How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network? (Procedure)

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How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network? is a topic of discussion in this article! On your device, go to Settings and select the WiFi option on the left. You should see the WiFi Direct button. Locate the device you want to connect to, and then click it. You will notice a connection invitation, which you may then accept.

How To Connect 2 Devices On The Same Wifi Network?

A router is first required. Up to 250 devices can connect to a router using the modem’s internet connection. The next step is calculating how to connect both devices to the internet. Most individuals use WiFi.

The nature of all radio transmissions restricts that. Ethernet cables enable a more stable connection. If your router has five Ethernet ports, the fifth one will be somewhat offset from the other four and have a distinct color. The WAN port is that one (Wide Area Network – facing the internet).

How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network 1

Select one of the 4 LAN ports to connect your devices (Local Area Network – facing your house). Get an Ethernet switch if your computer only has one Ethernet port. Approximately $20 to $25 will get you a 5-port switch. Connect any switch port to the router. Any of the remaining ports can be used to connect your two devices.

Joining An Existing Wireless Network

Using an existing wireless network to connect two PCs is the simplest way to network them wirelessly. While the other options in the list below will let you connect, they won’t provide you with the same level of dependability as a well-established network.

The fastest speeds and WiFi range, as well as potential internet access and connection to other devices on the web, are provided by networks with dedicated wireless routers (such as a network printer). Once two devices are linked to the same network, sharing files, playing local games, and doing much more are simple.

Creating An Ad-Hoc Wireless Network

You can build an ad-hoc wireless network using the wireless adapter on your PC or laptop if there isn’t an existing local network to connect. This is a temporary network that other devices can connect to using a built-in or USB WiFi adapter.

You must use Windows PowerShell to configure an ad hoc network on Windows 10. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the context menu when you click the Start button. Type netsh WLAN display drivers into the PowerShell terminal window that is already open.

This will provide details on your WiFi-enabled devices, such as whether they permit the creation of virtual access points. It may be necessary to update the installed driver or try a different machine if the Hosted network supported option is indicated as not supported.

How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network 2

To create a virtual WiFi network, enter netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=adhoc key=password with your desired network name (SSID) and WiFi network password in place of the default values if your device allows it (key). Once you’ve done that, launch the network by typing netsh WLAN start hostednetwork.

The ad hoc wireless network you’ve established should be accessible to other devices if no mistakes are made. Finalize the link by logging in with the network’s password. When you’re done, execute netsh WLAN stop hostednetwork in the PowerShell window that is open to disable the ad-hoc network. At this point, any connected devices will disconnect, and subsequent devices won’t be able to see the ad-hoc network.

Bluetooth Wirelessly Linking Two Computers

While establishing a wireless connection between two computers using a WiFi network, either permanent or ad hoc is a terrific option, Bluetooth can also be used. Bluetooth was created with short-term connections in mind, even if the available range and speeds require both devices to be close to one another.

  • You must ensure that both devices have Bluetooth connectivity to connect them wirelessly. Many contemporary laptops and PCs already have Bluetooth built-in, but you can still connect with an external USB Bluetooth adapter if yours doesn’t.
  • First, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on all gadgets you intend to link. To activate Windows 10’s Bluetooth card, open the action center by clicking its icon in the taskbar’s lower right corner.
  • The Settings menu can then be accessed by right-clicking the Start menu and choosing that option.
  • Select the Add Bluetooth or other device button in the Settings menu under the Devices > Bluetooth & other devices option.

Choose The Bluetooth Option In The Add A Device Window

The following option will provide a list of Bluetooth devices that are close by. Choose the other computer you want to connect with to start establishing a connection. A PIN code that will be shown on both screens may be required for authentication.

  • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar’s notifications section once you’ve established a connection. To transmit or receive files, choose to Send a File or Receive a File from the menu. Creating a local area network or joining an existing one are two options for sharing an internet connection with another gadget.

Creating A Mobile Hotspot Using A Smartphone Or Tablet

Windows’ ad-hoc mode demonstrates how setting up a temporary wireless network can be a viable way to connect two PCs temporarily, but doing so requires that you have a Windows PC nearby.

How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network 3

A more straightforward approach is establishing a temporary wireless network using your smartphone or tablet. As a result, other devices can connect to your tablet or phone and use it as a wireless router to share files or access the internet.

The advantage of this approach is that your mobile data connection will be made available to all connected devices by creating a mobile hotspot. iPhones and iPads with iOS 4.2.5 and later (including iPadOS) and Android smartphones with Android 2.2 and later can function as mobile hotspots.

  • Open the Settings app on Android to perform this action. Choose Network & Internet or Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the options menu, which varies for Android devices and versions.
  • In the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering menu, select Mobile Hotspot and turn the switch to “On” (or Hotspot and Tethering on previous devices). Take note of the password, or if required, alter it.
  • Launch the iPhone or iPad’s Settings menu. Depending on your gadget, choose Mobile Data or Personal Hotspot from the options. Next, move the Personal Hotspot slider to the On position. You’ll need the Wi-Fi password to access your temporary network, so make a note of it (or change it).
  • Connect to the network with the chosen password on both devices as soon as the WiFi hotspot is operational.

A mobile hotspot will enable you to wirelessly link at least two devices together even though it can only connect a few machines. Once connected, you can use shared or currently available services to transfer data between platforms.

How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network 4

Using A Portable Wifi Router

While a smartphone or tablet may quickly set up a temporary mobile network, using a portable WiFi router is preferable because it supports more devices. These can also be used regularly to link two PCs or laptops since they were created for creating essential temporary networks while you’re away from home.

Any WiFi-capable device can join a network created by devices like the TP-Link WR902AC. More sophisticated routers, like the Huawei E5577Cs-321, also have built-in 4G connectivity, providing connected devices with a dedicated mobile internet connection. Most portable routers only need to be plugged in and connected; no configuration is necessary. Others include a smartphone app that can facilitate quick setting and device monitoring.

Final Verdict

The solutions for How To Connect 2 Devices On Same Wifi Network? mentioned above are the finest possibilities if you’re looking to connect two computers wirelessly. They enable you to exchange files, connect to the internet, play games, and more. 

The simplest way to connect two computers is to add them to the same network. Although speed and reliability are best achieved through wired connections using Ethernet, it is possible to connect two devices wirelessly, especially if you have access to an existing wireless network.

Suppose you don’t already have a network set up. In that case, you can build an ad hoc wireless network, connect through Bluetooth, or use a smartphone, portable WiFi router, or another device to set up a temporary network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Multiple Devices Connected On The Same Network?

The Hubs are made up of several peripherals that are crucial to computer networking. Hubs also act as repeaters since they enhance signals that lose their strength after reaching a distance of several thousand kilometers. Hubs are the most basic network communication devices because they connect LAN components using the same protocols.

How Can I Join Two Devices To One WiFi?

·       Your device’s settings can be opened to access the Wi-Fi setting.
·       Pressing this button will take you to Wi-Fi Direct.
·       Find and click the device you want to connect to.
·       Tap agreeing to accept the invitation to connect from the other device, and once it has connected, tap Invite to connect.

Can I connect to other Wi-Fi-connected devices?

For information like this, internet users should examine the web interface of their routers. Since Wi-Fi routers are in charge of figuring out which devices are a part of your Wi-Fi network, they have the most precise knowledge of the kind of data they are saving. Although there may be some exceptions, most top routers offer a feature that lets you view your connected devices.

How do I link two devices together?

·       After you swipe down, the screen will show up at the top of the screen.
·       You may play Bluetooth by tapping or holding it.
·       Reload the page by tapping More or checking the “Available devices” section. When it opens, select Pair new device.
·       To pair your device, call the Bluetooth device app on your device.
·       Any directions displayed on the screen can be followed.

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