How To Bypass Goguardian On Chromebook? Process Guide

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As a well-known provider of classroom management and Chromebook device management solutions, GoGuardian is a well-known name in educational technology. The GoGuardian services are utilized on Chromebooks to monitor students’ activity. However, it appears that pupils have discovered a way to evade GoGuardian On Chromebook. We’ll discuss How To Bypass Goguardian On Chromebook?

How To Bypass Goguardian On Chromebook?

If the admin installed it, you’ll have to do some hacking that could get you in trouble to get rid of it. The best thing I could advise is to powerwash the Chromebook and log in with a different Google account. If a school Chromebook is signed up for Enterprise enrollment, this method will let you access a blocked site for 5 seconds. First, open a Google Chrome tab, minimize it, and move it to the left side of your screen.

Then, type the URL address of the website you want to go to, such as, but DON’T PRESS ENTER yet. Then, open task manager, look for the GoGuardian process, click on it, click “end process,” and quickly type “youtube search” into the search bar.

From there, you should be able to get to that site, but if you want to watch a video on YouTube, you’ll have to close Goguardian again because it will pop up again in 5 seconds.

Bypass Goguardian On Chromebook

On School Chromebooks, How Can You Get Around GoGuardian?

Many school districts utilize GoGuardian to restrict websites on school Chromebooks. However, GoGuardian is not always fully configured, and it may block sites that should not be prohibited.

To get around it, turn off your wifi, visit the desired website, and wait a few seconds. Then turn on the wifi again, and the site should load normally. Getting the timing correct may take a few tries.

Many school districts have implemented GoGuardian on school Chromebooks to prevent students from accessing inappropriate websites. If it isn’t fully configured, sites that should be unblocked may nevertheless be blocked by GoGuardian.

To bypass it, disable your wireless network, navigate to the desired website, and then wait a few seconds. Afterward, turn on the wifi again, and the webpage should load as normal. Getting the timing just perfect may necessitate a few tries.

How Do You Get Around School Blocks?

Method 1: Use A VPN

  • Use a VPN, a VPN that protects and encrypts your data, to unblock restricted websites.
  • Avast SecureLine VPN is compatible with all of them as far as platforms go.
  • Using a public web proxy is another option for getting around web censorship.

Method 2

If the admin installed it, removing it will need some risky hacking on your part. I can only understand the answer to powerwash the Chromebook and log in with a different Google account from an alternate Google account. If it’s a school Chromebook that has been enrolled in Enterprise enrolment, this approach will allow you to access a blocked site for five seconds.

A Google Chrome tab should be minimized to the left of your screen before you begin typing in the URL of a website, such as Select GoGuardian’s process in Task Manager and click End Process. Then type in (youtube) search. It’s possible to access that site, but you’ll have to close the GoGuardian process again every five seconds if you want to watch a video on YouTube.

Bypass Password Attempts For Blocked Pages

Different block pages exist in GoGuardian. Students will see the GoGuardian Admin block page, which includes a “Bypass” button when GoGuardian Admin’s custom filtering settings prohibit a page.

Users can bypass the lock screen for a predetermined period by entering the Bypass Password. When a teacher accidentally blocks a page on GoGuardian Admin or needs to unlock a website for a student, they could use this feature. GoGuardian Admin’s custom screening block has its password.

If you want to see the attempts to bypass the password, go to Configuration > Advanced Config > Bypass Password Requests.

This log shows URL, User, E-mail, Time, and Password activity and whether or not the attempt was a success. These various categories can also be used to sort by the end-user. Only the most recent 150 bypass attempts will be displayed at any one time.

Best Practices

If you must use Bypass Password, we strongly advise against doing so. GoGuardian Admin filtering allows students to access any URL they choose, even if they acquire the bypass password by mistake. It is necessary to remove this password.

Using a password to bypass Smart Alert Trigger frames and Teacher Scenario blocks will not work. It’s best to remember Bypass Password Attempts page regularly if you’re interested in finding out whether or not students are trying to guess the password too frequently and failing.

Teachers and students who cannot access an authorized website can benefit from this tool. A form for requesting the unblocking of a blocked site can be added using Customizing the Block Page. Please keep remembering that the maximum number of bypass passwords is 150.

How To Bypass GoGuardian As A Student?

Virtual private networks, sometimes VPNs, function as a tunnel between two devices. By encrypting data (i-e, IP addresses) to prevent others from detecting or deciphering it, VPNs allow students to get around web filters and other blocking tools.

GoGuardian Bypass Code 2022

You can get this code on

How To Disable GoGuardian As A Student?

  • To start your Chromebook in recovery mode, press ESC, REFRESH, and POWER.
  • To disable OS verification, press Ctrl + D and ENTER.
  • When you press SPACE to reset OS verification, your computer will restart, and all data will be erased.
  • Re-log in, and then Bam!

What Is The Bypass Password For GoGuardian?

Please complete the following to generate a bypass password:

  • To bypass passwords, go to Configuration > Advanced Configuration.
  • Put the password in.
  • Choose how long you want the bypass password to be active.
  • Choose “Add”


That’s all I have on How To Bypass Goguardian On Chromebook? As far as I can tell, either your teachers or the System Administrators are in charge of this. At the very least, I’d delete GoGuardian as recently as possible. I don’t have any solution to hack a machine this old. Therefore, I can’t help you.

However, is it your laptop (or the school district’s) or its Chromebook? It’s illegal to do that if it’s their property. I believe that Google has purposely made it difficult for you to alter “your” Chromebook, perhaps beyond your ability as a student who was given a machine for their use. However, school officials may be able to help.

They set them up in this manner or had them set up in this manner. Once you buy the equipment from the district and it is genuinely YOURS, they might be able to change the setup and uninstall GoGuardian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoGuardian blocked by a virtual private network (VPN)?

Work like a tunnel between two devices with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Even if you can use GoGuardian Admin to build digital classroom policies that prohibit “VPN” as a search term, you can still prevent students from downloading/installing VPN software or apps.

Is GoGuardian a criminal act?

According to FERPA, GoGuardian collaborates with schools to deliver requested information. Student privacy standards such as FERPA and the California Student Privacy Act are met by GoGuardian, accredited by iKeepSafe as compatible with the Student Privacy Pledge.

With Crosh, how do you disable GoGuardian?

GoGuardian Admin allows you to prohibit students from accessing the terminal by using the wildcarded phrase crash. Students will be prevented from spending time on the terminal if the policy they were given includes the word crash.

How is GoGuardian being blocked by children?

Two extensions take care of student filtering and monitoring for GoGuardian Admin. In Incognito Mode, Chrome does not install any addons. Students should not be able to run Chrome in Incognito Mode as a result.

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