How To Close A DM On Discord? Full Procedure

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Here we start with all information about How To Close A DM On Discord? Direct messages in Discord can be sent to you by your friends and other users on your servers. When you use this function, you can connect with other individuals without using one of the routes on your shared servers.

Once a conversation has started, it will be listed in your recent messages. If you’re getting a lot of messages from many individuals, you may have a hard time finding your most crucial ones. Closed conversations in Discord can be hidden and removed from the list of your recent messages. Here is a step-by-step instruction to help you out.

How To Close A DM On Discord?

  • Launch the desktop or online application for Discord and log in with your account. Select the conversation you want to delete from the list by right-clicking in the Home tab’s Direct Messages area.
  • Select “Close DM” from the selection that displays.
Close A DM On Discord

How To Close A Discord Direct Message?

DMs can be closed to prevent talks from showing up in recent messages on Discord. You’ll be able to spend more time participating in conversations that matter to you this way. Even if you’re using Discord on a computer or phone, you can dismiss the DMs. Step-by-step instructions are provided below for both devices.

On Your PC

Sign in to your Discord account using the online or desktop app. On the main tab, choose the Direct Messages section and select the conversation you wish to delete from the list by right-clicking on it.

Please keep in mind that deleting a direct message does not remove the chat’s content from the conversation. Only the chat itself gets erased from your Discord Direct Messages list. To read a direct message (DM) that you recently closed, utilize the search bar. You can also start a chat with the user by visiting their profile.

Does Closing A Discord DM Erase Both Parties’ Messages?

Closing a Discord direct message does nothing more than removing it from your inbox. This means that the communications from both parties aren’t erased when a Discord DM is closed. Individually, you can delete your messages, but not those of other people.

Discord DM History Cancellation Hotkeys can be used for this. Hovering over it reveals the hamburger menu symbol on the right-hand side. We are activating the icon by clicking on it. Clicking on the Delete button by clicking the Delete button to confirm the deletion

Clyde would give you a message alerting you that you failed to send your final message if a message was never sent in the first place. Your internet may have been down for a short period, or they might have prohibited you from their server or that you and they aren’t mutual friends.

Direct messages on Discord can be closed by clicking the Close button at the bottom of the message list. There is no need to worry about losing old communications if you discover the same person in your friend list or directly message them via a unique shared server linkage later.

You can delete your messages one at a time from your end. Keyboard shortcuts and scripts can speed up the procedure. The receivers’ messages will stay even after you remove yours, making it appear as if they were conversing with one other. Discord DMs can be closed. However, messages from both parties are not deleted. Individually, you can delete your messages, but not those of other people.

Is It Possible To Terminate A Discord Account Without Losing Messages?

Deleted users will have their usernames and profile pictures replaced with Deleted User for the first 30 days after deletion. During this 30-day window, you can log in with your email & password to reclaim your account, including your username & profile image. If you do not recover it, your account and communications will be permanently destroyed.

How To Delete DM History On Discord?

  • You are showing the right-side hamburger menu icon by lingering over it.
  • By selecting the icon.
  • Choosing Delete.
  • You are simply selecting the Delete option to confirm the deletion.

Does Discord Automatically Close DMS?

DMs reportedly shut down after a few months if you need to keep more than 100 open at once, as I do. Support has confirmed that it exists for me.


After learning How To Close A DM On Discord? It is possible to eliminate some discussions from your recent message list to concentrate on your ongoing talks. As a result, you won’t have any difficulty finding your favorite talks with your colleagues and other app users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to erase Discord messages?

No formal method exists for retrieving a message that the sender has removed. As a result, when a user removes a message on Discord’s servers, the message is immediately deleted. On the other hand, Discord’s Bots allow for a great deal of personalization.

How do Discord server owners access deleted messages?

Even if you are the administrator of a Discord server, you cannot see messages that have been removed. If they use a bot like Dyno Bot, owners can see that a letter has been deleted, but not the message.

Is there a way to clear your Discord chat history?

Hovering over it reveals the hamburger menu symbol on the right-hand side. We activate the icon by clicking on it and clicking on the Delete button. The deletion has been confirmed by clicking on Delete to confirm it.

How can I end the relationship and move on in a text chat?

Chat does not allow Android users to exit a chat completely. There is no way around this; you’ll have to silence the conversation (Google refers to this as ‘hiding’ the conversation). The topic will continue in Chat, but you won’t get notifications every time someone responds to something you said.

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