How Do I Reset My Lenovo M10 Tablet HD? Process Guide

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Have you ever thought about How Do I Reset My Lenovo M10 Tablet HD? So that it’s completely clean as if it just came out of the store is explained in the following steps. You want to circumvent the passcode lock, or you have a packed memory, and you want to delete everything, and you want to sell it or gift it away but you want no one to be able to view your files and passwords, you can do a factory reset.

If you’re planning to sell, donate, or give away your Tab M10, we strongly advise that you unlink it from your Google account before doing a factory reset. FRP, or Factory Reset Protection, is a feature on current devices that requires the same Google account that the Lenovo Tab M10 was originally configured with when the factory recovered the device.

How Do I Reset My Lenovo M10 Tablet HD?

  • Make sure the device is unplugged from any charger and switched off.
  • Press and hold the appropriate keys to start the device in recovery mode. This changes from gadget to gadget.
  • Go to Reset factory or Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Enter the key.
Reset My Lenovo M10 Tablet HD

To avoid losing all of your data, you should make a backup of your tablet’s contents before performing a reset or restoring to the factory state procedure. Restarting the Lenovo Tab M10 is an option if you don’t want to delete anything. Both the mobile options and the recovery mode can be used to perform a factory reset on a Lenovo Tab M10.

From The Lenovo Tab M10’s Settings, You Can Restore

To perform a factory reset on a Lenovo Tab M10, you must follow these simple guidelines: Estimated completion time:

Step 1

The cogwheel symbol on your Lenovo Tab M10 will take you to the device’s settings menu.

Step 2

Take a look at System at the bottom of the Lenovo Tab M10 settings and click to proceed.

Step 3

If you notice a section labeled Advanced, click it to access the Lenovo Tab M10’s advanced features.

Step 4

This section’s Reset options button allows us to restore network settings, and applications, or do a full reset of the Lenovo Tab M10 device.

Step 5

Wipe away all data (factory reset) or simply Factory data reset is the final option on the menu.

Step 6

Your data will be erased from this device, but not from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any cloud-based backups such as Dropbox or One Drive. You will receive a second confirmation notice when you have finished deleting all of your data from your device. Choose Reset phone from the Reset list of options.

Step 7

The Lenovo Tab M10 will display a second verification message informing you that all data on the device has been deleted and reminding you that this action cannot be reversed. Click “Erase Everything” if you agree.

Step 8

If you need to unlock the screen, draw a pattern or enter a password or PIN.

Step 9

Restarting your Lenovo Tab M10 will take several minutes as the device is restored to its factory condition and the pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo apps are optimized.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Lenovo M10 Tablet?

  1. First, completely switch off your Lenovo Tab M10.
  2. Hold the volume and power keys simultaneously on your Lenovo Tab M10 for a few seconds.
  3. Release the buttons once you see the Lenovo logo.


What is the best way to completely erase everything on a LENOVO Tab M10? Or How Do I Reset My Lenovo M10 Tablet HD? How do I unlock my LENOVO Tab M10’s screen lock? How can I get my LENOVO Tab M10 back to its factory settings?

LENOVO Tab M10’s master reset can be done using any of the following methods. Learn how to perform a hard reset using hardware keys and the settings in Android 8.1 Oreo. As a result, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 core in your LENOVO Tab M10 will run more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD won’t boot up anymore?

Simply plug in the dock to a working power source, then reset it by holding down the Volume Down button along with the Bluetooth button for three seconds.

Why Lenovo tablets don’t have a reset button?

Five seconds after pressing the power button, release the button. Using a Reset button between the SD card slot and the SIM card slot, if your tablet doesn’t switch off, press the button. You can access this area by opening a door that’s located on the side of the tablet beneath the buttons.

How do I unlock the password to my Lenovo M10 tablet?

To begin, shut down your Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen. A Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 logo will appear on the screen after pressing Power + Volume Up for a few seconds. Resetting your Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 to factory defaults will delete all of your data and settings.

How can I get my Lenovo tablet up and running again?

Your tablet’s on/off button should be held down for around three seconds before releasing pressure. Once your tablet is powered on, the Lenovo logo and the starting screen will appear sequentially.

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