How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi? Process Guide

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Have you lately purchased the Canon TS3122 Printer? If you answered yes, you have a wide range of technical equipment to choose from. But do you know How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi?

The performance and print quality of this printer has garnered positive feedback from consumers. However, because you are unaware of the new and improved features of this wireless printer, we are here to help you with your problem.

Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, your Canon printer can connect to the internet over WiFi. If you want to learn How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi Network? Or How To Connect Canon Ts3122 Printer To New Wifi Network? There are a few things you should know.

How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi?

Make sure the wireless router’s button is prepared for pressing. Release the Network button (A) on the printer when (B) flashes by pressing and holding the button. Hold and Press the WPS button on the wireless router within two minutes. When the wireless router has been successfully connected to, and.

Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi

Please check that your WiFi router is available and configured properly before connecting your Canon TS3122 printer to the network. You should also make sure that your PC is linked to the wireless network.

Steps For Connecting Canon TS3122 Printer To The Internet

So, if you wish to Connect Your Canon TS3122 Printer To The Internet, follow the steps below:

Step 1

To Connect Your Canon TS3122 Printer To Wifi, ensure sure it is turned on and linked to a power source. When the printer is turned on, the green light next to the power button will illuminate.

Step 2

Now inspect the printer; if the power light begins to flash, you must push the stop button. Then, on your printing machine, push and hold the network button until the Wi-Fi icon starts flashing.

Step 3

On your Wi-Fi router, look for a blue-colored button to connect your Canon TS3122 Printer To Wi-Fi. The WPS button is the one you’re looking for. That button should be pressed. It must be done within two minutes of turning on WPS on the Canon TS3122 printer.

Step 4

Your printer will be linked to the Wi-Fi router when the wireless icon and signal bars appear on the printer’s display screen at the same time.

Step 5

Put the CD that arrived with the Canon TS3122 Printer into your computer system for software installation. You may also get the installation file by going to canon’s website.

Step 6

Select the appropriate links, such as for downloading the software for your wireless printer, reading the online handbook, set up, and frequently asked questions.

Step 7

On your computer, open the file you downloaded. Start the setup process by pressing the start button. The installation program will attempt to locate information on the most recent software and driver upgrades. After that, select your residence and click on the Next button.

Step 8

You will be presented with the license agreement screen. To continue the installation procedure, select yes.

Step 9

Once the Canon TS3122 Printer is connected to Wi-Fi, a survey program interface will appear; this is not a necessary program used for Canon product development and marketing. Click agrees if you want to participate in the survey program. The survey program will not be installed if you click on do not agree.

Step 10

If you have security software installed on your computer, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to disable the block option. Mark that selection with a checkmark, then moves on to the next step.

Step 11

To connect your Canon TS3122 printer to Wi-Fi, go to the connection method screen. To complete the Wi-Fi configuration, select yes.

Step 12

The drivers will then be installed, which will take quite some time.

Step 13

After that, you’ll see the print head alignment screen. Fill the printer with plain paper now. After that, click on start and then on print head alignment! Follow the directions on the screen as closely as possible.

Step 14

Click next once the print head alignment is complete.

Step 15

Once the Canon TS3122 Printer has been connected to Wi-Fi, a test print window will display in front of you. Click Start if you want to run a test print.

Step 16

When you’re finished with the test printing, click the next button. You can also choose to skip the test printing by selecting the next option. Following that, the printer will be connected to the computer.

Because this is the default printer, make sure the checkbox for the default printer is selected. The software will be installed after that. Now press the next button. A list of applications will now appear in front of you; select next.

Step 17

The software for connecting the Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi will now be installed, which will take a few minutes. Following that, a screen will appear with directions for setting up a mobile device such as a smartphone. Next should be selected.

Step 18

You will then be prompted to register your product. If you decide to register right then and there, a new window will open. After the registration is complete, you can begin the installation process. A new screen will open in front of you, and you’ll need to click exit to finish the installation.

Your Canon TS3122 Printer is now connected to the internet through WiFi.

Why Is My Canon Ts3122 Printer Not Printing?

Make certain the printer is always safely plugged in. Check to see that the printer is correctly connected to the computer. Verify that your paper settings correspond to the data configured for the rear tray. Whether or if the data you’re printing is quite large.

Why Is My Canon Ts3122 Printer Not Printing

How To Connect A Canon Ts3122 Printer To A Chromebook?

Choose the time in the lower right corner. Choose Settings. Go to the bottom and choose Advanced. Select Printers from the “Print and scan” menu. Select Save next to your printer under “Available printers to save.” Verify that your printer is listed under “Saved printers” at the top.


Hopefully, you read How To Connect Canon TS3122 Printer To WiFi? And your Canon printer is connected to Wi-Fi. Enjoy printing with the internet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my Canon TS3122 Wi-Fi-enabled?

Steps to Resolve the Canon TS3122 Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue: First and foremost, ensure that your printer is linked to Wi-Fi as well as connected to a power source and turned on. After that, perform a print test to determine whether or not your printer is connected to Wi-Fi.

Why isn’t my Canon printer connecting to my wireless network?

Check for a Wi-Fi network on your printer; it should be turned on. Check the Wi-Fi settings on your computer or laptop; connections should not be blocked. Ensure that the same printer is installed and “Set as Default” on your computer. Check to see if your computer is in airplane mode, and if it is, switch it off.

Why won’t my Canon TS3122 print?

Check to see if the power cable is properly connected. Examine your printer’s and computer’s connection configuration to see if everything is in order. Make sure the printer settings are the same as the ones for the back tray. When printing, make sure you choose the printer driver.

On a Canon printer, where is the reset button?

The Canon printer reset technique is pretty straightforward. On the printer’s control panel, look for the Stop button. Press while holding the Stop button for a number of seconds. Wait till the Orange color Alarm lamp blinks 21 times before releasing it.

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