How To Charge Tablet With Broken Port? Full Procedure

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Sometimes your Tablet Charger Port Breaks at midnight, and there is no way to buy it, but you have to use your mobile phone and your mobile phone’s battery is dead. Come across How To Charge Tablet With Broken Port? to charge your mobile phone’s battery.

Our Smart Phones are now ingrained in our daily routines. Most of the time, our phones include a lot of internal and even work-related information that we need to get through our daily routines.

Our phones do a variety of things for all of us, from establishing alarms to building a to-do list, writing documents, interacting with loved ones via communications and media platforms apps to all types of virtual auditory entertainment.

When we use our phones, the energy can run out and we need to charge them to get the most out of them. So, what do you do if you plug your charger into a USB port on your device but it doesn’t charge? As you begin to worry or become hysterical, consider the following Smartphone Charger Broken Port repair methods.

How To Charge Tablet With Broken Port?

Turn your smartphone off. Remove the battery if at all possible. Use a tiny stick to reposition any displaced tabs inside your phone’s USB port. If the charging pin is misplaced, carefully and gently raise it. Put the battery back in place. Connect the charger.

charge tablet with broken port

Charge A Battery With A Battery

This only works with phones that also have a battery that can be removed. Otherwise, use method 2 instead.

  • Remove the battery from the device. Gain access to the battery’s electrical connectors.
  • A 9-volt charge or a AAA/AA battery will suffice.
  • Look for the battery’s favorable and unfavorable connectors. The positive side of the battery is in the red square, while the negative side is at the opposite end.
  • Check if the voltage of the device’s charger and the batteries are the same. A typical phone battery has a voltage of 3.7V DC, while a single AA or AAA battery has a voltage of 1.5V. As a result, you’ll need three AA batteries.
  • Wrap two metal wires with silicone shielding.
  • Bind the batteries along with the electrical tape.
  • Fasten or tape the insulated wires to the charging batteries or even to the battery itself.
  • Wait a few moments; the battery should be charged. It’s important to realize that it won’t fully charge your battery, but it’ll suffice in an emergency.

DIY USB Port Fix

This is perhaps the simplest, quickest, and most popular Way To Fix A Broken Charging Port in New Tablets. The aluminum surface of your dock connector and the USB charger may not always establish good contact.

Most of the time, it’s due to a manufacturing flaw or damage caused by the charger cable’s constant plugging and pulling. Before you do anything else, make sure your charging port is clean. Clear any dirt caught on the charging pin with a laser and a stick or pin.

  • Turn your gadget off.
  • Remove the battery if at all possible.
  • Use a tiny stick to reposition any displaced tabs inside your device’s USB port.
  • If the charging pin is misplaced, carefully and slowly raise it.
  • Put the battery back in place.
  • Connect the charger.

Rub The Battery

Remove the battery from the phone. It should be held between your hands. Rub the battery on your palms to generate adequate heat and tension. Replace the battery or try trying to charge the phone once more.

If the procedures above don’t work, the issue isn’t due to a faulty charging port. Examine your phone’s battery, even though it’s one of the most common reasons why it won’t Charge the Tablet.

Contact Certified Technicians, When Nothing Works

If none of the following suggestions work, you’ll have to consider the potential that your phone is broken or malfunctioning.

In this situation, you’ll either need to contact the operator’s customer service number to send your cell phone in for repair or find a nearby tablet repair shop.

Depending on the case and if your phone is now under warranty, you may have to pay for the repair and go without your device while it is repaired, but it will almost certainly be less expensive than buying a new phone.

How To Bypass Tablet Charging Port?

It’s a nightmare having a damaged charger port! It’s not something that can be readily remedied unless it’s serviced. Fortunately, charger connectors are simple to replace and do not cost as much as a cracked LCD.

How To Bypass Tablet Charging Port

How To Charge A Tablet Battery Directly?

You can use mains electricity to charge your iPad. All tablets include a power cord that may be plugged into a wall outlet. The second approach to recharge a pill is to connect it to a computer using the line that came with it. The cable delivers electricity from the computer to the tablet to restore the tablet’s battery.


Now, if you have a faulty charging port and don’t have the tools to fix it, and you’re in desperate need of a quick fix, this is worth the effort. However, take care not to damage your phone. That sums up How To Charge Tablet With Broken Port?

And, if at all feasible, get your phone serviced rather than risk harming it by poking at the charging port for several hours. These are merely temporary solutions, and there’s a purpose why manufacturers started creating single-unit phones in the first place: you risk damaging your gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my charging port is broken, can I use a wireless charger?

Unless it has nothing to do with the phone’s charging connector, a wireless charger will come in handy. Wireless charging will address the problem, although it may take longer to charge.

Is it possible to repair charging ports?

Simply contact an electrician to repair the defective wall adapter, purchase a new extension box, or repair your computer’s USB port. The most common cause of your phone not charging when plugged in is charging wires. The charging cord may be damaged as a result of this.

How can I charge my laptop if the charging port is broken?

If the charging port on your laptop is broken, you won’t be able to charge it directly. The only solution is to charge the battery separately before replacing it in the laptop or to utilize a laptop dock station if your computer supports one.

How To Charge A Phone With A Damaged Charger Port?

Turn the Smartphone on first, and then remove the battery from the rear. Take a little wooden stick and place it inside the charging port. (You can also use a toothpick.) Push carefully and gradually level up the charging tab with the wooden stick.

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