How To Change RGB On EVGA 3080? Quick Procedure

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Here is all guideline for, How To Change RGB On EVGA 3080? A GPU like the RTX 3080 would be ideal for any Computer gamer or power user. Yet at the moment, practically nobody can purchase one. All RTX 3080 cards are sold out, and Nvidia doesn’t anticipate any improvement until at least 2021.

People have had a lot of free time indoors due to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders, and many have turned to games and esports to pass the time. In fact, as of this writing, none of these RTX 3080 cards was constantly in stock at any significant retailer website. When one would occasionally show as available, the status would soon change to “sold out,” making it difficult to determine whether the blip resulted from a website error.

A pre-built or pre-configured system might be your best option for getting an RTX 3080 (or big-sibling RTX 3090) card shortly. For instance, Dell made the RTX 3080 graphics card available with its Alienware Aurora R11 gaming desktop.

Even if it can take some time for your personalized PC to be delivered, you can still order one. Of course, only some people need or want a brand-new computer; in that case, you’ll have to constantly check retailer websites in search of the elusive 3080 prey for the next few weeks.

This implies that, for now, the “greatest” RTX 3080 card to buy might be the one you can find. But stock levels will eventually increase, and you will have more card options. And when that time comes, you’ll need advice on how to proceed.

We’ve examined the roughly twenty separate models that have been announced so far and have included them in our card guide below. Also, we’ve evaluated three of them; links are below (from Nvidia itself, as well as Asus and MSI).

Upon looking at all these cards, several trends arose throughout the board. Before we go into the specifics of the board, let’s first discuss some important points to keep in mind while you compare RTX 3080 cards.

How To Change RGB On EVGA 3080?

Only the EVGA Precision X1 is required. The Steam version seems more stable, so I suggest using that instead of the standalone version. Your EVGA RTX series graphics card may be set up quickly. You should be able to sync it immediately if you take these few simple steps.

Change RGB On EVGA 3080

Steps To Change RGB On EVGA

  • Download the Precision X1 standalone version.
  • Please make your way to LED Sync and turn it on.
  • Please create a new group in Jacket RGB Sync by opening it.
  • Choose a control LED (Reminder: only Corsair products and demo devices can be your control LED)
  • Add your EVGA LEDs to the collection.
  • Attain flawless RGB sync.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Card Lineup: What To Look For?

All RTX 3080 cards share the same GA102 “Ampere” graphics processing chip, which Samsung makes using a cutting-edge 8nm production technique. The cards are built using cutting-edge GDDR6X memory that operates at 19Gbps.

This time, the regular Nvidia Founders Edition card sets the standard regarding specifications (memory speeds, GPU rates). Still, the third-party designs we’ll discuss below highlight how unique Nvidia’s model is compared to the rest of the pack.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Card Lineup What To Look For

The typical distinctions between third-party cards include max boost clock, port choice, and cooling design. However, they all differ significantly from the Founders Edition model in terms of their designs. Here are the main characteristics to check out in the different cards as you review our descriptions and decide which one to buy.

Cooling/Airflow Design

With fans on either side of the card, the RTX 3080 Founders Edition features a novel over/under airflow arrangement. Observe how all third-party cards use three-fan designs, with all the fans on one side of the card, and refrain from imitating this. In other words, these are conventional GPU cooling techniques, while Nvidia uses an entirely novel method on their card.

That’s not necessarily good or bad; one design may be preferable in a case with more excellent airflow above or below the card. Nonetheless, the existence of three fans typically correlates with card length.


Pay attention to variations in card length unless your desktop PC chassis is quite spacious. Although other RTX variations are longer than a foot, the Founders Edition is 10.5 inches long. No Mini-ITX cards are allowed here!

Check the front-to-back clearance of your case carefully, and remember that while some cards are two PCI Express slots wide, most others spill over into a third slot. If another PCI Express card is put next to it, the latter can interfere with it.

Power Connector

The Founders Edition also has a novel power-supply connector, which is a first. Nvidia changed the standard pair or trio of eight- and six-pin power connectors on its Founders card with a single 12-pin connector since the card’s smaller PCB leaves no room for them.

When used with the provided adaptor, it looks like this, which takes two eight-pin leads from your PSU. The third-party cards choose traditional dual- and three-connector designs instead of adhering to Nvidia’s standard.

Rated Boost Clock

The most significant “rubber meets the road” problem will be this. This spec will serve as a gauge for the aggressiveness of a particular factory overclock. The Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 O10G Gaming has the biggest out-of-the-box overclock, with a max boost frequency of 1,935MHz.

Any overclocked card likely has more headroom for overclocking, which may differ from card sample to card sample. So please don’t count on significant benefits from further overclocking factory-overclocked cards, according to our first tests with three cards. Like Turing, Nvidia is not leaving much on the table to be scraped.

Port Loadout

For most RTX 3080 cards, three DisplayPort outputs are to be expected. If you require them, you might wish to seek dual HDMI 2.1 ports; most cards have one HDMI port. And if you are familiar with Nvidia’s previous-generation “Turing” RTX cards, avoid looking for VirtualLink, a port that commonly appeared there. The launch of this particular USB Type-C port, intended for upcoming VR headsets, failed. Now it’s gone.

Power Supply Wattage Recommendation

 Like the boost clock, you’ll see some variation from card to card in this area, usually by the factory overclock’s aggressiveness or the manual overclock cap. Cards like the MSI Gaming X Trio can demand a minimum power supply wattage of 850 watts or more.

But, as was already observed, the power supply connector layout must be fixed. It’s essential to be aware of graphics cards that need three GPU power leads because not all power supplies will have that many, and connecting all three is required.


All third-party cards launched thus far include 10GB of GDDR6X, but we would not be shocked to see future variations that enhance the memory amount. For non-gaming applications that require a lot of GPU processing power.


Here we conclude all the above information about How To Change RGB On EVGA 3080? With the RTX 30 series, EVGA entirely changed its design aesthetic. We now have a traditional black cooler shroud with silver metal accents and red trim instead of the transparent cooler shroud.

While it somewhat contrasts with NVIDIA’s “green” color scheme, I must admit that I like the red. There is a top-notch metal backplate on the back. Three standard DisplayPort 1.4a connectors and one HDMI 2.1 connector are available for display communication.

Oddly, NVIDIA deleted the USB-C connector for VR headsets that it included on Turing Founders Editions. I guess it didn’t catch on as expected. Display Stream Compression (DSC) 1.2a, which enables the connection of 4K and 8K displays at 120 and 60 Hz, is supported by DisplayPort 1.4a outputs. Ampere may use one cable per display to drive two 8K screens at 60 Hz.

The first GPU to support HDMI 2.1, Ampere allows for a single connection to offer higher resolutions like 4K144 and 8K30 while increasing bandwidth to 48 Gbps. This can reach 4K240 and 8K120 with DSC.

NVIDIA’s new NVENC/NVDEC video engine is designed to handle video tasks with the least amount of CPU strain. The addition of functionality for AV1 decoding is the main point here. You can natively decode MPEG-2, VC1, VP8, VP9, H.264, and H.265 at up to 8K@12-bit, just like on Turing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the color of the EVGA 3080 RGB?

EVGA offers Precision X software for download. This enables you to modify the RGB as well as other GOU characteristics.

Can you control the RGB on the FTW3?

Moreover, the ARGB LED lighting on the EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING video card is programmable. EVGA Precision X1 offers a variety of lighting customization options.

Do EVGA cards have RGB?

The EVGA GeForce RTXTM 3060 Ti FTW3 cards offer a customizable RGB lighting experience with an ARGB panel to match any color scheme.

How do I change the color of my RTX graphics card?

Choose “Display” and then “Change desktop color settings” in the Nvidia Control Panel to make these changes.

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