How Do I Get Rid Of Connectwise Control On My Mac? Process

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The ScreenConnect is a computer application that Masiero Engineers utilizes to give remote help. If you wish to uninstall ScreenConnect on your Mac, you can do so at any time by following the steps outlined How Do I Get Rid Of Connectwise Control On My Mac?

ConnectWise Control is the new name for ScreenConnect. Various Mac users are unable to delete the app for various reasons completely. It has not been completely removed and uninstalled if the app’s data and related pieces are still present on the device.

Those residues will slow down your device and load it with inaccurate data and cause a myriad of other problems, such as strange error popups and the inability to install new apps.

How Do I Get Rid Of Connectwise Control On My Mac?

Start Finder and click Select “folder” > “opt.” Note the name of a particular screen connection. From the Mac’s Downloads folder, delete all files containing ConnectWise Control or ScreenConnect.

Get Rid Of Connectwise Control On My Mac

What Is ScreenConnect?

ScreenConnect was replaced by ConnectWise Control, the same fast, a remotely controlled program that assures faster solutions and delighted customers. ConnectWise Control is a remote support program that is self-hosted.

Most of the functionality one could expect from a tool in this category are present. Multiple monitors, VoIP, wake-on-LAN, chat, and a customized toolbar for quick deployment of support tools are just a few examples.

Why do individuals want to remove ScreenConnect from their Macs? In addition to communication functions, ConnectWise Control gives extensive control over branding and change of the design concept, text strings, logo, color combinations, logo, symbols, and localization.

ConnectWise’s security features include OAuth integration, secure data codes, and brute force protection, to name a few. You can set up role-based security protocols and restrict access if necessary.

Even though the app is safe to use, several users have stated that it has troubles, leading them to remove ScreenConnect on Mac. People reported a widespread outage months ago, prompting some to uninstall the program. Some users also reported seeing errors regularly while using the program and control issues. Continue reading to learn more about deleting the app.

Easily And Completely Uninstall ScreenConnect On Mac

Continue reading to learn more about deleting the app. There is a more basic and effective way to assist you. A third-party solution can assist you in removing any unnecessary apps and erasing all of their information, freeing up hard drive space.

A third-party tool could save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you didn’t find the Add/ Remove Programs software or its built-in uninstaller. For example, iMac PowerMyMac is a multi-featured program that includes an App Uninstaller that removes any app.

ScreenConnect and its related files can be removed using PowerMyMac’s App Uninstaller without finding them one by one. It takes care of everything for you, so it’s less hassle and takes less time.

It takes a few clicks and a few minutes to completely delete software like Adobe CC without leaving any remnants. This optimization tool also has several functions, such as deleting garbage files and duplicates.

Use PowerMyMac to easily and fully uninstall Screenconnect on your Mac by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the PowerMyMac program.
  2. Press SCAN after selecting App Uninstaller.
  3. Once the scanning is complete, all downloaded programs will appear on the page. You can either browse for and select ScreenConnect or type its name into the search box. Then, all of the ScreenConnect folders and files will show on the right side of the screen.
  4. Choose the software and files you wish to get rid of. When you’ve decided, go to the lower right corner of your screen and click the CLEAN button.
  5. When the procedure is completed, a popup window will display “Cleanup Completed.” You can now uninstall it successfully.

How Can I Uninstall ScreenConnect Manually On A Mac?

Some users may prefer or want to know how to delete programs from their Mac manually. On the other hand, the manual way is the polar opposite of employing a third-party tool.

It will take you more time and effort, especially if you are a newcomer who is unfamiliar with Mac. This is a difficult method, but it is also effective. Follow the steps below to remove Screenconnect on your Mac manually:

  • Open Finder and select Go to opt > folder.
  • Make a list of specified screen connect names.
  • Remove all files from the Downloads folder on the Mac that contain ConnectWise Control or ScreenConnect.
  • Open the Terminal and run each of the commands listed below.
  • Restart your Mac.

Can I Uninstall ScreenConnect Client?

Windows Control Panel should be opened. To uninstall software, click. Choose Screens Connect. To uninstall, click.

Where Is ConnectWise Located On Mac?

Navigate to the ConnectWise program. The ConnectWise Client is often located in your Downloads folder, whereas programs are typically stored in your Applications folder. Click the Lock symbol again to save the adjustments and exit System Preferences. The ConnectWise application ought to be accessible at this point.


This is How Do I Get Rid Of Connectwise Control On My Mac? Or How To Remove Connectwise Control From Mac? The first part of the post will offer you a summary of ScreenConnect, its link to ConnectWise Control, and whether or not the program is safe.

Unfortunately, no matter how good an app is, there are some things it can’t control, such as bugs or mistakes while using it. As a result, they prefer to uninstall ScreenConnect on Mac.

This article suggested two approaches: doing it manually or using specialist software automatically. Using PowerMyMac would save you a great deal of time and effort. On the other hand, manually executing it would be a huge pain, especially if you are a busy person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to automate with ConnectWise?

The licensing for ConnectWise Automate is a one-time price that includes setup, initial configuration, and tailored advice to help you get started. This charge starts at $700 and increases depending on the complexity and breadth of the project.

How does ConnectWise set you back?

The cost of the bundle is determined by the number of machines you require access to. The beginning price for 25 computers is now $30 per month (or $360 per year, as ConnectWise Control Access plans are billed annually). For the base tier, that’s a 20% price rise. The price of other tiers jumped by as much as 275 percent!

What is the purpose of ConnectWise?

ConnectWise Automate Remote Monitoring enables you to detect, monitor, and handle any IT issue network bottlenecks, application performance difficulties, and security threats—before your clients are aware of the problem. You pay your techs too much for them to waste time on mundane chores.

On a Mac, where can I find ConnectWise?

Navigate to the ConnectWise program. While most programs are found in the Applications area, the ConnectWise Client is normally available in the Downloads folder. To save your changes and close System Preferences, click the Lock symbol. The ConnectWise application should now be available to use.

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