How Do I Know If My Laptop Has Lojack? Full Procedure

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Absolute Software’s Computrace Lojack For Laptops is a tracking application. Large organizations mainly use Computrace to recover stolen assets and manage their IT infrastructure. Some major firms, such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, and Toshiba, have already implemented the program into their computers’ firmware. Here are complete details of How Do I Know If My Laptop Has Lojack? Let’s have a quick look at this post.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Has Lojack?

  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc is pressed. The Windows Task Manager will open as a result. Today’s Video
  • Select “Services” from the menu.
  • Look for rpcnet.exe in the Name column and Computrace next to it in the Description column as you scroll down the list.
Know If My Laptop Has Lojack

How Can I Detect Whether Lojack Has Been Installed On My Laptop?

LoJack is not available on a laptopLoJack is a trademarked term for a vehicle-theft prevention system. However, the GPS chip and some theft services are typically pre-installed on most PCs. Look in the security section of your BIOS for a program called computrace.

In most laptop bios, you’ll find computrace or other similar services that you can enable. After that, you’ll join up for the service, pay for it, and download the necessary software from the computer manufacturer who created your computer. Afterward, all the software you can see and touch in Windows will be removed.

Even though it’s in a hidden file, you may make it visible again by entering a secret code or using the USB stick you’ll create with the software. If someone steals your high-priced computer, along with your high-priced software and data, you’re in big trouble.

Upon request, this firm will locate your computer and turn it over to authorities. Find my computer, a free Microsoft product, and find my device, a free Google product, can also be used to locate your computer.

You install it on your computer, turn it on, and activate your GPS before installing it on your phone. As long as the phone is connected to the internet, it will show you the exact location of any stolen computer, even if it is turned off.

The police and the sheriff should be notified if your computer is stolen so they can track it down. To help you locate your stolen computer, take a snapshot of the address where it is situated on your cell phone and immediately contact 911, stating that you’ve located the device. Hopefully, the police will arrive at your place to pick up and transport you to where your gadget is located.

If the police find the stolen computer, they should search based on the evidence you provided, such as the snapshot you showed them. The alarm on your computer should go off when you go home, so make sure to press the button on your phone when you get there to set it off and that’s a good enough reason for the cops or sheriff to break down the door to the beeping computer!

In addition, whoever has it should be taken into custody. There are only a few steps required to determine if Computrace LoJack is operating on your computer.

Step 1

“Ctrl+Shift+Esc” should be pressed. This will open the Task Manager on Windows.

Step 2

Select the “Services” tab from the drop-down menu. There is a long list of services there. To order the list, click “Name.”

Step 3

rpcnet.exe and Computrace are at the bottom of the list. Look for them. This means that Computrace LoJack is implemented and running on your computer if you find this exact entry in the list.

What Is LoJack Laptop?

A proprietary laptop theft recovery program called LoJack for Laptops allows remote access to lock, erase sensitive files, and find the stolen laptop.

How Does Computrace LoJack For Laptops Work?

LoJack for Laptops is essentially undetectable and sends location data via phone to the Absolute Monitoring Center. The Absolute Theft Recovery Team can use data from a reported stolen computer to track down the thief’s whereabouts and cooperate with local law enforcement to recover the stolen device.


That’s all I have on How can I tell whether a computer is running Computrace? Or How Do I Know If My Laptop Has Lojack? Finding the rpcnet.exe process in Task Manager or a file with the very same name in your C:WindowsSystem32 directory is the simplest and most effective method. If Computrace is active, you will be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my laptop being tracked?

In 2015, Microsoft released the Find My Device function. Go to the Microsoft website and sign in with your account to track your laptop. Look through your devices until you find the one you’re looking for. Then click the Find my device link under its name.

Exactly how long can a LoJack battery be expected to last?

We recommend replacing the batteries in your Early Warning Key Passes every six months, even though they are supposed to last a year.

What is the price of LoJack?

It is possible to install LoJack on both new and pre-owned vehicles. While the device costs roughly $700, it only operates in a few regions. Select GM cars come included with OnStar, which requires a monthly subscription. It costs about $25 a month to use this service.

Is it possible to track HP laptops?

Is it possible to trace it using such information? Any of us on this site cannot trace your laptop, and neither can HP. If you don’t have LoJack or any other form of tracking software, your only option is to file a police report.

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