How Can I Make My TV A Second Screen For My Laptop? Process

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You’re not the last user to wonder about How Can I Make My TV A Second Screen For My Laptop? Consider how much more multitasking and the intense game you could do with a 50- or 60-inch monitor instead of a 24-inch panel. However, you’ve probably seen that as monitors grow in size, they become prohibitively expensive.

How Can I Make My TV A Second Screen For My Laptop?

A USB-C to HDMI adapter is an affordable solution that will let you connect your computer to your TV if it has a USB-C port but no HDMI port, like a MacBook. You will have everything needed to use your Television as a second screen when you pair that with an affordable HDMI cable.

TV A Second Screen For My Laptop

Choosing A Screen For A Two-Monitor Setup

You won’t have to spend money on a Second Screen. Before wanting to get rid of an old panel, examine if it will operate with your laptop or desktop computer. You should be able to locate an adapter to help, even if it’s a little out of date by modern standards. This will save you from having to pay for your extra display.

Even so, you may need to purchase new equipment to complete your second screen arrangement. After you’ve double-checked your computer’s ports, you’ll need a monitor that matches them or can be configured to do so with the use of an adapter.

Choosing A Screen For A Two-Monitor Setup

Ideally, monitors with USB-C, HDMI, or Display Port inputs are preferred, as they are the most widely used current standards. After you’ve decided on the right input, you may look at other features like screen size, resolution, and pricing.

Larger, higher-resolution screens provide more space for movies, spreadsheets, and video games, but they also come at a larger price. It’s up to you where you want to make a compromise, but you should aim for the largest, highest-resolution screen your budget will allow.

If you’re using a laptop, keep in mind that greater pixels require more graphics processing power, which means your battery, will last longer.

To put it another way, the larger the second display, the greater the battery drain. Brightness ratios (the distinction between white and black pixels), the response time (how quickly the screen responds to your inputs), and viewing angles are other features to look for (The screen’s acuity is determined by the angle at which it is seen).

As is customary, the best way to assess the quality of a display is to read internet reviews. Dell and LG, on the other hand, have a very strong reputation for their displays.

On Windows 10, Here’s How To Use Your TV As A Second Display

  • Once your TV’s screen mirroring is enabled, go to the Action Center in the bottom right corner of your PC’s taskbar. To continue, click Project. Continue by selecting Connect to a wireless display.
  • The system will now attempt to connect; this may take a few moments.
  • Check a box that says Allow input from this device through mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen.
  • To access the Project menu, press the Windows key + P. If you want to utilize the TV as a larger screen instead of a secondary screen, select duplicate. This will mirror the screen of your PC on the TV.
  • As demonstrated in the screenshot below, the Extend option can be utilized to turn the TV into a second display. This allows you to use your TV as a secondary display for tabs or spreadsheets while working on your computer monitor.

Setting Up Orientation

  • By convention, the second display’s position is on the right side. If you drag your mouse pointer to the far right corner, the second screen will show. Right-click on the home screen and select Display options to alter the orientation to the left.
  • Both of the screens labeled 1 and 2 are now visible. When you click Identify, a huge preview of the numbers connected with each display appears in the left corner.
  • Simply drag the preview of display 2 from the right to the left side of display 1 to change the orientation of the expanded display to the left. To save your changes, click Apply. You must now move your mouse pointer to the left edge of display 1 rather than the right side to reach display 2.
  • By dragging windows to the Second Monitor over the right or left border, you may now open a spreadsheet, a browser tab, file explorer, and mail on both displays at the same time (based on the orientation).

Can I Use A TV As A Second Monitor For My Laptop?

The quick response is yes. You might need a particular cable and you’ll need to verify a few settings, but connecting the majority of contemporary PCs to the majority of contemporary HDTVs shouldn’t be too difficult. HDTVs of today have HDMI outputs.

Can You Use A TV As A Dual Monitor?

You might need to utilize a different port, such as the DisplayPort output on your graphics card if you wish to use your HDTV as a second or third monitor. You’ll need to utilize a separate cable in this situation (DisplayPort-to-HDMI).


When you’re finished with How Can I Make My TV A Second Screen For My Laptop? Relax and enjoy your new screen. You can drag program windows between monitors and maximize them on either screen if you’re in extended mode. Your operating system will immediately revert to its normal configuration if you disconnect or shut off the second monitor.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best way to use my TV as a second monitor in Windows 10?

On Windows 10, here’s how to use your TV as a second display: Once your TV’s screen mirroring has been enabled, go to the Action Center in the bottom right corner of your PC’s taskbar. To proceed, select Connect to a wireless display. Your system will now look for your television.

How can I make my TV dual-screen?

Display the source of a device connected through HDMI on one screen, then the TV source on the other (Built-in Tuner).
Show the input screen of the connected device you want to use.
Select [Twin Picture] from the ACTION MENU button.

Is it acceptable to use a television as a computer monitor?

Are you thinking, Can I use an old TV as a computer monitor? You can, but you’ll almost undoubtedly require a VGA to HDMI converter. Connect a DVI-to-HDMI cable to your PC’s DVI connection to accomplish this. However, a newer, higher-resolution TV, such as an 8K set, will always be the ideal choice for a computer display.

How can I make my computer screen appear on my television?

To mirror a material on both displays, just connect an HDMI to HDMI cable between the computer and TV’s HDMI ports. Connect a tablet to a larger monitor with a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable. For porting into HDMI, ios devices with Thunderbolt output will use a Mini Display Port adaptor.

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