How To Add Double Space In Word On iPad? Process Guide

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Here is a guide about How To Add Double Space In Word On iPad? Because it’s free and enables you to collaborate on your papers across various devices, Google Docs is a popular option for document editing. You may need to follow specific formatting guidelines for those documents if you have started using Google Docs to create documents for work or school. Line spacing in the paper is typically one such option.

How To Add Double Space In Word On iPad?

  • Select the text you want to edit in your Word document.
  • Select the Home tab on your iPad, then select the Line Spacing icon.
  • Select the desired line spacing from 1.0 to 3.0 by tapping the Line Spacing menu.
Add Double Space In Word On iPad

Factors to Consider Before Calculating the Maximum Number of Words Per Page Since there are so many considerations, it is difficult to predict how many words a page may hold. Let’s examine some of the factors that most influence the number of words in a certain number of pages:


In MS Word, Spacing primarily refers to the space between two lines in a paragraph of a written piece. The individual or organization for whom you are writing the article will have preferences regarding line spacing. If double space is required, a single page will have about 250 words on it. However, when single Spacing is used, you can write twice as many words as before or about 500 words.

Font Size

Font size significantly impacts how many words you can fit on a page. However, all typefaces with a font size of 12 are thought to be the best for writing essays. Five hundred words can be written on a page with a font size of 12 using single Spacing. If the font size is decreased, there will be more words on each page. On the other hand, a smaller font size results in fewer words on the page.


There are several different types of margins in MS Word, but the 2.54 cm margin all the way around the page is thought to be the best. Five hundred words can fit on a page when you write your essay using this margin, font size 12, and single Spacing.

It is possible to reduce the margin, although doing so will only slightly boost the word count on the page. Additionally, you can increase the margin in two distinct directions at once or all around. The number of words on that page will reduce with a broader margin, though not significantly.

How Many Words Is One Page Double Spaced?

You may first wonder how many words a page can accommodate. The page you are about to write on has the proper margin around it. In this instance, the font size should be 12. You can fit 500 words, single-spaced, on a page when all the conditions are perfect.

How Many Words Is One Page Double Spaced

The word count will drop, though, if the Spacing is doubled. The number of words will drop to half when the space doubles. Therefore, 250 words will fit on a page with the appropriate margin, font size, and double Spacing.

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Double Spaced?

We previously discussed the Word count from the viewpoint of the page. It’s time to look at the word count of the number of pages. Assume the font size is 12 and the surrounding margin is 1 inch. If you choose single Spacing, only one page will be required to compose a 500-word article.

In this instance, the number of pages to write will grow as the spacing increases. The necessary pages will also double in size when the Spacing does. Because of this, if you choose double Spacing, the article will take two pages to finish.


The question of How To Add Double Space In Word On iPad? arises when you have to finish an article in that amount of time. The most critical factor in this situation is Spacing because raising it reduces the number of words on a page and vice versa.

It will be easier for you to complete your post in an organized manner if you understand how many words a page with double Spacing can hold. You can estimate the number of pages required for your article based on the discussion above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do double Spacing on Word App?

A Word document can be double-spaced entirely or in part. Select Double under Design > Paragraph Spacing to double-space every paragraph in the manuscript. Use the Home > Line and Paragraph Spacing menu option and select 2.0 to double-space only the desired sections in the manuscript.

How do you double space on Apple?

•       In Pages on a Mac, adjust the line and paragraph spacing.
•       Click the text box or shape that contains the text you wish to alter or select one or more paragraphs.
•       Near the top of the Format sidebar, select the Style button.
•       Select a choice from the pop-up menu by clicking the button to the right of Spacing.

Is 2.0 A double spacing?

A value of 2.0 indicates double Spacing. Just keep in mind that the double Spacing will begin wherever your cursor is in the text. Start at the top of the page to make all your text double-spaced.

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