How To Connect Airpods To Ps4 Without Dongle? 5 Steps

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Are you looking for simple methods How To Connect Airpods To Ps4 Without Dongle? With the release of the second generation of AirPods in 2019, I’ve been using them and have always looked for a means to link my AirPods Pro to the PS4 without requiring a Bluetooth dongle. Although making numerous unsuccessful tries to solve the problem, I finally devised a workable method that didn’t require an Airpods PS4 dongle.

How To Connect Airpods To Ps4 Without Dongle?

While the PS4 is in rest mode, follow these instructions to pair your AirPods with the device:

  • Start the Remote Play app on your phone or tablet. launching the Remote Play application on your device
  • Click PSN Sign In.
  • Type in the login information you use to access your game console.
  • Choose a different PS4 to connect to.
  • Connect your device’s AirPods.
Connect Airpods To Ps4 Without Dongle

PS4 can be connected without a Bluetooth adaptor, but you’ll need an Android or iOS smartphone. Players can use AirPods as headphones and play PS4 games on their smartphones. These are the procedures! Here are the steps for pairing AirPods with a PS4 without a Bluetooth dongle.

  • Start by turning on your PlayStation 4
  • The next step is to sign into your PlayStation account.
  • Grab your smartphone, then launch the app store. Open the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users, respectively.
  • Once the App Store has been launched, look for a PS4 Remote Play application.
  • You will go to the login stage of your PlayStation Network account once you have finished installing the Remote Play app and agree to all of its terms of use.
  • The smartphone will look for a PS4 here when you sign into your PlayStation account using the app; please wait a little while. This procedure takes time.
  • You can link the controller to an Android phone after your Smartphone and PalyStation4 have established a connection. Go to your Android phone’s settings and seek Bluetooth options to do this. Press the PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller at this time. The controller will remain in release mode as a result. The controller will then appear in the list of devices associated with the mobile after that. To proceed, please choose it from the list of available devices. The smartphone and controller are prepared to connect.
  • After completing this procedure, re-connect your AirPods to your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, the AirPods will instantly connect using the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone. Once you’ve finished, return to PS Remote Play and launch your preferred game.

How To Connect Airpods Without Bluetooth Adapter?

Also, you can use your AirPods to connect to your PS4 without a Bluetooth adapter. You’ll need an Android or iOS smartphone to do this, though. By employing this technique, you can play PlayStation games on your smartphone, effectively allowing you to use your AirPods as headphones and a PlayStation to play games. Let’s examine the procedures used in this method.

Turn On Your PS4

It would help if you first turned on your PS4 to begin this process.

Sign In To Your PlayStation Account

After turning it on, you will need to log into your PlayStation Network account on your PS4.

Open App Store

You’ll need to open up your smartphone before continuing. Then you’ll launch your smartphone’s app store. Your smartphone’s type will determine how this works. You will open the Play Store if you have an Android smartphone and the App Store if you have an iOS smartphone.

Download The PS4 App

After opening the App Store on your smartphone, you will look for the PS4 Remote Play software.

Sign In To Your Account

The PS4 Remote Play app will ask you to sign in to your PlayStation Network account once you have downloaded it to your smartphone, accepted the Terms and Conditions, and agreed to all of them.

Find Your PS4

Your smartphone will begin looking for your PS4 as soon as you sign in to your PlayStation Network account in the app. Be patient; it could take a few minutes to finish this process.

Connect Your Controller

You can connect your controller to your smartphone once your smartphone and PS4 have connected. You must first access the settings menu on your smartphone to access the Bluetooth settings. Then, on your controller, hit both the PS and share buttons.

Your controller will enter sharing mode as a result. Once you’ve done this, your controller will appear on the list of devices that your smartphone is ready to pair with. Your smartphone and controller will pair once you choose them from the list.

Connect Your Airpods

The rest is straightforward once your controller is connected to your smartphone. As usual, you’ll link your AirPods to your phone. If you have a more recent iPhone, the AirPods will automatically connect to it when you open their case. If not, you can do this using the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone. After completing this, you can return to the PS Remote Play and launch any game you like.


We’re constantly searching for How To Connect Airpods To Ps4 Without Dongle? By this point, you can use your AirPods on PS4 without a dongle. Ideally, you are already playing a game and using headphones to listen to the sound.

A Bluetooth adaptor is no longer necessary, and you no longer have to wait for delivery. Better yet, you can put that money aside for something else. Did you run into any difficulties while implementing the instructions above? Please remark and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect AirPods to PS4 without an adapter?

Various unofficial techniques might work, but there is only one official way to connect AirPods to a PS4 with an adapter. Using a USB-C to lightning cable, which ought to function with the older PS4 and the more recent PS4 Pro, is one approach to explore. Another choice is to connect the AirPods to an audio adapter like the AUKEY A3, which can be inserted into the headphone socket on the front of the PS4.

Can you connect AirPods without Bluetooth?

You can connect AirPods without Bluetooth using a USB-C to the Lightning connector or the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my PS4 without an adapter?

There are various methods for doing this. The simplest method is to choose “Bluetooth” from the “Settings” menu on your PS4. You will see a list of the devices connected to your PS4 on the following screen. The Bluetooth headset you chose can then be connected.

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