How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use Efficiently? Answered

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Fortnite does not evenly distribute CPU loads among available resources, as we now know. But people want to know How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use? Two of our Ryzen processor’s cores are being used more heavily than the others, so let’s see what occurs if the number of active threads is reduced.

In this experiment, we use the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and our Ryzen 5 1600X to evaluate various core/thread combinations. A minor decline in average and lowest frame rates occurs when the number of accessible logical cores is reduced.

The difference between six-core/12-thread and two-core/two-thread, on the other hand, is so minuscule that it barely exceeds the margin of error. In other words, a two-core CPU should be enough to run Fortnite at 1920×1080 with the Epic quality setting on a common graphics card.

How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use?

With its stunning visuals, GO, League of Legends, and even Fortnite demand the use of two cores.

Cores Does Fortnite Use_

What Exactly Is Fortnite And How Do You Go About Playing It?

In Fortnite, people work together to survive in an open-world scenario by defeating game-controlled or player-controlled characters. Despite the cartoonish brutality, some characters and scenarios may be unsettling to younger players.

The single-player or cooperative mode focuses on combating zombie-like enemies (which can be played with friends).

The game’s most popular mode in Fortnite War Royale is a distinct free-to-play multiplayer system, in which up to 100 people compete alone or in teams of up to four to be the last person standing in an ever-dwindling battle arena.

Players must first make an account by supplying an email address that they must verify, as well as a username. There’s no way to know how old you are.

Fortnite CPU Performance

I’ve tested a number of Intel’s latest i3, i5, and i7 processors, as well as a pair of AMD’s second-generation Ryzen processors. The RTX 2080 was used in all of these tests, and its performance is very similar to that of the GTX 1080 Ti. This is done to emphasize the disparities between CPUs.

If you’re using a mainstream GPU like the GTX 1060, any of these CPUs will perform far better. Fortnite’s multi-threaded performance has improved since its introduction, allowing most CPUs to achieve frame rates that are more than playable.

Fortnite CPU Performance

Intel’s CPUs outperform AMD’s Ryzen processors at nearly all resolutions, with the i5-8400 outperforming all of AMD’s Ryzen processors. Even the i3-8100 comes close to matching the Ryzen processors, and it even takes the lead at 1440p and 4k, though 4k is basically a 6-way tie.

Best CPU for Fortnite

The system information file indicates a Core i7-7600U 2.8GHz, which satisfies (and even goes above) the minimal system requirements for Fortnite, which calls for a Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz processor.

Is 4 Cores Enough For Gaming?

For simple jobs, word processing, browsing, and light gaming choose dual-core CPUs. Quad-core CPUs for snappy operating and tolerable gaming performance; Six-core CPUs are ideal for gaming because they are affordable and reliable for productive tasks.

How Many Cores For Gaming?

Therefore, I suggest Intel Core i3 processors from the 10th generation and newer, which have 4 cores and 8 threads, for a cheap gaming PC.

How Many Cores Do I Have?

To launch Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Choose the Performance tab to find out how many cores and logical processors your PC has.

Fortnite Multithreaded Rendering

Set Multithreaded Rendering to on. With this setting, Fortnite runs faster on multi-core CPUs like the 8-core/16-thread Intel® CoreTM i7-11700K. Before activating this feature, make sure your computer has multiple cores.


That concludes our discussion of How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use? All of the updated testings were done with the most recent Nvidia and AMD drivers, which were Nvidia 417.35 and AMD 18.12.3 at the time of publication. Although Nvidia’s GPUs are now the best option for Fortnite, don’t worry if you have an AMD card.

They’ll generally break 60fps at the appropriate settings just as well. Late in December 2018, these revised test results were collected. Given Fortnite’s enduring popularity, we may reconsider performance in a future update, particularly if the engine or performance changes.

These numbers may represent a snapshot in time rather than the last word on Fortnite performance, but with the correct gear, you can play at high frame rates with any sensible setting. If you want to climb the competitive ladder, just turn off everything except the view distance and focus on improving your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortnite uses how many CPU cores?

To put it another way, a two-core CPU should be enough to run Fortnite at 1920×1080 on the Epic quality setting with a mainstream graphics card.

Are four cores sufficient for Fortnite?

This shows that multithreaded rendering in Fortnite results in more constant and smooth performance, as well as fewer FPS drops. When it comes to multithreaded rendering, the general rule is that if you have a CPU with four or more cores, you should switch it on.

How many cores are used in games?

In general, six cores will be regarded best for gaming in 2021. Four cores will suffice, but this is hardly a long-term option. Eight or more cores may boost speed, but it all depends on how a game is built and what GPU the CPU is coupled with.

What kind of processor does Fortnite use?

The minimal system requirements for Fortnite are a Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz processor, and the system information file reveals a Core i7-7600U 2.8GHz processor, which fulfills (and surpasses) those requirements.

Are two cores sufficient for gaming?

Dual-core processors are not excellent for gaming in 2021 due to their tendency to severely hinder the performance of increasingly powerful graphics cards. If you’re not on a shoestring budget, though, it’s preferable to save up some cash and acquire an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor.

Is it possible to play Fortnite with 2GB of RAM?

All you’ll need is a GTX 660 or above with 2GB or more VRAM and 8GB RAM, as well as an i5 2.8GHz processor or higher. Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870 or comparable visual card with 2GB or greater VRAM dedicated memory.

Do any games make advantage of eight cores?

Here’s a list of game engines that use 8 cores out of the box, and any games created with them will use 8 cores as well. Frostbite 3 Unreal Engine 4 Nitrous Engine is the gaming engine for CryEngine 3 Civilization.

What PC can play Fortnite at 240 frames per second?

With a GeForce GTX 1070 or a GTX 1660 Super, you can easily achieve 240 FPS. If you have a little more money and want ray-tracing, you can get an RTX 2060 for a little more than $300. If you’re looking for a budget build, the AMD RX 590/580 is a good option.

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