How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Digitizer? (Answered)

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Do you know How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Digitizer? See? It’s not just you. Everyone has attempted various methods to safeguard their phone’s screen, yet they still get damaged when gravity does its work.

Nothing, not even thick tempered glass protectors or protective cases, will keep your phone’s screen from getting cracked or broken. But how much does it cost to repair a phone screen that has been cracked?

The good news is that fixing a cracked screen is frequently cheaper than purchasing a new phone. Breaking your Smartphone isn’t the end of the world, as this proves. When you watch your next TikTok video again with the help of an experienced technician, you’ll be in fits of laughter.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Digitizer?

If they are not fused, the only component that will cost between $40 and $100 is the screen digitizer.

Cost To Fix A Digitizer

How Long It Takes To Fix A Phone Screen?

Before we get started, let’s have a look at how much and how long it takes to fix a phone screen that has been shattered. Knowing how much you may expect to pay for a new phone, even though fixing your phone’s screen will not cost as much. It’s easy to receive a general idea of what you might anticipate paying, even if your phone model differs.

Purchasing A New Screen

The cost of a new screen will vary depending on several factors, including the brand of Smartphone you have and where you buy it from. Replacement screens for Nokia phones may be purchased for as little as $17 at some online parts dealers, whereas those for the iPhone are more expensive.

About $180 is the going rate for a new digitizer and screen for a Samsung Galaxy S3. If your Smartphone’s screen is cracked or broken, you might save money by shopping around and comparing prices.

Tools Needed

You’ll need a few specialized equipments to perform a proper screen replacement on any Smartphone. Typically, tool kits include small screwdrivers, pry tools, tweezers, and other instruments used during the procedure.

You may get a free repair kit when you buy a new screen, although this isn’t always the case. Depending on where you get them, you should expect to pay anything from $15 to $30 for these instruments.

Total Cost For DIY Replacement

You should expect to cost anywhere from $40 to $250 to replace the screen and the necessary tools. The cost is likely to be higher to repair a touch-screen smartphone and the repair process more difficult. In some cases, if you replace the screen on your mobile yourself rather than working through the manufacturer, your warranty may be canceled. Consider the expense of that as well, of course.

What Does It Cost To Replace A Phone Screen?

Repairing a broken phone screen can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be depending on two factors: the type of screen used and the person performing the work. Begin with the most basic one:

In many cases, the screen type and components on your Smartphone can influence the cost of a replacement. In most cases, if you have an LCD panel, it should not cost you a lot. On the other hand, OLED screens might be pricey compared to LCD screens, given their features and advantages.

Additional features like faster refresh rates, brightness (like Gorilla Glass), screen sizes, and curved displays all contribute to the cost of a new device. As a result, expect to pay more for a replacement screen if you own one of the best available.

On a more serious point, the official customer service support frequently charges more than the street vendors for mending your shattered screen. It’s reasonable, and you should be grateful for that. Official service providers, as expected, always utilize high-quality original phone screen parts, so you get the same experience and functionality as when you bought your phone new.

On the other hand, street vendors may offer you a lower price for screen replacement, but it is not easy to guarantee the quality of the new parts. To be on the safe side, have your broken telephone replaced by an authorized service provider.

How much does it cost to get them repaired when it comes to phone screens? When looking for a price on a phone screen replacement, we recommend contacting the company’s official customer service provider directly through their website.

You can usually find information on repair costs on the manufacturer’s website, which is available for most smartphones. For example, our website provides information on the cost of replacing the screens on Infinix, TECNO, and itel smartphones.

How To Keep Your Phone’s Screen Safe?

Other than purchasing the best cellphone covers and the most potent tempered glass protector, is there another way to safeguard your phone’s screen? We all wish to fix a broken phone screen for free, don’t we? Anyone, not just you, would be thrilled to accept such an offer.

But here it is: if your phone screen breaks, you won’t have to pay for a replacement because you have insurance to cover the cost. A 180-day screen insurance service is now being offered to clients who use an Infinix, TECNO, or itel smartphone.

If your phone’s screen cracks during the first 180 days after activation, you can get a free replacement by buying the screen protection card. You can buy and enroll this card at any Carlcare service center to get a free screen replacement for the next six months. Ain’t that the sweetest thing?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Phone Screen?

The cost of repairing a cracked Android phone screen can range from $100 to $300. However, a DIY phone screen repair may cost $15 to $40.

Can The Digitizer Be Fixed?

If your digitizer is damaged, you won’t be able to use any of the capabilities on your phone, including the alarm clock, Internet browsing, ringtone setting, or any other feature. You may rapidly fix the digitizer at home as an alternative to returning the phone.

Is The Digitizer Part Of The Screen?

Just below the glass screen is where the digitizer is situated. The electrical force is what detects touch and reacts to it. Simply touching the screen with your fingers or swiping it across provides data input to the device’s brain. The digitizer on your device must be replaced if it does not respond to touch.

How Much Does An iPhone Digitizer Cost?

Apple has established prices for an iPhone screen replacement that start at just $29 if AppleCare covers the device. The cost to replace the glass screen is $129–$329 if it is out of warranty. It can cost between $149 and $599 to make additional repairs, like those to the LCD or digitizer layer.


So, you have a cracked screen and a faulty digitizer on your Smartphone. That’s all we have on How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Digitizer? Do you want it fixed as soon as possible? If this is the case, seek the services of a well-known repair shop in your neighborhood.

Some reputable local mobile phone stores are generating a buzz in the market with expertly educated technicians, good customer service, lower repair charges, and guaranteed repairs. Some cell phone repair shops give up to a quality guarantee on repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how much does a digitizer repair work?

Touch digitizer and display are becoming more and more intertwined in modern smartphones. As a result, if the screen is damaged, you’ll have to replace the entire set, which is expensive. If the phone doesn’t have them fused, the screen digitizer should cost between $40 and $100 on its own.

Is it possible to fix a digitizer?

It is possible to install a new digitizer at home. If your cell phone’s touch screen doesn’t respond, your digitizer has likely failed. Instead of sending the phone back, you can quickly repair the digitizer on your own.

Is it still possible to use a device with a cracked digitizer?

Macromere is updated regularly. Cracks in the digitizer indicate a flaw in the glass itself. The digitizer may be working perfectly, but it indicates a problem if the LCD has white patches on the screen.

Is it possible to fix the digitizer on an iPhone?

A more expensive and time-consuming solution would be to use Apple’s repair service. To get an iPhone digitizer replacement, it’s usually best to work with a reputable repair service.

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