How Do I Stop Duplicate Emails On My iPad? Steps To Follow

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After updating to iOS 15, why are my iPhone’s email notifications doubled up? So, the question arises How Do I Stop Duplicate Emails On My iPad? This frequently occurs when you use the built-in Mail app to manage your email! It’s a problem that can be highly inconvenient, mainly if you rely on email messaging a lot!

Thankfully, there aren’t any duplicates of these sent emails in the server folder. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about using up your 15GB of Outlook storage for Free users or your 50GB of Outlook storage if you have a Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal subscription.

The fact that you have to delete your sent email twice is still annoying. It would be helpful if you cared about local storage, though. Your sent messages folder will contain twice as many items if this continues. Before it worsens and overflows your iOS device’s “Sent” folder with duplicate entries, you must find a fix.

How Do I Stop Duplicate Emails On My iPad?

This problem isn’t new. Since iOS 13, users have complained about repeated email notifications. This bug can be reactivated by updating to iOS 15 and, in particular, by configuring a new iPhone from a backup.

Stop Duplicate Emails On My iPad

On his brand-new iPhone 13 Pro, a Reddit user complains about receiving two email notifications simultaneously. The system was configured using an iCloud backup produced by an iPhone XS that never had a problem with duplicate email notifications.

How To Stop Double Email Notifications?

It takes a lot of practice and error to fix this iOS 15 problems. What you can do to troubleshoot is as follows:

iPhone Restart

Check if duplicate email notifications are still generated after restarting your device. Any minor issues preventing the Mail app from functioning as intended could be resolved with a fresh boot.

Reinstall Mail

After that, uninstall Mail and reinstall it to address any potential bugs causing the duplicate notifications. When reinstalling Mail, please use the Offload option to quickly restore your documents and data. How to: Go to Settings, then select General, iPhone Storage, Mail, and Offload App. Reinstall Mail using the Reinstall option to restore it to your iPhone.

Check Your Mail Accounts

Search for Settings -> Mail -> Accounts and look through the list of added email accounts. Do you see any similar accounts that might result in duplicate notifications? When you use Gmail accounts, this may occur.

Customized Notifications

Go to Notifications -> Customize Notifications in the same Mail app’s settings. Try only to have one account’s notifications enabled under Accounts! Uncheck Badges and Alerts by tapping the account you want to disable alerts.

Modify The Default Mail App

The native mail program can be replaced with Gmail, Outlook, or any other third-party app you can download from the App Store, although this is a less optimal workaround. Once established, you can turn off notifications in Mail and set Gmail as your iPhone’s default email client using the Default Mail App feature.

How: Select the Default Mail App under Settings > Mail. Choose Gmail or another mail client of your choice.

Re-Add And Delete Your Email Account

Additionally, the Mail app’s account settings may have become corrupted. Since Apple and Microsoft both frequently update their products, occasionally, there can be a configuration conflict.

To remedy this, you should delete the current email settings for your Outlook mail on your Mail app. You may then add it again to recreate the settings for your Outlook account. Here is how to go about it:

  • On your device, open the Settings app and tap the Passwords & Accounts option.
  • Then, choose your Outlook email account in the Accounts section by scrolling down.
  • Tap the Delete Account button at the bottom of the screen now.
  • After that, restart your iOS 13 device by tapping on Delete from My iPhone once more to confirm the action.
  • Return to the Settings app after your iOS 13 has successfully booted up, and then tap the Passwords & Account option again.
  • It would help if you now chose the Add Account option and
  • In the space provided, enter your email address and password. Please verify that you spelled it correctly and in the appropriate case!
  • Finally, select Next and wait for the verification procedure to complete. To save your changes, tap Save after completing the remaining on-screen instructions.
  • Errors between the app and the mail server have been resolved since you rebuilt your account settings for your Outlook email in your Mail app. Test once more by sending an email and checking to see if a duplicate appears in the inbox marked “Sent.”

Fix Double Email Notifications On Apple Watch

The linked watchOS device may also have this problem. Users with iOS 14 have reported similar incidents. Some people even received two email notifications on their Apple Watches while only getting one on their associated iPhones for the same email. You can try re-pairing your iPhone and Apple Watch to fix the issue:

  • You do this through the Watch app.
  • Click on All Watches in the top-left area of the screen under the My Watch section.
  • Select the icon adjacent to the watch you want to take off.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the Unpair Apple Watch option.
  • Factual statement: A backup will be created automatically.
  • Apple Watch repair followed by backup restoration.


Now you know everything about How Do I Stop Duplicate Emails On My iPad? Did any of the solutions here help? Do you have a more practical answer? Post your comments in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are duplicate emails in my inbox?

A duplicate of the message will be sent to each recipient if your email program is set up to forward messages to multiple addresses. As an illustration, the original may be delivered to your business account and a copy forwarded to your account. If the same mail client checks both addresses, they’ll get in the same inbox.

How can I prevent emails from being duplicated?

Remove the check mark from the “Leave Messages on the Server” option. Click on Tools>Accounts to get started. When the Internet Accounts box appears, click the “Mail” tab, select the mail account, and select Properties > Advanced. Select “Leave a copy of messages on server” and deselect it.

Why do I always receive two copies of emails in Outlook?

Because the account settings permit it, Microsoft Outlook always makes a copy of the messages before sending or receiving them. Disabling the Account Setting in all MS Outlook versions will cure this.

Why do my iPad’s emails go out twice?

Go to Settings > Mail to verify this. In the “Composing” section, go down and ensure “Always Bcc myself” is turned on. Then shut it off. If that stops the duplicates, please let us know.

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