How To Attach Non HDMI Cable Box To TV With No HDMI Port?

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Do you have a favorite movie on your laptop that you’d like to share with the rest of your family? Simply Connect Your Laptop To The TV Using An HDMI Connection, and everyone can join in the fun. Or are you watching TV on an old set that doesn’t have an HDMI cable? So, How To Attach Non HDMI Cable Box To TV With No HDMI Port?

For you, I’ve devised a strategy. Even if your TV does not have an HDMI port, you can connect your laptop to it. Whether your devices have HDMI ports or not? You’ll require an HDMI service to send audio and video from one to the other. To transfer data between devices with HDMI ports, all you need is a regular HDMI cable.

How To Attach Non HDMI Cable Box To TV With No HDMI Port?

Without HDMI, how can you link a TV to a receiver? You can use any HDMI converter, composite video cable, 5-cable component RCA video cable, or any RCA audio cable that corresponds to the available input option.

Non HDMI Cable Box To TV With No HDMI Port

However, for devices without HDMI ports, a mediate connection is required; the type of mediate connection required is usually determined by the type of ports accessible on your TV.

This guide will demonstrate how to connect your HDMI cable to various ports. Standard RCA cables or an S-Video cable can also be used to Connect An HDMI Cable Box To An HDTV, albeit the video will not be in high definition.

Steps For Connecting Non-HDMI Cable Box To TV With HDMI Port

Step 1

Insert the red, green, and blue wires from one side of the component cable into the rear of the cable box’s red, green, and blue component jacks.

Step 2

Connect one end of the red and white audio RCA cables to the back of the cable box’s red and white audio yield jacks.

Step 3

Plug the red, green, and blue wires from the component cable’s other end into the HDTV’s red, green, and blue component input ports. This jack configuration will be labeled “Component 1” and will include five inputs: red, green, and blue video, as well as red and white audio.

Step 4

Connect the other end of the red and white RCA wires to the HDTV’s red and white audio input ports. Make sure they’re in the same audio jacks as the component cables on the same input source.

Step 5

Turn on the HDTV and select “source” or “information” from the menu. Select the input that you connected the wires into from the option that appears. If no choice appears, hit the source or input button many times until the correct input source appears.

How Can I Connect A Cable Box To A Television Without Using HDMI?

When trying to connect a cable box to a television without an HDMI cable, you have three options.

How Can I Connect A Cable Box To A Television Without Using HDMI

Method 1: Composite Video Cables

Composite RCA cables are one of the oldest still-in-use connection cables! They’re a great substitute for HDMI. They can also connect audio and video. The yellow, red, and white cables are used to classify these.

These normally have yellow and white RCA connectors, as well as a red RCA audio connector. The yellow wire is all you’ll need to connect video, which is why it’s called a composite video cable.

Method 2: Component Video Cables

There will be several video wires on the Component video cable, but there will be two more for audio. These wires can be blue, green, or red, with white and red audio cables. All you have to do now is connect these cords to your TV and the two cable boxes. After that, turn on your television, go to the input menu, and pick Component as your source.

Method 3: HDMI Converter

The last scenario is one that many individuals may encounter! In this situation, your cable box will have an HDMI option, but your television will not. Then you have the option of using an HDMI converter.

This method also works if your TV has an HDMI port but your cable box does not. Because HDMI supports both audio and video, you can plug the converter into the HDMI port. On the other end, if your HDMI cable isn’t an option, you can use the RCA side, depending on the color.

What If There Is No HDMI Port?

If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI connector, you can still connect with it using the S-video or VGA port. The other cable options do not carry audio signals, unlike HDMI, although you can still hear the sound through your computer’s speakers.

How Do I Hook Up My DIRECTV Box Without HDMI?

You can utilize RCA composite cables, coaxial cables, HDMI converters, component cables, and even optical audio cables to connect a DIRECTV box to a TV without using HDMI.


HDMI cables or component cables can be used to Connect An HDTV To A Cable Box. Component cables are made up of three video wires (red, green, and blue) and require separate RCA cables for audio, whereas HDMI cables merge audio and video into a single connection.

Although the video will not be in high definition, an HDMI cable box can be linked to an HDTV using regular RCA cables or an S-Video connection.

This has been our comprehensive instruction on How To Attach Non HDMI Cable Box To TV With No HDMI Port? While HDMI cables are by far the most useful alternative, after reading our informative advice, you can try other solutions if HDMI Doesn’t Work for you.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do if my TV lacks an HDMI port?

If your TV includes analog video (Composite, Component, or VGA), you can buy adaptor boxes that convert HDMI to analog video (Composite, Component, or VGA). 2019’s Top 7 HDMI to Component Converters You may need to run the audio separately, depending on the adaptor.

Is HDMI required for a cable box?

All you need is an HDMI cable to connect it. This will take care of both the picture and the sound. Many cable box remotes include TV codes, so if yours does, you may program it to turn on your TV and regulate the volume.

My HDMI to RCA cable isn’t working for what reason?

Two problems exist while converting HDMI to RCA. A D/A converter is required because HDMI is a digital connection and RCA is analog. Because a lot of HDMI video is secured by HDCP, you’d have to trick the HDMI connection into thinking it was connected to a trusted device.

When I plug in an HDMI cable to my Samsung TV, it says there’s no signal?

If it says no signal, your Samsung smart tv is unable to connect. Make sure all HDMI cables and connectors are connected correctly; they can get loose or jammed with dust, for example, and reconnecting them, as well as doing a power reset and factory reset, can resolve the problem.

Are HDMI connectors available on all flat-screen televisions?

Most flat-screen TVs have an HDMI port, which you may use to connect your laptop to a large screen, for example. To all of us, USB is self-evident. You can also use your TV to tweet, Facebook, or even Skype once you connect it to the internet via WiFi. This is only available on Smart TVs, not flat displays.

Is it possible to add an HDMI port to my television?

HDMI splitters are available for purchase, allowing you to put two or more HDMI devices into a single socket. Regrettably, these magical boxes are extremely costly. A business called XtremeMac made the cheapest one we could locate. It’s a four-port splitter, so you may use your single HDMI port to connect up to four devices.

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