How Do You Fix A Broken Laptop Charger Pin? Full Procedure

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This post will show you How Do You Fix A Broken Laptop Charger Pin? Make sure you go through this instruction before taking any dramatic measures, such as purchasing a new charger or replacing the charging mechanism. This article will help you identify the problem and the best cost-effective remedy.

How Do You Fix A Broken Laptop Charger Pin?

  • Remove the charger from your laptop first.
  • Indicate the problematic region.
  • Using a spudger, remove the defective tip.
  • Now solder the new pin to the charger’s wires.
  • Finish things off by testing the charger’s functionality.
Fix A Broken Laptop Charger Pin

How To Fix A Broken Charger Pin?

It’s possible that your laptop isn’t charging due to a loose or distorted charging port. You may have to disassemble the laptop after finding the source of the charging problem, i.e., the charger port. The pieces that need to be changed can be more easily identified with a closer inspection.

However, if you can’t do the repair on your own, we strongly suggest that you get help from someone who knows how to do it. To repair a laptop charger port, you must first determine what’s causing the issue. It’s easy to take it off since it’s attached to the motherboard.

If it gets soldered to the motherboard, you’ll need to desolder the power jack and replace it with a new one. The power connection set-up can also be replaced by using a pigtail if you can’t find a functioning jack. If the port connections have been severely damaged, they will require the use of prongs and a screwdriver to restore them to their original shape. Tweezers can also be used to reshape them.

How To Identify The Problem?

The first step is to check out what’s causing the problem with the charging port so that you can fix it. Computer battery malfunction, malfunctioning power adapter, or broken cable is the most common cause of laptops not charging.

A multimeter should be used to verify that the charger is producing the correct voltage. If the charger is functioning properly, then the issue is most likely with the laptop’s battery. There is a good opportunity that the battery needs to be changed if this is the case.

If they aren’t working correctly, power adapter issues can be fixed by using option one below. If the adapter isn’t putting out any power, it could signify defective cabling. Second, we’ll delve deeper into the issue of faulty cabling and how to quickly and affordably fix it.

What To Do If Your Adapter Fails?

The adapter converts AC to DC by plugging into the mains. As a result, you must treat this electrical equipment with extreme caution. If you’re unable to take the essential precautions, you can either buy a replacement charger from a laptop repair shop or hire an electrician to fix it.

You can fix the adapter yourself if you take the proper measures and understand how electrical circuits function. Shut down the charger and take it out of the wall outlet first. Power adapters for laptop computers are typically encased in a plastic container with a super adhesive seal around the opening.

Placing it on a hard surface and prying the two plastics apart if yours appears to be the same. A sharp knife or screwdriver can be used to break the seal between the two plastic components. Take caution not to damage the charger by tearing it apart.

You can see the motherboard, which includes transistors and capacitors, on the inside. Swollen or popped capacitors are a common indicator of faulty adapters. This now-minor problem can be resolved by purchasing and installing a new capacitor with the same capacity as the defective one.

To ensure the cables are not broken, use a voltmeter to check their continuity. When the adapter is plugged into an AC outlet, avoid touching the PCB board. This is when to swap out the DC cable outlet if it’s malfunctioning. The laptop’s battery will not charge if the DC outlets for the positive and negative currents are switched.

How To Fix Broken Cables?

The charging wire on your laptop will fray with time. There is no need to acquire a new one if this happens. There are LED indicators on certain laptop adapters to signal to receive power. Your adapter’s DC output wire may be to blame if it’s illuminating while it’s plugged into a standard outlet. Quick fixes for faulty cables are here:

  1. First, check the AC power cable with a voltmeter to ensure there is no output voltage before trying the adaptor. You should be able to check out where the problem lies if the AC cord isn’t delivering enough power. One possibility is an issue with the electrical system due to something as simple as a blown fuse, damaged plug, or a cut cable. Replace the main AC cord if the problem persists (they are cheap).
  2. The problem may be with the adapter or the DC outlet cord, but it’s unlikely. Having a laptop that only charges when you move or set it at a certain angle is an obvious symptom of a malfunctioning outlet cable, which may have been broken internally.
  3. In most HP PC, the L connectors are less likely to be damaged. The cables used by certain other manufacturers, like Dell, are built to be more durable. There will be an issue at some point, whether due to age or use on your laps, of the cord that connects the laptop to the power adapter.
  4. There is a problem with the laptop’s DC power cord if it has to be wiggled or positioned in a specific way for it to charge. Fixing the DC output cord is the simplest of the two.
  5. Once you’ve identified the problematic component, just cut along the cord, taking care not to damage the choke. The laptop’s RF interference is all that the choke is intended to prevent. Therefore it’s a reasonable trade-off to make.
  6. This step is about slicing off roughly an inch of the plastic sheath from the two cords. Concurrent wires can be connected in several ways, the best of which is via connectors rather than soldering or braiding. Tape the wires together, so they don’t contact. Otherwise, you risk causing a short.
  7. It is unnecessary to replace an entire adapter when the issue is caused by a damaged pin or a cable cut too close to the connector.

Is It Possible To Charge My Laptop Using A USB Port?

In a nutshell, USB ports cannot be used to power a laptop. In most cases, USB ports supply electricity to the devices they connect to, not the other way around. However, new laptops with USB-C ports are being released that may be used to charge the computer. However, they can’t charge as quickly or as reliably as conventional ports.

How Much Does A Laptop Charger Port Repair Cost?

Your laptop’s charger port can only be replaced if you know how to open it up. One city may charge significantly less than another for the same work done by a laptop specialist. Look up how to repair your laptop model until you reach the motherboard to avoid paying high charges.

The board’s power port is soldered on. Therefore it may come unattached or lose contact. Solder the connector back onto the motherboard after locating the port on your laptop’s motherboard. Although laptop parts are inexpensive, the cost of professional laptop service is not.

Can A Laptop Charger Be Fixed?

Tablets, phones, and laptop cables will all eventually unravel. A replacement charge for a pricey new laptop seems like an unreasonable extra expense, but fortunately, it is easily avoidable. Sugru Mouldable Glue can fix it as long as the cores are not harmed or exposed and the cable is still functional!

How Can I Charge My Laptop With A Broken Charger?

You can use a USB-C cable to charge your laptop if it has an integrated USB-C connector; just make sure the line has a plug adaptor (the boxy end of your phone charger that fits into standard wall outlets.). Some computers’ primary charger is a USB-C cord.


AC power cord, adaptor, and outlet make up the laptop’s charger. Follow the above steps to identify and fix How Do You Fix A Broken Laptop Charger Pin? Your computer may be having. It can save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars in repairs if you know which.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to repair the pin on a laptop charger?

Use proper precautions and a basic understanding of electrical circuits to fix the adapter on your own. Please disconnect the charger from the main power source and remove it from the device. What the heck is it? Super glue is commonly used to seal most laptop power adapters.

What’s wrong with my computer’s keyboard?

Lock buttons can be found on some keyboards, allowing users to stop typing. There is frequently a side or top-corner button on laptops. The keyboard should work again if you turn it off, and the password box should show the inputs.

What’s wrong with my Microsoft PIN?

Resetting your PIN may be necessary if you cannot log in. Sign in with your password to get started. Afterward, go to the Start menu, click Accounts, sign-in options, and pick PIN (Windows Hello). Back up and start over on your PC.

What is the Windows 10 PIN by default?

If you prefer a PIN longer than four digits, you can create one yourself. Do not include any information that could be easily guessed, such as your birthday. The Sign-On options button on the screen where your credentials are entered lets you switch back to using a password if you don’t like using a PIN.

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