How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One HDMI Port?

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One of the most effective ways to increase your productivity is to connect two monitors to your computer. Continue reading to learn How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One HDMI Port?

With its assistance, you will be able to simply increase your productivity. Most desktops and laptops, on the other hand, only have one HDMI port. As a result, you’ll be able to attach only one monitor to it. This does not, however, rule out the possibility of Connecting Two Monitors To A Single Computer.

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One HDMI Port?

A cable is included with an HDMI splitter. Attach one end of the HDMI splitter to the HDMI output port on your PC or laptop to connect two displays. Use a different HDMI cable now. Connect this cable’s input connector on the HDMI splitter to one end and the HDMI port on the PC or laptop to the other.

Connect Two Monitors

What Is Needed For Connecting Two Monitors To One Computer?

Dual Monitor Setup is simple to operate, requiring only a few connectors and settings tweaks. The dual monitor setup aids your workflow by allowing you to easily switch between different but related jobs.

There’s no need to switch between windows or click through different tabs. You may easily use many displays by dragging windows and programs across them. A third monitor is also possible and advantageous in some instances.

Graphic designers who need many programs for a single project may frequently employ a third monitor or even a laptop screen in addition to the twin monitors. While a third monitor is rarely required for routine office tasks, A Dual Monitor System is worth experimenting with to see if it fits your workflow and improves productivity.

Learn How To Set Up Dual Monitors? Or How To Connect Two Monitors With One HDMI Port?

Check The Availability Of Hardware And Software

Before you start, make sure your gear and software are compatible. Then you can be certain that you will not make any mistakes as you go along, allowing you to achieve the results you desire.

Examine The Ports On Your Computer Or Laptop

Begin by browsing for available ports on the laptop or desktop computer. Take a look at the ports on your computer as well as the monitors you’ll be using. HDMI ports are not available on older monitors. As a result, you must ensure that your computer has an HDMI connector. HDMI, VGA, DVI, Mini Display Port, and USB-Type C are just a few of the popular ports you’ll find on your computer.

Choosing The Correct Cable

DVI Cable

Connect one end of the DVI cable to the monitor (or TV) and the other end to the computer’s DVI port.

Mini Display

Plug one end into the monitor (or TV) and the other into the computer’s Mini Display connector.

Cable For VGA

Analog video cable (also known as D-sub cable)

 Plug one end into the computer’s VGA port and the other into the display (or TV)

Thunderbolt / USB-C

Plug one end into the monitor (or TV) and the other into the computer’s USB-C port. Note that these cables are high-speed and can carry data, video, sound, and other types of data.

HDMI Cable

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the computer’s HDMI port and the other end into the display (or TV). HMDI allows not only for display but also for sound to be transmitted. If you have an ‘HDMI cable with Ethernet,’ you can use it to connect to the internet as well (replaces the Ethernet cable)

On A Single Computer Or Laptop, How To Set Up Two Or Three Monitors?

Let’s look at the procedures you’ll need to take if you wish to attach two or three monitors to your computer now.

Connect The Computer To Two Or Three Displays

Initially, you should connect all of your displays to the computer. You can examine the ports accessible on your computer and display. Then you may go out and get the necessary cables and connect them. You must ensure that the computer is connected to the three monitors in some way. Now you can move o to the next step.

Set Up Monitors

After you’ve finished connecting the monitors, you’ll need to make certain configurations in order to finish the operation. If you’re using Windows, you can configure your system by following these steps.

On your Windows PC, go to Settings, and then to System settings. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find a tab labeled Display. The Multiple Displays Group should be selected from there.

Underneath that, you’ll find a button labeled “Detect.” You can see how your linked monitors are grouped by default based on this. You will be able to modify the default settings to suit your needs.

You can duplicate the display to have identical content on both displays. Alternatively, you can increase the size of the display. The application view will then be extended to the two displays.

This is the most common technique to use two monitors because it boosts productivity. Show only on 1 and Show only on 2 are two more options that you can choose from. These parameters can be used to make content visible on either display.

How To Set Up Monitors On A MacBook/MacOS?

The procedures for setting up two monitors in your MacBook are pretty different. The steps that you should take are listed below. You’ll need to connect the two or three monitors first by following the instructions outlined above. Then, at the top of the screen, click the “Apple” menu, select “System Preferences,” and navigate to the “Display” section.

How To Set Up Monitors On A MacBook-MacOS

You’ll notice a tab titled “Arrangement” on this screen. On this tab, you’ll see a clear graphic depicting the configuration of your two or three monitors. You can drag the white-colored bar to the monitor you want to use as the primary monitor by clicking and dragging it. Then, by clicking on one of the displays, you may choose which one you want to use.

Then select “Display” from the drop-down menu. This is where you can adjust the monitor settings for the monitor you’ve selected. You will have complete control over the color, resolution, brightness, refresh rate, and contrast of the display. After you’ve finished changing all of the adjustments, close the Dialog and accept the modifications.

How To Run Dual Monitors With One HDMI Port?

Cables for use with HDMI splitters are included in their packaging. The HDMI splitter’s input end is plugged into the computer or laptop’s HDMI output port, allowing for the connection of two displays. Alternatively, swap in a different HDMI cable at this time. Plug this cable into the HDMI input on the splitter and the HDMI output on your PC or laptop.

Can You Connect Two Monitors With One HDMI Port?

Using an HDMI splitter is the simplest way to use two displays with one HDMI connector. This, however, only functions if you wish to view the display showing the same material on all linked screens (duplicate content). The term “HDMI splitter” refers to a media converter with two or more HDMI ports.


This is a step-by-step guide How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One HDMI Port? You can connect two displays using these methods whether you have a desktop or a laptop.

Whether you’re using a Windows or an iOS-powered computer, you’ll be able to connect two monitors. All you have to do now is follow the detailed instructions we provided, which will show you how to complete the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have two monitors with only one HDMI port?

You may only have one HDMI port on your computer (usually on a laptop), but you require two ports to connect two external monitors. To have two HDMI ports, you can utilize a ‘switch splitter’ or ‘display splitter.’

Is it possible to divide HDMI between two monitors?

HDMI splitters (and graphics cards) can simultaneously output video to two HDMI monitors.

How can I connect two monitors to a single HDMI port?

HDMI splitters (and graphics cards) can simultaneously output video to two HDMI monitors.

How can I connect two monitors to a single HDMI port?

A single HDMI port cannot be used to create an extension. You’ll need a USB-based external graphics extender as well as your HDMI connector. Extensions aren’t possible if there aren’t any USB ports.

How can I connect a second monitor to a single port?

If the PC has other video connections (such as DVI, HDMI, Display Port, and so on), the simplest solution is to connect one of the monitors to one of those ports using the proper cable. If the PC’s only video port is a single VGA port, a VGA Splitter cable is a way to go.

What wires are required for a twin monitor setup?

Although the monitors may arrive with VGA or DVI cords, most office twin monitor configurations use HDMI as the typical connection.

What is the best way to add an additional HDMI port to my computer?

In one of the open PCI slots, insert your new HDMI-equipped video card. Close your computer by replacing the case and tightening all of the screws you removed when it was opened. Once the new card has been successfully installed and recognized, install the software and drivers for your video card.

Why isn’t my HDMI splitter working?

Overall, the main reason your HDMI splitter isn’t working is that it isn’t set up properly to support HDCP. It’s possible that the issue isn’t with the splitter itself, but rather with the HDMI cables you’re using and the TV or monitor you’re attaching them to.

Is HDMI to USB compatible with twin monitors?

Using a single USB 3.0 connection, this USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter allows you to connect two separate HDMI screens to your computer. One HDMI connection can output 4K resolutions, while the other can only output 1920 x 1200 resolutions.

How can I split my screen between two monitors?

Select “Screen resolution” from the “Screen resolution” drop-down menu, then “Extend these displays” from the “Multiple displays” drop-down menu, and click OK or Apply.

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