How To Add Games To The Geforce Experience? Procedure

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Find out How To Add Games To The Geforce Experience? By following our step-by-step instructions. The Nvidia Graphics software includes the Geforce Experience software (optional and can be installed separately). As we all know, Game Optimization is a term used to describe the best possible visuals and performance settings.

Gamers typically choose Windows as their operating system of choice. The lack of support for Linux and Mac OS in the gaming industry. Only photo and video editing can be done on high-end MAC PCs.

A difficult effort to create and maintain an OS that works on high-end devices and a $100 laptop is understood, but Windows 10 is not the greatest option for everyone. Because it’s easy to obtain a copy of Windows 10 ISO and install it on a low-cost device, you have no reason to blame Microsoft if things don’t go as planned.

Since you’re buying a costly aircraft-grade PC from Apple, the company is smarter than the rest of the industry in this regard. Regarding Windows 10’s Gaming optimization, it now features special options known as Gaming Mode that prioritize games’ resources to get the greatest performance.

How To Add Games To The Geforce Experience?

Go to Settings > SHIELD settings in GeForce Experience after opening it. Click “ADD” and go to the location of your game’s launcher within the Game and Apps pane.

Add Games To The Geforce Experience

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience is a tool that helps gamers tweak their games’ settings to make them appear and function better. It was just necessary to play a game once for the Software to scan the installed games and automatically optimize them.

It’s simple to download and install if you don’t already have it. That’s when it starts scanning for games (all new and popular games are supported). It’s possible to manually configure GeForce to optimize games stored on a computer’s hard disk.

Add Games To Geforce Experience

This is the major point of this article, which deals with this issue. To help the software find games on your computer, follow these instructions.

Perform A Force Scan

If you recently installed a game and it isn’t showing up, run a force scan. This is how you do it.

  1. Start the Nvidia GeForce Experience program.
  2. Click the three dot-icon from the right upper side to see the games the Hompage found.
  3. Select Scan for games to compel the software to hunt for new games.
  4. Select the option to optimize all games.

Manually Add Games In Geforce

You can instruct the GeForce software where to seek games if a force scan doesn’t find them or if you want to add a game from your hard drive. When you re-install Windows, not all games require re-installation; once a game is installed, you can play it unless it’s a multiplayer game that requires a client to function.

  1. Start the GeForce Experience.
  2. Click the cogwheel in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to Games > Location Scan. Select the Add option.
  4. Navigate to the location where your games are stored.
  5. You should be able to see that location on the list once it has been added.
  6. Now press the ‘Scan Now’ button.

This may take time; once complete, your games will appear on the home screen, where you can optimize them by pressing the Optimize button.

How Do I Add Unsupported Games To Geforce Experience?

  1. Open GeForce Experience and manually add games.
  2. Click the more options (three dots) button at the upper right.
  3. Select Optimize all games from the menu.
  4. At the top, press the cogwheel button.
  5. From the left-hand column, select the Games tab.
  6. Click Add in the Scan Location box.
  7. Choose the location where a game is installed.

How Do I Add Valorant To The Nvidia Geforce Experience?

Open GeForce Experience and select the “Drivers” option to download and install.

  1. Valiant is ready to play.
  2. Valiant, which offers rapid, intense FPS gaming in every match, drew hundreds of thousands of players during its recent beta, and it will soon be available to all gamers for free.

How To Add Roblox To GeForce Experience?

Although GeForce Experience allows users to manually add and broadcast almost any game, GameStream officially supports over 300 games. When you launch GeForce Experience, navigate to Config and then SHIELD settings. Within the Games and Apps menu, select “ADD,” then navigate to where you installed the game’s executable.

Why Won’t GeForce Experience Detect My Games?

Only the folders you’ve designated as game locations in the client’s options will be searched by GeForce experience while looking for games. Make sure to add these folders if you have installed any games outside of that folder to fix the issue.


This is How To Add Games To The Geforce Experience? GeForce Experience recommends the optimal game settings, but you should feel free to alter them to whatever level you’re comfortable with. For open-world offline games, great quality is preferable to high performance.

Please note that the settings it provides solely depend on your graphics card’s capabilities; for example, a card like 2070 will provide the highest settings. You may lower the visual level in games like Apex Legends and CG Go to boost your gaming.

There’s a reason why elite players play these multiplayer games at a lower quality to perform better. You may also use the program to see if your Nvidia card driver is up to date, and if it isn’t, you can download and install the update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add games to GeForce right now?

Log out of the account you wish to use to play the games, then log back in. Then, open GeForce Now and type in the game you wish to play from your friend’s collection into the search box. When you press the Play button, the game will launch through your Steam account in GeForce Now.

What is the procedure for adding games to the Nvidia control panel?

The NVIDIA Control Panel will open. From the menu bar, select the Desktop option. Add “run with graphics processor” to the Context Menu option. Pick the graphics processor to use by right-clicking on the program or shortcut.

Is GTA 5 compatible with GeForce Now?

Is GTA 5 now available on GeForce? GTA V is not available on GeForce Now at the time of writing. This is a long-standing issue, as tweets from May 2020 asked whether GTA V would be included. It’s possible that Rockstar made a deal with Google Stadia.

Why was GTA 5 pulled from the GeForce Now lineup?

GTA V vanishes unexpectedly from the NVIDIA GeForce Now platform. Customer care at Rockstar Games appears to have withdrawn the game arbitrarily. Users on Reddit speculated that this was due to a Google Stadia cloud gaming platform exclusivity agreement.

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