How To Check Laptop Specs With Serial Number? Do This

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This article will discuss How To Check Laptop Specs With Serial Numbers? To check laptop specs with serial numbers, one needs to discuss the information one can get from a laptop’s serial number. A serial number is utilized to recognize a computer. It is likewise used for possession ID and guarantee purposes.

The laptop’s serial number altogether ties up each of the different parts with unique serial numbers. When you buy a computer, the serial number is generally essential for the monetary transactions shown in the authority receipt and guarantee card. Assuming that you buy a computer with a Visa, this serial number is likewise attached to you through credit card information.

How To Check Laptop Specs With Serial Number?

Look on the outside of the system for the computer’s serial number. Typically, a label on the back or underside of the cover has the serial number. If there are several numbers, an internet search will normally reveal the initials of many manufacturers’ serial numbers.

You may typically find the necessary information listed someplace on the outside of computers, printers, cameras, and servers. Look at the rear if it’s not on the front. Check all labels and metal plates that are affixed to your system as well.

Check Laptop Specs With Serial Number

How To Track The Serial Number Of Your Laptop?

Look outwardly at the computer to track down your laptop’s serial number. The serial number is generally on the underside or back cover. If there are various numbers, pursuit on the web will show the beginning quantities of serial numbers of different producers.

What Are Laptop Specs?

Your laptop’s specs incorporate its processor, RAM, and working framework. It also includes the gadget and item ID. Specs can likewise incorporate a design card if you own a gaming laptop. This is not bad; however, realizing your laptop’s specs can be helpful to data, particularly assuming you’re hoping to download a game requiring specific specs.

What Is The Meaning Of These Laptop Specs?

Your laptop’s specs can assist with distinguishing how quickly it can handle data. The processor is the central processing unit of your computer. It is also the piece of your laptop that processes data.  An estimation in gigahertz (GHz) is displayed underneath the processor. This number estimates the CPU’s clock speed or recurrence. A higher repetition implies a quicker processor.

The processor is the cerebrum of the PC, and the clock speed is the rate at which this mind can handle data identified with assignments. That data is then put away in the random-access memory of your laptop or its transitory memory bank, though long-haul memory is situated in the hard disk drive or solid-state drive, also known as SSD.

Assuming that your supervisor gave you three errands to do without a moment’s delay, you’d need to recollect specific data for a while long enough to do the responsibilities. In any case, whenever you’re done, your mind probably won’t store all that data in your drawn-out memory.

Check Laptop Specs With Serial Number

If you are searching for your laptop specs, there are two methods for tracking down them.

  • First is the Crucial Advisor instrument.
  • The second is the System Scanner device, examining your framework and proposes a rundown of viable upgrades.

At the point when you utilize the Crucial Advisor tool or System Scanner device, you’ll get a rundown of memory modules that are viable with your framework. Not various kinds, densities, and paces of memory function admirably together when joined, and we consider this.

At the point when you use our System Scanner, we’ll decide the make and model of your laptop, alongside a definite report on how much memory you have installed in your computer at present and how much memory your laptop k is intended to deal with.

We can likewise give you a rundown of viable and solid-state drives. Since we have similar data for more than 110,000 frameworks, we’re sure that we have your framework’s specs in our data set.

How To Check Laptop Specs For A HP Laptop?

Enter the serial number at, where it says to “identify your product for manuals and particular product information.” There are different steps to check laptop specs for hp laptops, which are as follows:

  • In the first step, press the Function key + Esc from the keyboard.
  • For the desktop or All-in-One laptops, press Ctrl + Alt + S.
  • Open the command prompt and type wmic profiles to get the serial number. In the last step, press Enter.

Another way to find laptop specs is:

  • In the first step, click the search button, simply on the right of the windows icon.
  • In the next step, type in system info.
  • Click on system info.
  • It will show every one of the highlights that you want to be familiar with on your hp laptop.

How To Check Specs For A Dell Laptop?

When you start your laptop, you can see its essential details on the laptop data screen or the Windows System. Still, these details are not as thorough as you would get from the system’s utility, which shows as top to a bottom record of the details of your laptop concerning system setup.

The absolute most significant details you will consequently get from the system info utility incorporate the model of your laptop, services that are installed and running at present, and actual data about the equipment parts, including disk drives and devices. The system info utility can be controlled by utilizing the Windows Run command. To check its specs,

  • First, you need to click on the Start button.
  • Then right-click on the “computer.”
  •  Now you will need to click on “Properties.”
  • This interaction will show the data about your laptop’s make and model and the operating system, RAM determinations, and processor model.

Windows seven and Windows 10 to check your laptop specs with serial numbers. Here is the detail of these two:

How To Check Laptop Specs For Windows 10?

For Windows 10,

  • First, you will need to click on the Windows Start button.
  • In the next step, click on Settings, the gear icon.
  • Then, In the Settings menu, click on System.
  • Then scroll down and click on About.
  •  On this, you should see info for your processor’s random-access memory, RAM, and other framework data, including Windows versions.

How To Check Laptop Specs For Windows 7?

For Windows 7,

  • From the desktop, observe the icon marked “My Computer.”
  • Now you have to right-click on this and you need to select Properties.
  • A window ought to seem to sum up the equipment specs of your laptop, including processor, random access memory called RAM, and other framework data, including the Windows variant.

How To Check Apple Serial Number?

Your serial number can be located as follows, depending on the product:

  • The exterior of your goods.
  • By selecting About This Mac from the Apple menu on a Mac.
  • In Settings > General > About on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod, or Apple Watch.
  • If your product syncs with your PC, you can do it through Finder or iTunes.

How Do I Check The Specs Of My Laptop?

Click on the Windows Start button, then select Settings to view your computer’s hardware specifications (the gear icon). Go to System under the Settings menu. After you scroll down, select about. You should be able to see the specifications for your processor, RAM, and other system components on this screen, along with the version of Windows.


The conclusion of How To Check Laptop Specs With Serial Number? Is that there are different methods to study the laptop specs for windows 10 and 7. There are also several ways to check laptop specs for hp or a dell laptops. The laptop specs with serial numbers can help recognize its make and model, its processor, random access memory, and your computer ID.

The laptop’s specs are essential for financial transactions. It also tells how quickly your computer can handle data. I hope that your query regarding how to check laptop specs with serial numbers is answered in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I seek a laptop by serial numbers?

Yes, one can seek a computer by its serial number. You have to open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard and then tapping the letter X. After that, select Command Prompt. Next, type the order: WMIC BIOS GET SERIAL NUMBER and press enter. On the off chance that your serial number is coded into your profiles, it will show up here on the screen.

How can I seek the serial number and specs of my laptop?

First, open Command Prompt and type wmic baseboard to get product producer, serial number, version, and then press the Enter Key. When the above order is executed, you will observe the Manufacturer, Serial Number, and Version of the Motherboard introduced on your laptop.

Do laptops have different specs and serial numbers?

Every laptop has a unique string of numbers and letters assigned to your computer. No, the two laptops do not have the same serial number so consider this a guaranteed way of proving your laptop is the laptop you say it is.

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