How Long Does It Take To Track A Phone Call? Quick Answer

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We’ve seen it a million times in popular television shows and movies. The cops decide to follow the suspect phone conversations to find the evil people. However, there’s a problem with what we’ve seen on the screen. But do you know How Long Does It Take To Track A Phone Call?

How Long Does It Take To Track A Phone Call?

A call can be tracked and traced as soon as it is made. But in the early days of cop programs, many people believed that tracing a phone call took more than three minutes. In many cases, it led to comical situations where officers had to think of creative methods to keep suspects involved long enough to get to the 3-minute mark.

Long Does It Take To Track A Phone Call

It all depends on who is tracking. At a minimum, one cell phone tower must make or receive a call. In terms of proximity, the tower knows exactly where you are. A quarter-mile radius, or even less, can be determined if two other buildings can “see” your phone.

To determine the phone’s position, a human being in a cell phone office enters the phone number into a computer and waits for the computer to respond. As long as your mobile is turned on and linked to a tower, the process should take a few seconds. This is because the system’s ability to locate your phone is essential to its operation. Unless you switch it back on, no one will know where you are.

How To Find Out Who Made A Phone Call?

Today, tracing a phone call takes only a few seconds; this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is critical, given that telecom businesses have long already switched to electronics, which has resulted in a significant reduction in the tracing time.

Our caller-ID phones, which use identical technology, illustrate this process best. In the same way that government leaders use this technology to trace problematic phone calls, you can see who is calling you at any given time.

You, too, can benefit from this technology, just like government officials! You only need to dial 57 to get through to the phone provider. The phone company normally maintains a dynamic record of all incoming and departing calls. Requests for phone call tracing can be made online and typically take a day or two to process.

Call Tracing On A Landline

The phone company can track and Trace A Landline Call as soon as it is made. Historically, this has been true since electronic switching systems like the crossbar-switching system began to replace older, mechanically operated switching systems in the mid-1980s.

Tracing A Cell Phone Call

To aid 911 services, mobile networks are required to include location-tracking technology, such as GPS (Global Positioning System) chips, in their network infrastructure. According to FCC rules promulgated in 2015, wireless telecommunications companies must provide 911 call centers with a “dispatchable place” (an address that includes floor, suite, or apartment) within 30 seconds, regardless of whether the center is located indoors or outdoors.

A radio signal must pass between one of the numerous satellites orbiting the planet and a cell phone to use GPS. Instantaneously, this time is used to determine the location of the phone.

Tracing Of Abuse Calls And Text Messages

To find out who is making harassing calls from a number that has been withheld, dial *57 after the caller hangs up (or after your phone has stopped ringing). To find out if the trace was successful or not, listen to the recorded message. Even if you don’t receive the caller’s name or phone number, you can report the harassing calls to your local police department if you get three successful traces from the same number.

Blocking Caller ID

If you’re calling from a landline, you can hide your identity from the recipient by entering *67 before the number you’re phoning (this is a way on many smartphones in North America, too). Because this only applies to individual calls, you must go through the steps each time you place one.

The “My Device” setting in the phone’s settings usually allows you to hide the caller ID. You should be able to call people who have blocked your number using this method. However, all of these choices do not prevent the phone carrier from tracing the call back to you, even if they disguise your identity from the person you are calling.

How Many Seconds Does It Take To Trace A Call?

According to previous experience, you may have 19 seconds to say what you need to, but if you don’t hang up the phone quickly enough, the call will be recorded, and you won’t be able to play it again.

How Long Does It Take To Trace A Call In 2022?

In the early years of cop dramas, a common belief was that call tracing took more than three minutes.


If you’ve ever needed to know who called you and where you were when you were having a hard time, understand How Long Does It Take To Track A Phone Call? After evaluating several tracing methods, it is clear that contacting your local law enforcement agency is the most convenient.

Their tools at their hands allow them to track calls nearly instantly and are extremely successful. Today’s call-tracking technology is miles ahead of what it was in 1980s Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Tracing a phone call take?

No, the caller is not required to stay on the line for a minimum period. Tracing calls is possible even if the caller picks up the phone before a response is made. All that is required is for the phone to ring twice before a connection may be established.

To trace a phone call, why does it take so long?

Phone companies can keep these records for a long time since they are little pieces of text that can be readily saved on a database. Researchers can now gather information about a phone call months or years after it was originally made.

Is it possible to track a call in 30 seconds?

Within 30 seconds of receiving a 911 call, wireless telecom operators must send a “dispatchable location” (a location containing data such as the floor, suite, or apartment) to the 911 call center.

What can I do to prevent my smartphone from being spied on?

For extra security, disable the mobile and WiFi radios on your phone (by selecting “Airplane Mode” in your phone’s settings). Turn off “Location Services” or disable the GPS radio on your phone. You can also shut down and release the battery from most Android smartphones.

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