Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other Windows | Causes + Fix

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What to do if Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other Windows? You can display two different apps on separate screens by extending your desktop with a second monitor. You can, for example, leave your email open on one monitor while working on a business paper on the other. Each monitor must be connected to a separate video port on your computer to show different things.

Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other Windows

  • On the desktop, perform a right-click on a space.
  • Selecting Display Settings
  • Select Duplicate these displays or Extend these displays in the Multiple displays section by scrolling down.
How To Fix Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other Windows

How To Fix Dual Monitors Mirroring On Each Windows?

Step 1

Connect the second monitor to your computer’s additional VGA or DVI connector. Most new desktops feature two VGA or DVI video outputs, and most laptops have an external video connector for connecting a second monitor. An HDMI connector can also be used to connect a second display.

Step 2

Select “Screen Resolution” from the pop-up menu when right-clicking on the Windows desktop. There should be two images of monitors at the top of the new dialog page, one for each of your screens. If the second monitor isn’t visible, click the “Detect” button to have Windows check for it.

Step 3

Select “Extend These Displays” from the drop-down menu next to “Multiple Displays” by clicking the arrow next to it.

Step 4

Tick the box next to “Make This My Main Display” after selecting the monitor you want to use as your main display. The left side of the enlarged desktop is displayed on the primary monitor. The second monitor appears when you move your cursor to the right edge of the first display.

Step 5

To apply the adjustments and close the screen setup window, click “OK.” The second monitor has its background and theme. You can either open apps directly from the second display or move them from the main display to the second display.

How Can I Connect Two Extra Monitors To A Laptop Without Their Mirroring?

The information provided by the others here is all you need to figure out the physical connections. However, based on your inquiry, I assume you already have it and that your external screens are both clones of the primary.

If that’s the case, you’re already ahead of the game because all three screens are operational. Go to the start menu (or Cortana, depending on your Windows version) and type “display settings” in the search box. You may also select display settings by right-clicking an empty place on your desktop.

Near the bottom, under the heading “Multiple displays,” you’ll find the choice you’re looking for. It should say right now that you should duplicate your displays. It should work if you change it to “Extend these displays.”

You may also adjust the resolutions of each screen from here and reposition the screen images at the top to match the layout of your actual screens if necessary. You’d want to accomplish that by moving the cursor from one screen to the next in the correct order, rather than having to move the mouse left to get to the right screen.

If, on the other hand, I’m wrong and you haven’t even begun, then listen to what the others have to say. You’ll eventually get to this part. However, certain laptops can be tricked into turning on external displays. These laptops have an extra key with the letters “Fn” printed in blue or red, usually next to the left-hand Windows key.

They function using the F keys along the top, just like CTRL or ALT. If you don’t see both screens active after connecting everything, check for a key with a monitor icon. It should be the same color as your Fn key. To watch what happens, hold down Fn and tap that icon.

Your laptop screen may turn off while the external (you should do this one at a time, by the way, a traditional IT suggestion is to have one thing working before moving on to the next) monitor turns on, or you might be lucky and have both displays turn on with the first tap. If it doesn’t operate the way you want it to, try tapping it again. You’ll make it. After that, you can work on the display options.

Why Are My Monitors Mirroring Each Other?

Mac and Windows computers have two display modes when plugged into an external display: Extend and Mirror. The projector and desktop display the same image when the computer monitor is in Mirror Mode, duplicating the monitor on the external display.

How To Make A Second Monitor Not Mirror The First?

  • Select Control Panel by clicking the Start button.
  • Click Display twice.
  • On the Settings tab, click.
  • Unmark the checkbox next to My Windows desktop should expand to fill this screen.
  • To make the changes effective and exit the window, click OK.


So, why do Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other Windows? If you want to use two external displays, you can purchase USB to VGA, USB to HDMI, and other adapters and hang the monitors from them, or you can purchase a docking station.

You should be able to use both the VGA and HDMI connections and the laptop display if your laptop has both. I’ve done a similar setup before, so I’m confident it will work. If you’re using Windows, go to Display settings, then select an option in Multiple displays near the bottom (this is for Windows 10).

With changing versions of Windows, Microsoft tends to shuffle things around, but you’ll almost certainly find the choice in Display settings. The same options are available on Linux. I hope this information is useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to mirror two monitors?

Yes, you are capable of doing the task. Choose the monitor in Windows’ display settings (right-click the desktop > display settings), click the new monitor (3 in your example), and select “Duplicate desktop on 1 and 3” in the “Multiple displays” box, and it should prompt you to agree.

Is it possible to enlarge the Display but not duplicate it?

Sometimes, there is no display at all, and other times you can expand but not duplicate your system screen to the projector. The cause for this is that either your desktop screen resolution does not match the projector’s resolution, or you are running the projector with an outdated or incompatible driver.

Why are my multiple monitors not working?

Everything should be restarted: Turn off your computer and your monitors. Then switch everything back on and restart the computer. This will almost always solve your problem. Rollback driver updates if necessary: It’s possible that an upgrade to your display driver caused the problem.

Is an HDMI splitter for dual monitors available?

HDMI splitters (and graphics cards) can simultaneously provide a single visual stream to two HDMI monitors. But not just any splitter will suffice; you’ll need one that performs effectively while costing as little as possible.

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