Why Does Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating? Causes + Solution

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In this article, you will know why does your Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating? And what are some common causes? If the gas dryer’s not heating, it can be tough to figure out what’s wrong. It could be something simple, like a blown fuse or a power outage, or something more serious, like broken wiring or a clogged vent.

As the article mentions, there are some basic things that you can check before calling in an electrician. Try turning off the breaker controlling your dryer, and then checking for power with a voltage tester.

If there’s no power getting through the line when you turn off the breaker, your problem is likely due to a blown fuse or loose cord connection on either side of the plug. If there is power coming through when you turn off the breaker, then call in an electrician so they can investigate.

Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

Your dryer may not be heating correctly for several reasons. Lack of power, a problem with the load’s size or wetness, a problem with the heating element, or a blown thermal fuse are a few circumstances that could prevent your dryer from heating up properly.

Dryer Not Heating

Check The Circuit Breaker, As It May Have Been Tripped

Most likely, the circuit breaker has tripped. If you are sure that the circuit breaker is not tripped, ensure that the dryer is plugged in and the power cord is in good condition. Attempt to reset the breaker by flipping it off and then back on. If this doesn’t work, contact an electrician for help.

No Gas

If your dryer isn’t heating up, it can be because there’s no gas being supplied to the burner. This usually happens when there’s a blockage in the gas line or if the pilot light has gone out. The most well-known reason for gas spills is check valves that are not working correctly.

The heating element is usually placed right beneath the drum, so it will be the first thing to detect whether there is any gas supply to the dryer.

If there is no gas supply, you can try to tilt the dryer backside up and see if any drops of liquid are coming out. If not, then your dryer has a clogged or broken gas tube.

Some people also have problems with their gas line where the dryer goes outside. The most common problem with this type of issue is that they have a kink in their gas line, making it difficult for the gas to flow freely.

If your dryer still doesn’t heat up after checking these potential issues, you may need to replace parts like temperature sensors or thermostat wires.

Blocked Lint Screen

Owners experiencing an issue with their dryer not heating up again should check the lint screen first. The lint screen is located at the bottom of the dryer and can be removed easily. Sometimes lint gets caught in the net and blocks airflow, which will cause your dryer not to heat correctly or at all. Ensure no obstructions by removing any visible lint from the lint screen.

A blocked lint screen is the most common cause of a gas dryer that isn’t heating. With this simple fix, you can be drying clothes in no time. The lint screen is an integral part of any gas dryer because it protects your clothes from being scratched by the metal rod. The lint screen also ensures that hot air is not escaping during the drying process, which means less energy will be needed to heat the air. 

Lastly, if your lint screen becomes clogged up with too much fuzz and fur, your dryer won’t heat up because it needs to have an uninterrupted flow of air coming through it to work correctly. Thus, you want to clean your lint filter every few months at most for the best results.

Ventilation Blockage

A common cause of the Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating problem is that the vent has become blocked, preventing the unit from exhausting the moist air collected inside.

Blocked vents can occur when lint and debris build up in the dryer’s venting system. The venting system is usually located on the back or side of your dryer, so check it periodically to ensure it’s clean.

Defective Gas Valve Solenoid

The gas valve solenoid is found in the dryer’s gas valve assembly. It is a common source of a Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating problem. A defective gas valve solenoid will not open all the way and allow the gas to flow into the dryer, which will result in a Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating issue. Common causes of this issue are:

  • A worn or corroded solenoid
  • A faulty thermocouple (a thermostat that measures air temperature inside the dryer) or sensor (a sensor that measures flame intensity)
  • Damaged wiring on the solenoid’s terminals.

There are multiple ways of fixing this issue. The first thing you should do is replace the defective gas valve solenoid.

The Gas Dryer Stops Heating After A Few Minutes

The thermal fuse may fail or have burned out if your dryer runs for a short period before ceasing to operate. These thermal fuses are only one and are connected to the heating coil and element.


In conclusion, this article has described what can be done to solve the Gas Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating problem. There are many things that people can do before turning to service professionals, but most of them will not solve the problem. So, people must try these solutions first before calling in the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of heat does a gas dryer use?

Gas dryers utilize gaseous petrol or propane to heat the air inside the dryer. The air has then circulated the clothes.
The heating coils in a gas dryer are located behind the drum. They use electric resistance coils, natural gas, or propane burner coils to heat the air. When air is heated, it rises and mixes with other air in the dryer. This helps circulate all of the hot air around the clothes, which will make them dry more quickly.

How do I know my gas dryer is not heating?

If your dryer is not heating or running, make sure that your circuit breaker has been turned off, and the power cord has been disconnected from the wall outlet. If turning off the power does not fix this issue, contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

What should I do if I smell gas?

If you smell gas, turn the dryer off and call your local gas service provider right away.

How do I know if my gas line has been turned off or disconnected?

The gas line needs to be turned off for the dryer to work. Assuming that there is a smell of gas not heating, meaning that the electrical power isn’t turning on, it is likely that the gas line has been disconnected.
If your Whirlpool dryer doesn’t heat but smells like gas or makes an unusual noise, your gas line may have been disconnected. Assuming you don’t know what to do straight away, call an expert who can turn off your gas line and troubleshoot the problem.

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