How Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower? Procedure

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Using your vacuum cleaner as a blower may be your secret weapon if you’re dealing with a big mess. So, How Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower? The majority of vacuum cleaners on the market today are capable of sucking in dirt and blowing it out.

With this new design, you can easily and quickly clean up any mess you have, no matter what it is. However, before utilizing your vacuum cleaner as a blower, you must first learn how to do it. In any case, we’re happy to assist you!

Suction and discharge ports are typically seen on shop vacs. The suction hose may be inserted into the discharge port with ease. A “leaf blower” is more efficient because the ports are the same size.

The discharge port has no other purpose other than to exhaust the air drawn in through the suction port. When using a vacuum cleaner, expect only to be able to pick up tiny particles a few feet in front of you due to the weak Vacuum Motor. Start with a cleaner, not a suitable blower.

How Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower?

  • From the base, remove the shop vac motor.
  • Remove the shop vac’s hose from the vacuum port.
  • Place the hose inside the shop vac’s exhaust port.
  • Use the hose as a blower while the shop vac is running.
A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower

What Are Blowers?

Dirt, dust, and other materials can be easily channeled into a pressured stream with the help of blowers. This air jet readily drives material into a pile that can subsequently be sucked away, making it simple to clean.

Although blowing is less precise than vacuuming, this cleaning method can still be helpful in some situations. Based on what you’re performing, you can blow the dust simply into a leaf bag.

What Is The Purpose Of A Blower?

Air is moved by the motor in a blower the same way as a vacuum cleaner does. Your vacuum cleaner can be used as a blower. As an alternative to sucking in air, the vacuum’s engine can be used to generate a compressed stream of air to shift dust and dirt and any other form of material from a leaf to sawdust so that it can be cleaned more easily. The air stream is always the same when it comes to blowers, regardless of the design.

How Do I Blow Air Through A Vacuum Cleaner?

DIY leaf blowers can be made using a vacuum cleaner, but the performance is not as good as a leaf blower. Make a vacuum cleaner blower by following these steps.

  1. The first step is to unplug the vacuum cleaner and make sure that the motor housing is accessible.
  2. Check your user’s manual before removing the housing part from the motor; specific models are simply detachable.
  3. Make that the engine is disconnected and safe to switch from vacuum to blower force.
  4. Insert the hose into the blowing portion after removing it from the vacuum suction.
  5. Plug your vacuum back in and reassemble the void once you have replaced the vacuum’s hose.
  6. This indicates that the airflow has shifted from out and that the blower is running correctly.
  7. To return the machine to vacuum mode after you’re done blowing, reverse the settings.

As A Blower, What’s The Use?

As a blower, you can use a vacuum cleaner. The Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice for a Blower. If you’re dealing with a significant problem, having a blower on hand can make all the difference in the world. Vacuums that can do more than one thing can make a big difference in cleaning up around the house, office, or garage.

You save money by utilizing your vacuum cleaner instead of purchasing a blower. It’s possible to spend up to $100.00 on a blower, depending on the model you choose.

Can A Vacuum Cleaner Be Used As A Blower?

If you don’t have a leaf blower, you can use a regular shop vac to clear the debris out of your garage. A shop vac is also excellent for clearing dust and debris from tools and lawn equipment, as well as from sidewalks and driveways.

What Is The Difference Between A Blower And A Vacuum Cleaner?

A leaf vacuum pulls the leaves into the collection bag while a blower employs high-pressure air jet flow to blast the leaves away. A leaf vacuum is preferable if you want a better way to remove dirt. However, go with a leaf blower if you want your landscape cleaned quickly.


A vacuum cleaner may be a powerful blower if you know How Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower? Having equipment that can do double duty is a terrific way to get the most value for the money.

An all-in-one vacuum cleaner will allow you to quickly and easily clean up and tidy up around the house, while a dedicated blower may be necessary for those who maintain large areas of land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to inflate something with a vacuum?

Utilize a shop vacuum. You can use your shop vacuum to inflate air mattresses and pool toys if you don’t have access to an air compressor. Remove the cap from a plastic squeeze bottle and attach it to the hose of your vacuum. You may need to use duct tape in this situation.

Is it normal for my Shop-Vac to expel air?

A blocked, missing, loose, or overly tiny filter is always the cause of a shop vac hoover blowing dust out the back. However, the issue is resolved by just cleaning or replacing the filter.

Is it possible to reverse a Shop-Vac?

Reversing the hose of a wet/dry vac so that it blows instead of suctions is a simple “bonus” use. It’s a simple matter of reattaching the hose to the vacuum’s exhaust port after removing it from the canister’s entry point.

Can a shop vacuum be used with no filter for water?

When cleaning an open area, you can use a shop vac without a filter. A filter must be added while cleaning an enclosed space to avoid the wet-dry vac blowing dust back into the air.

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