Find My Airpods Sound Pending [Here’s How To Find It?]

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Are you Find My Airpods Sound Pending? Although AirPods are a fantastic pair of wireless earbuds, their small size makes them simple to lose. Owners of AirPods are disappointed by this setback. There is a simple way to find your AirPods if they have been lost or stolen and are not dead or out of range.

No matter what type of AirPods you own second-generation, pro, or max earphones could end up missing or even taken by the family pet. Tiny earbuds risk getting pulled into wallets or purses, falling under tables, or getting caught between sofa cushions.

Now your AirPods are missing. What’s next? Using the AirPods on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad or logging into the iCloud website on a computer are the two ways you can access this feature (it could be a PC or Mac).

You can do this by using the Find My iPhone app or logging onto the iCloud website from any PC or Mac. What do you do now that your AirPods have been stolen? This post will walk you through finding your lost AirPods step-by-step.

Find My Airpods Sound Pending

The last known location of an AirPod that you’ve misplaced or that isn’t linked with your iPhone will be displayed on a map, and pressing the “Play Sound” button will show the message “Sound Pending”.

Why Find My Airpods Sound Pending

When these AirPods are linked with a device, you will be alerted. If you misplace your AirPods while they are still linked through Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple device, you can play a sound that gets progressively louder for around two minutes to help you find them.

However, you won’t be able to play music on your AirPods to identify them if they are not linked to any other devices or outside of Bluetooth range, which is approximately 30 feet to 60 feet or 10 to 18 meters. You’ll hear a pending notification tone. There are other ways to assist you in locating your AirPods, even if you aren’t able to play noises.

How To Find My Airpods When Sound Pending?

When the playing sound feature is unavailable, alternative options exist to move your AirPods. You may find their whereabouts on a map using the Find My app. You can still find the location of the AirPods even if they are out of the range of your device or run out of power.

How To Find My Airpods When Sound Pending

How To Locate Airpods Without Sound Playing?

The capability will be automatically enabled for your AirPods if you have already configured Find My iPhone with other Apple devices that you use. Go to the Devices tab when Find I is launched on your device. You should see a list of all the gadgets connected to your device, including AirPods. AirPods can be chosen from the list.

You will notice the Directions button if you own a pair of first- or second-generation AirPods. When you tap it, a map will pop up and display the last location of the AirPods while they are connected. You will also see the Directions button if you are using AirPods of the third generation, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max and are outside Bluetooth range.

However, the Find button will be present if they are within Bluetooth range. You can tap it even when they are outside their case to find out where they are. Move your iPhone a little to connect the AirPods to the device.

Find My will alert you if you are getting nearer or farther from the AirPods once the two devices have connected. You can find each AirPod separately by tapping left (L) or right (R) in the upper left corner of the screen, assuming that they are out of their case and possibly scattered about the area.

For third-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro, you can put on Lost Mode and still find them if you can’t find them or suspect they might be stolen. Select AirPods from the list of linked devices, then press Mark as Lost.

When the AirPods reconnect while Lost Mode is active, a notification will be sent to you. Your Apple ID and the AirPods will continue to be linked. In this manner, you will be able to track the whereabouts of everyone who uses your AirPods. You can also lock your AirPods to prevent unauthorized use.


We covered the Find My Airpods Sound Pending in this article. Consequently, Find My AirPods is simpler than Find My iPhone, which we frequently use. It is possible since pairing Airpods does not require an Apple ID, passcode, or even security measures like Activation Lock. As a result, the Find, My AirPods feature on an iOS smartphone only works when Bluetooth is used to connect the AirPods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the pending sound on Find My iPhone be removed in the best way?

You can silence the sound after locating your device by carrying out one of the following actions: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Apple: Press the Ring/Silent switch, a volume button, or the power button to turn on the device. Swiping it open will allow you to unlock the phone or turn off the Find My alert.

Is it possible to track the AirPods I found?

Even while Apple can connect your AirPods serial number to your account, it can be challenging to locate the number once connected to another user’s iCloud account. This renders recovering your AirPods in the event of theft impossible.

Can I connect my stolen AirPods to a different iPhone?

Thus, if you lose your AirPods, someone can utilize them by connecting them to their iPhone or iPad. Charging cases simplify iDevice pairing. Cases charge AirPods. Press Setup momentarily. AirPods reset and stopped operating with iPhones and other Apple devices after this process. AirPods now work with any Apple device. Defending stolen AirPods is impossible.

Can you track your AirPods after they’ve been reset?

You can locate your AirPods with the Find My App. Therefore the answer is yes. This application allows you to track an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or a pair of AirPods. Open the app on a different Apple device connected to your AirPods and use the Find My page on the iCloud website to find your AirPods. AirPods can be tracked if linked to an iCloud account and within Bluetooth range.

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