How Many Times Does Facetime Ring? Answered

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To learn how frequently Facetime rings, what unavailable means when it is displayed on Facetime, and How Many Times Does Facetime Ring? Please keep reading this post. When making video calls, many Apple users like the popular program Facetime. If your friend doesn’t answer your Facetime calls, it could be because you need to tell them something essential.

When you phone someone for an extended period and don’t get a response, you might assume they have blocked or are ignoring you. If you’ve experienced such a problem, check this guide for additional information! You are at the right place if you are new to Facetime and want reassurance that you are not blocked.

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

When all else is equal, a Facetime call should ring eleven times before being declared a missed call. After eleven Facetime calls, you will notice a notification stating that the person is unavailable.

Times Does Facetime Ring

Facetime rings a variable number of times depending on the network’s strength and the availability of the user. Hence there is no set quantity. Facetime rings may be heard from your side when you call someone, but it’s also possible that the other person hasn’t received any calls.

What Does “Unavailable” Mean On Facetime?

When you call someone on FaceTime and they don’t pick up the call, FaceTime typically displays an “unavailable” message. Several interpretations of the notification are provided below:

What Does Unavailable Mean On Facetime

The Person Is Unavailable

Facetime will continue to ring a few times if a user is offline before displaying the “unavailable” message. To spare you the time you would have spent phoning the individual, it’s likely that the other party is not logged into Facetime and has chosen to display the “unavailable” notification.

Weak Internet Connection

Facetime may be showing “Unavailable” for several reasons, one of which is likely a shaky internet connection. Facetime will display a notification if the person you are calling does not have a reliable internet connection.

They Are In Another Facetime Session

The application won’t let you know if someone is on another Facetime call. You will see the word “unavailable” as a message. As a result, if someone is already on another call, your call might not go through.

Your Call Was Declined

The “unavailable” notification will appear after a few rings if you call someone, and they end it. Most likely, someone is in a meeting and would prefer to be uninterrupted. The best course of action is to phone at a different time.

Notes On Missed Facetime Calls

  • FaceTime call recipients often won’t pick up the phone because they need an Internet connection or aren’t using their phone.

It may indicate that the person you’re calling is unreachable, and FaceTime will ring for considerably less time if they aren’t connected to an Internet network or if their phone is off.

  • If the person rejects your call, “Unavailable” may also appear on your screen:

As soon as the person you’re contacting presses the button to end the call, it will inform you that they are unavailable. You’ll hear the same message as if someone couldn’t answer your call if they decline it.

  • Attempt to exercise patience as you wait for somebody to return your call:

When you call someone, there may occasionally be a pause before their phone rings. While waiting for someone to pick up your FaceTime call, try your hardest to be patient. This concludes our little essay on how long FaceTime calls to ring. If you want to learn more about FaceTime, visit our collection of free tutorials.

Where Do FaceTime Photos Go To Be Stored?

FaceTime is an excellent app for audio or video conversations with family members. You can even shoot pictures to remember special moments. Using in-app tools, you can take photographs while on a call or take a screenshot.

If you’ve never done it and are unsure of how to get your images back, take a look at some advice. On the device you are using, FaceTime images are saved in the Pictures app. You can view the live photos by clicking on albums and choosing live photos.

Where Do FaceTime Photos Go To Be Stored

The system automatically creates the latter shortcut when you click a fresh live image. Regardless of your Apple device, whether iPad, iPod, Mac, or iPhone, they often save in the exact location. To access all the photos you’ve shot during calls, open the device’s photos app.

Fortunately, you can access the Pictures app to get your FaceTime pictures without going through a complex procedure. First, open the Photographs app and click the photos button in the displayed window to access all the images, including screenshots, on your iOS device.

Then, select “all photographs” to find the pictures, but watch out lest your phone filters them. If not, specific pictures can disappear. Navigate using the date and time of the FaceTime photo after you’ve opened all the images, or browse until you find it.

In contrast, slipping into the live photos album that the iOS software automatically creates when you click a live picture could be more time-consuming than seeing the images through the photos app. Click on the albums button and look for the live photographs album among the photos to get to this useful function.

You can quickly locate the photo you’re examining because all the FaceTime live photographs are collected here. Remember that you can snap pictures while FaceTimeing and even look at the pictures you’ve shot while chatting with your friend.

You can inspect and remove images using this function if they could have been done better. While scrolling through content from another app, you cannot use video chat, but the audio continues to play until you return to FaceTime.

How To Enable Live Photos In Facetime?

FaceTime has undoubtedly been helpful during the pandemic because it allows individuals to interact and see one another despite movement constraints. No matter how far apart people are from one another, it has strengthened links in relationships. When you want to preserve special moments with your friends, another method to connect is to take live images of them. Here’s how to do it.

Go to settings on your iOS device, choose FaceTime, and then scroll down to find “FaceTime live photographs” on the side. You can take pictures during FaceTime video conversations if the button is green, but if it’s colorless, you can’t take pictures while the video call is live.

The process is slightly different if you’re using FaceTime on a Mac. Open the FaceTime app on your Desktop, select settings, and then select preferences. Then select “Allow Live Photographs to be recorded during Video calls” under settings.

Remember that for FaceTime live photos to work, both users must give permission for the program to take the pictures. All of the participants can only take pictures if one side disables it. FaceTime will display an alert if you take a live image.

Occasionally, you can take a picture without your friend’s awareness or if they haven’t turned on the feature. Alternatively, you can swiftly capture a moment without bothering your receiver by taking screenshots.

The pictures will be saved directly to the Pictures app, where you may access them and make any necessary adjustments. For a screenshot on a Mac, press Cmd+Shift+3. For iPhones eight and earlier, hit the home key and side buttons; for the newest iPhones and iPads, press the volumes up and side buttons to take a screenshot.

Ensure the Live Photographs feature is turned on for both of you to have a smooth FaceTime Live Pictures session. Also, update the system to the most recent iOS version to eliminate any flaws preventing the process from working.

Is Unavailable For Facetime? What Does This Mean?

The message you get whenever you place a regular or online call informs you if the recipient is available. This function can help you find a more efficient approach to contact your target audience. Here is what it means if you are new to FaceTime and have seen this notice after calling.

The error suggests that the recipient’s phone is dead or that they don’t have a strong internet connection. It might also occur if the recipient rejects the call for personal reasons or doesn’t own an iPhone since their phone’s operating system doesn’t support the app. Another explanation is that even though your friend owns an Apple device, they haven’t signed up for or installed FaceTime yet, making them inaccessible through the app.

FaceTime’s “unavailable” notice includes several explanations and doesn’t necessarily allude to a problem with one of your calls. Generally speaking, the error occurs when your intended recipient chooses not to accept your call.

They might be engaged in a meeting, a vital FaceTime conversation, or any other awkward circumstance that prevents them from accepting the video call. Being unavailable for FaceTime would imply that the recipient ignored your call and let it ring continuously.

Because that FaceTime is internet-intensive and needs a consistent and steady connection to function, internet problems are partly to blame for the connection fault. If the other party is “unavailable,” it implies they do not own an Apple device; as a result, these calls just get lost in the servers.

Finally, the connection error notice will appear if the receiver’s phone is dead from a low battery or switching off. There are additional, less serious causes for FaceTime’s erratic behavior. For instance, the iPhone user occasionally needs to log into the app, making the calls unclear regarding their intended recipient. This is how the software also responds to blocked and canceled calls.

Dealing with FaceTime unavailability issues is tricky because you frequently receive the same response for different causes and are unsure what is happening on the other end. It is advised to find different ways to contact the intended user and inform them that you want FaceTime if you keep calling and cannot reach them after multiple tries.

They can make some tweaks on their end so that you can talk if the issue is caused by common bugs like the recipient’s phone being on and you are not on the blocked list. However, if you use a different ID if they are purposefully avoiding you, you will likely be able to contact them through any other app.


FaceTime is a platform exclusive to the iPhone and other Apple devices for video and audio chatting. If you’ve only recently begun using FaceTime, you might be interested in how long calls last. Fortunately, this guide does a fantastic job of explaining How Many Times Does Facetime Ring? And other important FaceTime information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should a FaceTime call ring?

Before letting you know that the person you’re contacting is unavailable, FaceTime rings 11 times; however, if they reject your call or are unavailable, FaceTime may ring fewer times.

How many times does FaceTime ring if you’re blocked?

When someone who has been blocked tries FaceTime you, their phone will ring nonstop. You won’t experience any changes or even know they are phoning.

How do you know if your FaceTime call went through?

Tap the FaceTime app once the screen on your device is open. Remember to scroll to the left and type “FaceTime” into the search bar if you can’t find the app on your home screen. When you first start the app, you’ll get a list of recent FaceTime calls.

How often does a phone ring if the call is ignored?

You have been blocked if the phone rings more than once. But, you have probably not been blocked yet, and the individual has either not picked up your phone or maybe busy or ignoring your calls if you hear 3–4 rings and a voicemail after 3–4 rings.

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