How To Change HDMI Output To Input On A Laptop? Process

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In the majority of cases, laptops include HDMI output ports. They are used to transport audio and video from a laptop to an external source, such as a TV or another display. They aren’t designed to accept signals from outside sources. Learn How To Change HDMI Output To Input On A Laptop?

This is why you can’t simply connect your laptop to a game console with an HDMI wire and use your laptop as a second monitor. To do so, we’d need an HDMI input port that could receive and output data.

We prepared a guide on how to prevent this and turn your laptop into a gaming console monitor using other methods. But what about making it simple and adaptable to different devices? Is it possible to convert a Laptop’s HDMI Output To Input?

How To Change HDMI Output To Input On A Laptop?

There are several built-in switches that enable users to connect easily utilizing the HDMI connector. It has ports for HDMI input and output. You must attach the external device to the input port and your laptop to the output port if you wish to utilize an external device display on your laptop.

Change HDMI Output To Input On A Laptop

What Does HDMI Input Mean?

Many devices include HDMI ports for input, although they’re most commonly seen on televisions and monitors. There is only one purpose for this type of HDMI input port, and that is to allow other devices to transport video material to the device through HDMI. Data can be transferred using HDMI, which means for high-definition media interface.

What Is The Significance Of HDMI Output?

You’ll also find devices with HDMI outputs on the other end of the spectrum. Some other devices, including soundbars, are also included in this category. This port is only capable of transmitting audio and visual signals via HDMI cable.

How To Change Laptop’s HDMI Output To Input Without A Cable?

Wires get in the way, and adapters cost money. We have an adapter solution for you that will save you both money and time. It’s possible to share a screen between two devices using various software, including:


Games can be streamed onto a computer screen using this function. On programs like Steam, this feature is available for free download. Then, select the game you wish to play and click Stream. You don’t have to worry about anything because this will begin streaming the display to your laptop. How can I change the laptop’s HDMI output to HDMI input?


This is a free application that may be downloaded from the internet. Make sure both devices are linked to the same network after installing the application. You will need to obtain drivers for your Windows operating system. Once you’ve done this, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your laptop has an HDMI input. Enjoy your life by connecting the devices from afar!


HDMI can be streamed via Wi-Fi using this technique. While using Windows 8 or later, this capability is available. To mirror or extend our display, the device must also support Mirecast. There must be an internet connection between both devices and they must be within range. If you have an Android 4.2 or higher operating system, you may take advantage of this feature.

Is The Laptop HDMI Input Or Output?

Unlike your standard monitor, your laptop isn’t made to accept a video or HDMI signal for its display. Instead, your laptop’s HDMI output is the only way it can send a digital signal to an external device. Your laptop has an HDMI output because of this. On their laptops, several manufacturers do not provide HDMI input connectors.

Do Laptops Allow HDMI Input?

Your laptop’s screen isn’t built to accept an external video source like an HDMI cable or VGA cord. On the other hand, your laptop’s HDMI port is the only way to send a digital signal to an external monitor, TV, or sound system. It’s for this reason that your laptop includes an HDMI port. However, many laptop producers exclude HDMI input connectors.


The audio signal carried by HDMI connections can be used in both directions, but this is only true for the video signal. As a result, while an external device can be connected to your laptop through HDMI and play music, you are unable to do the same with an external device and play video.

Switching Between Input And Output is not possible. Even if you’re using a different HDMI version, this is the same for all of them. The only remedy to this issue is a capture card, which is the only option available. You’ll need a capture card if you wish to stream to your laptop. That’s all about How To Change HDMI Output To Input On A Laptop?

Frequently Asked Questions

On my laptop, how can I adjust the video output?

Using a right-click on the desktop, select Display Settings. The Display option is on the left side of the page. Make sure to click Advanced Display Settings in the right pane. Choose a monitor if you have more than one connected to your computer to modify the screen resolution.

What is the procedure for switching to HDMI?

Your remote control’s “Input” or “Source” buttons should be pressed. That particular input port’s name will appear on the TV screen. Keep pressing “Input” or “Source” until “HDMI 1” switches to “HDMI 2” on the television.

Is it possible to use HDMI as input on a laptop?

For your laptop’s HDMI port (or VGA or DVI or DisplayPort) to serve as a video input for a different device, you must purchase an adapter. However, you cannot use a connection to link your laptop to your PC so that your laptop can display what your PC is showing on your PC.

Can you tell me how to alter the visual output?

Right-click on the Windows button and select Properties. The Control Panel can be accessed by clicking on it. The System option can be found by clicking it. To change the screen resolution on a computer with more than one monitor, select the one you want to change.

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