How To Connect The iPad To Promethean Board? Process Guide

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Do you want to know How To Connect The iPad To Promethean Board? A Promethean Board is an interactive whiteboard that lets you project an image from a laptop or computer for Bart and others who might not be aware of this. The board can also be used to engage through touch or special pens.

Anything done on a computer monitor can be duplicated on this interactive whiteboard, making it visible to the entire class. In other words, all Bart would need to duplicate the assignment is one written sentence, a copy-and-paste, and nine additional clicks.

The NEA states that “research has repeatedly shown that students learn better when fully engaged and that the best way to engage them is through multi-sensory, hands-on learning.

The adoption of interactive whiteboards has been sparked by a renewed focus on giving students 21st-century skills, the requirement for technology proficiency among educators, and studies showing increased learning with their use.

How To Connect The iPad To Promethean Board?

Select the AirPlay or Screen Mirroring icon by swiping it from the bottom. Tap Mirror after selecting the name of the device. Download and install ActivCast, then enter the 9-digit Connection ID to find the device if it isn’t already listed.

Connect The iPad To Promethean Board

The Introduction Of The Interactive Whiteboard

The invention of the interactive whiteboard marked the beginning of 21st-century teaching, considered 21st-century learning. Interactive whiteboards, also known as interactive screens, are front-of-the-classroom technology that enables teachers and students to connect with Web 2.0 resources like apps, websites, and creative platforms.

The even more advanced and cutting-edge technology, an interactive panel, can be used to access this new classroom technology instead of a laptop or computer connected to an overhead projector. Many features can be used with an interactive whiteboard. In past years, an overhead projector and an attached computer were required to turn on the interactive whiteboard.

Users might mirror their linked monitors onto the interactive whiteboard using this model. Users could then engage with the connected PC on the whiteboard using interactive pens and their fingers as whiteboard technology advanced. People used their fingers and pens to annotate, write, draw, read documents, and conduct web searches.

Think about switching from using a chalkboard or dry-erase board to having the teacher’s computer visible in front of the classroom with the ability to discover, create, share, and contribute.

What Is A Promethean Board?

An interactive, touch-sensitive whiteboard known as a Promethean board enables users to interact with the displayed content using various tools and software. Most classrooms have Promethean boards, encouraging interactive learning at all grade levels and enabling teachers to plan flexible, creative lessons. An example of a Promethean Board would be:

What Is A Promethean Board
  • Physical: Depending on the model, the board is typically mounted at the front of a classroom with or without a projector. The size is comparable to that of a standard whiteboard. Pens and an eraser are included with the board.
  • Connectivity: A Promethean board can be used independently, or users can link their laptops or tablets. Newer models also have screen sharing or mirroring, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity options, in addition to the projector. Promethean boards can also work with external or document cameras attached to desktop devices that can be accessed directly through ActivInspire.
  • Display: The ActivPanel interactive display offers a choice of manipulation and drawing capabilities. Users can interact with the display by writing, drawing, selecting, or moving objects around with their fingers or pens—the most recent boards on the market support fifteen to twenty touchpoints at once.
  • Software: Promethean provides ActivInspire and ClassFlow, two educational software packages that let teachers design flexible lessons and exercises.


Older Promethean boards work with a mounted projector connected to a desktop device. However, the newest ones have an interactive LED display and do not. Modern boards provide screen mirroring, screen sharing, Bluetooth, and WiFi connections to peripherals.

Promethean boards can serve as projectors in the classroom, displaying multimedia-like videos played from the desktop device or streamed directly on the board, as well as visual lesson content like PowerPoints. To simplify this function, newer boards have speakers built in.

Promethean boards, which function as interactive displays and projectors simultaneously, can facilitate group learning. For instance, as the board supports up to fifteen to twenty simultaneous touchpoints, students can collaborate to comment on a text that is being projected.

Classrooms With Promethean Boards

Promethean boards help promote collaborative learning, student involvement, creativity, and variety in the classroom. Students can participate in learning activities offered by instructional software and hands-on comments on the interactive display.

Screen sharing encourages collaborative learning in addition to active involvement at the board itself by enabling numerous devices to connect to and share displays with the board so students can submit work from their own devices.

Promethean boards increase student participation in the classroom by varying course formats in addition to this collaborative, active learning. Students can interact with the board directly, using manipulative and interactive visual displays or through various educational activities to obtain content.

Finally, teachers can customize lesson content and switch up instruction structure thanks to the user-friendly software and ready-made resources available on the Marketplace.

Promethean Software

ActivInspire and ClassFlow are two educational software solutions provided by Promethean. With daily teaching resources and tools to make courses accessible and engaging, ActivInspire was created for instructors to work as a seamless instruction extension. The ActivInspire dashboard has the following features:

  • Flipcharts: Teachers can use the Flipcharts application instead of a traditional whiteboard during lessons or prepare lesson material. It serves as a digital, interactive whiteboard. Teachers can add text, images, videos, links, charts, and graphs and use a number of drawing tools on these blank pages. The chosen tool turns photos, text, and drawings into manipulable objects. Flipcharts has interactive rulers, protractors, compasses, and calculator tools for math classes. Teachers can import PDFs and pre-existing PowerPoints into Flipcharts to combine their existing resources.
  • Ten different exercises may be customized to any subject matter, including timelines, flashcards, Venn diagrams, and matching. Teachers can use Marketplace to obtain pre-made activities or to build their activities for lessons. Lesson Flipcharts may include these exercises.
  • Desktop Annotate: This tool allows you to annotate content that is presented on the board using pens, highlighters, or an eraser. Teachers can choose from a selection of pens and highlighters in different colors and styles to annotate the text and media on the desktop. Annotations can then be scaled up or down and moved around the display as interactive objects.
  • Timer: With this tool, teachers can add stopwatches, timers, and clocks into their lessons to help with transitions and boost participation.


The software that comes with Promethean boards is called ActivInspire. Flipcharts can be made with it. Powerpoint presentations with interactivity are comparable to flipcharts. You or your students can complete tasks on a flipchart using the included pens, such as dragging and dropping images or objects, taking notes, playing a game, etc. There are countless alternatives.

For example, in elementary and special education classrooms, mornings typically begin with a standardized set of activities. The students will all study calendars, weather reports, and the days of the week. Flipcharts from ActivInspire are the ideal tool for this kind of activity.

Students can color in the dates on the flipchart’s calendar page, click on a weather link, choose the day’s sight word, drag and drop the day of the week, and do a host of other activities. Students can participate in the routine by approaching the board and sharing their knowledge.

Flipcharts that have already been created are also available online at Promethean Planet. You can free download and use most of the ready-made flipcharts in your classroom. Additionally, you can get inspiration from how other educators have used flipcharts to design your own.

In addition to flipcharts, ActiveInspire allows you to annotate directly on your desktop. The ActiveInspire tools (pens, highlighters, etc) on the Promethean board can highlight essential ideas or additional tips you want your students to see and remember when you open any website or page. This is an excellent tool for incorporating interactivity into a preexisting PowerPoint presentation.


To conclude How To Connect The iPad To Promethean Board? Your computer is connected to a Promethean board, which displays what is on your computer screen and enables you to interact with the visuals by writing on the screen and using special pens or highlighters. Students like the engaging activities the board can offer, and the device itself is simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may a Promethean Board be used in a classroom?

A Promethean board can enhance instruction by giving students compelling, innovative ways to communicate the material. A Promethean board can give teachers and students endless space and save their work.
In the classroom, the board can also be used as a projector, projecting information from a desktop computer or, in the case of more modern LED models, via Bluetooth or screen mirroring.
Teachers and students can annotate on the ActivPanel using the provided pens or their fingertips. Educators can use Promethean board software to develop interactive courses and exercises or discover pre-made content.

What is the purpose of a Promethean board?

In both professional and educational environments, an interactive whiteboard called a Promethean board is employed. It actively engages instructors and participants with an interactive display instead of conventional whiteboards or projectors. The Promethean board can be used for collaborative learning and projects and extending instruction thanks to its display features and software.

Is a Promethean Board a Smart Board?

Regardless of the manufacturer, all interactive whiteboards are frequently called “smart boards.” A SMART Board and a Promethean board are not the same things. Interactive whiteboards made by Promethean and SMART Technologies are called Promethean boards and SMART Boards. Although Promethean boards and SMART Boards are used in classrooms similarly and have many comparable characteristics, they have separate software packages.

Is a projector required for a Promethean Board?

The most recent interactive displays for classrooms from Promethean don’t need an attached computer or an overhead projector. Along with many other apps inherent to the display, it also contains an integrated interactive whiteboard app.

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