How To Add Mods In Discord Mobile? Full Procedure

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As a normal user, you have access to nine text-based interactions, seven voice-based interactions, and thirteen server permissions. Despite the benefits, a single server owner must deal with several possibilities. Furthermore, granting access to community members isn’t something that can be done only once. So, the main question is How To Add Mods In Discord Mobile?

As a result, the members’ unexpected behavior necessitates on-the-spot intervention. Managing them becomes nearly impossible if you have more than a hundred users on a large server. Adding a moderator to Discord can be tricky, so you’re probably wondering how to do it.

Learn how to add someone as a mod on Discord and how to remove them if the need arises. In addition, you’ll discover if and how many moderators your Discord server needs and how to do it automatically.

How To Add Mods In Discord Mobile?

On the left side of the screen, locate the server list. Locate the server you wish to add a mod too, then click the down arrow next to it. Roles can be found in the left column by clicking “Roles” after choosing “Service Settings” from the drop-down menu. To create a new position, tap on the + sign in the top-left corner.

Add Mods In Discord Mobile

First, we need to create a role for a moderator or moderator on Discord. Open Discord’s client and choose the server you wish to become a moderator for: “Server” settings are found in the left-click menu. Then open up “Roles”:

In our situation, the Discord server name is “Sharqa”; thus, we’ll make a Mod role. Using the “Create Role” button, we can do this. The Display, Permissions, and Manage Members tabs are available for editing after a role has been created. The role name, color, and icon can be added in the “Display” tab.

For example, we’ll use the role name “Moderator”: When creating roles, it’s important to provide permissions so that moderators know what they can and can’t do. In the permissions section, you can set the Mod’s permissions by your needs: To save your changes after editing the Mod role on your chosen Discord server, click the “Save Changes” button: Your Discord server now has a Mod role, which you created successfully.

Special Permissions Of Mod On Discord

Make sure you know what rights a mod will have on your Discord before making them one. When a member’s access is disrupted, your Moderator or Mod can mute or unmute them, transfer them, kick them, or ban them from your Discord server. Your moderator is also in charge of Discord’s management.

How To Create Someone A Mod On Discord?

A moderator is a person who assists you in keeping the Discord environment under control and pleasant for everyone. You might think of moderators as patrolmen who keep an eye on everyone’s conduct and make sure they adhere to the regulations on your server.

As a result, your channel is more vulnerable to disruption if you don’t have their help. Moderators in Discord can add and delete members, edit their messages, and change the channel settings based on the level of authority you grant them.

How To Be A Good Mod On Discord?

A moderator or Mod has distinct duties in a Discord server. The most vital component of becoming a good Mod is to follow all of the rules. You must treat the server and its members with respect and honesty.

It’s important to hear both sides of a story before deciding whether or not to kick or ban someone from your server. The only exception is when someone utilizes slang or engages in disrespectful behavior. A message can also be edited or deleted if it contains content that other members consider offensive.

How To Choose Your Moderators?

When choosing a mod for your server, look for the following characteristics:

  • A good moderator does their job because they enjoy it, not for the money, to be in charge, to be well-known, or for any other reason.
  • Communication skills: Explains what is allowed, what isn’t allowed, and why decisions are made repeatedly, all while keeping cheery and polite.
  • You can’t hand over control of your company to someone you don’t trust. Make certain you’re assigning a trustworthy mod.
  • You don’t want a constantly unavailable, absent, or irresponsible mod. Ascertain that they are willing to devote time to their responsibilities.
  • By using intimate language, proper cues, and relevant comments on conversations, a social mod can foster interactions within the community.
  • When a conflict or debate arises, a competent moderator should be able to mediate among members.
  • Unbiased decision-maker: Discord moderators make executive judgments on who to ban, what messages to prohibit, and how to respond to particular behaviors. Thus they are not biased.

They must be free of bias and capable of making quick judgments.

How To Become A Mod On The Discord?

The Certified Discord Moderator badge is available to members of the Discord Moderator Discord who have demonstrated these qualities for at least three months, which is not a guarantee. There are no strict criteria for this contribution.

Can You Have Mods On Discord?

You can set your Discord server’s rights, such as banning, kicking, muting, or unmuting server users, by taking on the position of a Mod. Making someone a Mod on Discord entails two steps: creating a Mod role and then assigning it to a particular service user.


That’s everything about How To Add Mods In Discord Mobile? To keep your Discord server running well, you’ll need to appoint a moderator or moderator. Mods can ban, kick, mute, and unmute members of your Discord server. They can also define their permissions for these actions.

Creating a Mod role and then assigning it to a server member are the two steps required to become a mod on Discord. A Discord server moderator role can be created by following the instructions in this guide. In the second portion of this post, it has been explained how to make someone a Discord mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Discord moderators compensated?

I’m just interested in how they are reimbursed, if at all. In some ways, the server moderators are all volunteers. As a result, no.

Are Discord’s owners compensated?

Anyone can now pay the owner of a Discord server using the public checkout link. The seller is not charged any fees at all. The Donate Bot panel allows server owners to specify the roles they’re offering, how much they’ll cost, and which PayPal account they’d like to be paid via.

Do bots on Discord have a price tag?

A Discord bot invite functions similarly to a Discord server invite, so after you welcome the bot to Discord, it will appear on your server. Once you’ve added Discord bots to your server, you’ll be able to utilize the bot instructions directly from your server. Although these greatest Discord bots are free to use, some have paid upgradeable capabilities.

How do I sign up for Discord Nitro?

It’s also simple to sign up for Nitro and Nitro Classic. Locate the Discord Nitro tab on your User Settings page. Click Subscribe and choose between a monthly or yearly Nitro subscription. By scrolling down on the Discord Nitro User Settings page, you’ll be able to subscribe to Nitro Classic.

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