Google Play Services Pop Up Won’t Go Away (Causes + Fix)

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You’ll be frustrated if the Google Play Services Pop Up Won’t Go Away, freezing or crashing. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it. I’ll take you step by step through the process of resolving the issue.

For Android to function correctly, it requires Google Play Services. Connectivity to other Google services like Google Sign-In and Google Maps is one of their primary responsibilities. In contrast to the Google Play Store, these apps are built into the Android operating system.

The Android user’s experience is severely disrupted when the Google Play Services are down. That’s why it’s critical to fix Google Play Services when they continually fail to start. Here are the eight steps you should apply to troubleshoot Google Play Services crashing, freezing, or stopping.

Google Play Services Pop Up Won’t Go Away

Clear the cache data for the Google Play app and see if that fixes the issue. If the “Google Play services keep halting” problem persists, delete the app’s storage information. That will restart Android’s Google Play services and, hopefully, get rid of the error message.

Google Play Services Pop Up Won't Go Away

You don’t want to be an expert to use these techniques. Just follow the directions to the letter. Keep in mind that some stages may be different based on the user interface (UI).

How To Fix Google Play Services Notification Won’t Go Away?

Clear Data Cache From Google Play Services

You should erase the Google Play Services cache and data as soon as possible if you encounter this problem. Using this method, you can accomplish that:

  • Open Settings on mobile or tablet.
  • Go to Apps > Manage apps.
  • Look for and select Google Play Services.
  • “Clear Cache” can be found here.
  • Tap “Manage space” and then “Clear all data” to finish.

Keep in mind that if you wipe all data on your device, Google Play will no longer be able to access the information you’ve saved there. Google Play account setup will have to be done all over again.

Android System WebView Updates Should Be Uninstalled

The Google Play Services may halt or become stuck if an Android System WebView app occurs. The Android System WebView Updates can be uninstalled in the following way:

  • Go to Settings on your phone or tablet.
  • Apps > Manage apps are where you’ll find them.
  • Find and touch on Android System WebView in the menu. As a last resort, check that you have access to all your system apps.
  • Tap on the “3-dots” in the upper right corner once you find it.
  • Afterward, select “Uninstall updates” and follow the instructions.
  • For many Google Play Services-related concerns, this is an excellent answer.

Clear Cache Of Google Play Store

A buildup of cache frequently causes this terrible mistake. Occasionally, Google Services may not function properly because of a corrupt cache. The quickest way to clear the cache is to perform the following action:

  • Open the Settings application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Apps > Manage apps are where you’ll find them.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Once you’ve done that, select Clear cache.

The Google Play Store’s data can be cleared as well. However, you are not needed to go through with that step.

Uninstall Google Chrome Updates

Alternatively, if you’ve recently updated Google Chrome, you can delete those updates to see if it helps. Do as I tell you:

  • Open the Settings application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Apps > Manage apps.
  • Google Chrome can be found by searching for and swiping to the right.
  • Tap on the “3-dots” in the upper right corner once you find it.
  • Afterward, select “Uninstall updates” and follow the instructions.

This will revert the Google Chrome browser to a previous version and perhaps fix the problem you’re experiencing. Update Chrome again if everything is back to normal.

Update All Apps

A lack of app updates may be to blame if you’ve had your phone for an extended period. In this scenario, a quick fix would be to update all programs in the following manner:

  1. Ensure that a WiFi network is active.
  2. Now, open the Google Play Store application on your mobile phone or tablet.
  3. To access your profile, click on the corresponding icon.
  4. Afterward, click on Apps & device management.
  5. Next, tap the Update all button.
  6. When all apps have been updated successfully, you can proceed.
  7. Once you’ve done that, reboot your phone.

Reset Google Play Services Application Preferences

Resetting the Google Play Services app options is another good way to combat this problem. Do as I tell you:

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Apps > Manage apps are where you’ll find them.
  • Look for and select Google Play Services.
  • On the top right corner, tap on the “3-dots” that appear.
  • To complete the process, select “Reset app preferences” and then press “Confirm.”

The Google Play Services app preferences will be wiped clean.

Remove The Google Account

If none of the suggestions above helped, you might want to consider deleting the Google account that’s linked to your device. Check to see if removing it and restarting your device fixes the issue. It’s possible to re-add the same Google account if the problem has been resolved.

Restart Or Reset The Device

Restarting your Android device is the best way to fix a significant number of problems. This is a simple solution that often succeeds under challenging situations. To resolve the Google Play Services keeps halting problem, try restarting your device.

However, if the problem persists despite all of the fixes, the only option remaining is to reset your phone. The device needs to be factory reset. Don’t risk losing vital data by trying this out without first backing it up!

Why Can’t I Disable Google Play Services?

Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services to disable Google Play Services. Then, tap OK to confirm. Method 2 is to use if you discover that the Disable checkbox is grayed out. To disable Android Device Manager, go to Settings > Security > Device administrators.

Is Google Play Services Necessary?

An Android device’s security and dependability are helped by Google Play services, which also keep devices updated with the most recent security measures. Google Play Protect is one such tool that can alert consumers if an app contains known malware.


That’s all there is to it. The ” Google Play Services Pop Up Won’t Go Away” problem may be resolved using the above solutions. As a final option, you can perform a Factory Data Reset on your Android device if none of those mentioned above repairs worked. Performing this will restore your gadget to its pre-accident state.

As a result, always keep a new copy of your data on hand. Lacking a backup isn’t an option. Here’s a step-by-step guide on backing up your Android phone. Leave a comment and let us know which strategy worked best for you in the section below. Anything else that worked for you is welcome to be shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Play Services spy on you?

In fact, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google Play’s tracking capabilities. When it was revealed that Google Play, the omnipresent service used by Google to distribute Android applications, was utilizing GPS to track users’ every move, it was met with outrage.

Whether or not I need to turn on Google Play Services?

Yes. Your Android device will not function properly until this app or API is installed. Despite the absence of a user interface, Google Play Services will improve your entire Android experience.

Exactly what does it mean that Google Play services are constantly shutting down?

Our Android phones’ apps need to be updated often to function correctly. This aids in maximizing the app’s full capabilities. If your Google Play services keep failing, it’s possible that you need to upgrade the app.

What’s up with the Google Play adverts that keep popping up on my device?

When you download some Android apps from the Google Play store, they may send you irritating advertisements. AirPush Detector is a free app that may check for problem. To identify which apps appear to be using notification ad frameworks, AirPush Detector searches your phone.

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