

Is there a way to utilize a wireless mouse without the receiver?

Using a USB receiver, you can use your Bluetooth mouse and other Bluetooth devices on your computer if your computer does not have an integrated Bluetooth receiver.

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