How Do I Put A Belt On A Kirby Vacuum Cleaner? Procedure

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Although Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are well-built cleaning devices, some parts will wear down over time. Your Kirby’s Brush Mechanism, for example, will begin to malfunction when its belt deteriorates and stretches. So, read more about How Do I Put A Belt On A Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

Put A Belt On A Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

How Do I Put A Belt On A Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

  • The vacuum cleaner must be turned off. Place the “Neutral” pedal on newer models to disable the TechDrive feature. The power nozzle can be raised to its highest level by pressing the height control pedal to its lowest setting.
  • Raise the light hood and open the belt lifter’s L-shaped handle. Make sure the red arrows are in alignment as you turn the lifter counterclockwise with the handle.
  • Rotate the left on the accessory lock for the third time to unlock the power nozzle (counterclockwise). The entire vacuum cleaner’s power nozzle unit will tip forward and disconnect from the rest of it.
  • The L-shaped handle can be used to release the belt to align the green arrows and turn the handle clockwise (to the right).
  • By releasing the two rotating latches at the back of the rug plate, you may turn the power nozzle over and remove the rug plate. Make a note of the brush roll setting’s height (either 1 or 2). After removing the rug plate, lift out the brush roll and the belt.
  • Removing and discarding the old belt is step number six. Replace it with a new belt and reinstall it in the power nozzle at the same height as before. The replacement belt should be centered on the roller brush. Using the two rotating latches, fasten the rug plate to the floor.
  • Turn the L-shaped belt lifter handle to the left (counterclockwise) to align the red arrows. This should be done to prepare the new belt for attachment to the vacuum to begin stretching it out. Remove and replace the vacuum’s power nozzle, then use the accessory lock to secure it. To re-align the green arrows, use the handle to turn the belt lifter right (clockwise).

Brush And Belt The Rollers Replacement

  1. The power nozzle should be pointed upwards once you release the handle and place the vacuum down on the floor. Direct access to the brush roller and the belt is provided by this method. As you can see in the image, there are two red locks on the nozzle: one in the upper left corner and the other in the center, above the brush roller.
  2. To unlock the bottom plate, turn the upper latch counterclockwise and push the latch in the center of the nozzle to “Unlock,” as shown in the illustration.
  3. Remove the power nozzle by grasping the bottom plate and yanking it free. The brush roller and the belt will be visible.
  4. Grip both ends of the brush roll and pull it straight up to remove it from the nozzle.
  5. Remove it from the roller and the motor pulley if the belt is not broken. Removing the belt is necessary if it is broken. Recycle or otherwise get rid of the old brush roller and its accompanying belt.
  6. Wrap the new belt around the motor shaft and slip it through the metal belt guide. Make sure the belt’s wording is facing out before putting it on.
  7. The opposite end of the belt is slipped over the brush roll and onto the area that does not bristle. If the brush roller does not have any bristles, the belt should be centered on the pulley and in the center of that area.
  8. Pull the brush roller back into the power nozzle and push it back in place with your thumb and index finger. Because of the belt’s suppleness, you may encounter some resistance. To avoid damaging the brush roller, do not yank on the brush roller.
  9. Lock the latches on both the bottom plate and the nozzle.

Kirby Brush Is Not Spinning

The brush roll is not rotating if the vacuum is on, but the light is not green. That typically indicates that your belt needs to be replaced because it is broken, damaged, or worn out.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with my Kirby brush?

Kirby Vacuum cleaner brush not spinning is a common problem. The belt should be checked to see whether it has been damaged in any way. Replace the vacuum cleaner belt if it is cracked or strained. After cleaning the brush roll, you may need to replace it if the vacuum brush still doesn’t spin.

Why won’t my Kirby vacuum clean?

Having a clogged filter will cause the vacuum cleaner to lose its suction power. Refer to the instructions in your owner’s manual if you find your vacuum filter complete. The vacuum bag may be full. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning or replacing the bag.

My vacuum cleaner is emitting a noxious odor; why?

A worn-out vacuum belt is the most prevalent culprit for a vacuum emitting a burning odor. Burnt rubber-like aromas can be produced when the belt is exposed to high temperatures and suffers from blistering, tearing, or stretching.

How improper belt on a vacuum can cause it to malfunction?

Belts are installed by laying them over the motor’s spindle and then on top of the brush roller. Incorrect installation of the belt could lead to a second belt rupture and harm the vacuum cleaner. You need to understand that the brush roller spins better when there is a certain amount of strain on it.

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