Does The Ghostbusters Still Phone Number Work? (Answered)

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Here we start all about Does The Ghostbusters Still Phone Number Work? The Ghostbusters remake, one of the summer’s most anticipated movies, is currently playing in theaters, and the cast is encouraging you to call them.

We chose to dial a phone box on Clayton Street in Newcastle’s city center, right outside the entrance of intu Eldon Square because there are special Ghostbusters posters gracing phone boxes everywhere. Additionally, boxes at Newcastle Business Park and Sunderland Road in Gateshead have posters.

The free phone number you’ll need to call the Ghostbusters is 0800 2229 911, and the person who answers the phone is none other than the movie’s Australian star Chris Hemsworth. You don’t get an A-lister to answer your calls daily, do you?

As their name suggests, the Ghostbusters’ main goal is to stop spooky activity, so if you were hoping to have a proper conversation with Chris, you’ll be disappointed. Chris informed us via phone message that he was unavailable to take our call because of the significant increase in paranormal activity.

Does The Ghostbusters Still Phone Number Work?

Call 1-800-555-2368 from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, to get in touch with us. With this technique, the Ghostbusters company may interact with clients without being intrusive and give them time to read and answer privately (or while not watching Grandma’s priceless porcelain vanish).

Ghostbusters Still Phone Number Work

What Are Phantom Calls?

When the phone rings and you pick it up, nobody is there. There is nothing but silence and no voicemail. That is a ghost call or phantom call at its most basic. (These calls are a little different from quiet calls, which typically involve telemarketing companies with no personnel on duty when an automated call is initiated).

Examining the caller ID log frequently reveals an odd pattern of receiving calls with area codes or prefixes like 100, 1000, or 1001. Such numbers don’t exist. Hence their appearance in a call log is nearly always proof that the call came from a fictitious source.

Whatever their origin, phantom calls can occur at any time of day, but the most annoying ones frequently appear in the middle of the night. They can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

What Causes Ghost Calls?

Phantom calls can occur for many different causes. Simple “pocket dials” we’ve all done that, maybe a few times, and pressing a preset on a cell phone by accident is at one end of the spectrum. Auto-dialers used by telemarketers and bill collectors are to blame for some phantom calls.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits the number of times auto-dialers may ring. Once the FCC time restriction is reached, a call will automatically disconnect; if the phone is answered, there will be silence.

What Causes Ghost Calls

Ghost calls may also result from a process known as port scanning, which looks for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) ports, the critical points through which information is transmitted over a network or the internet from a program to a device or another computer and determines which ports are open and can send or receive data.

Why Should You Be Worried About Phantom Calls?

Because ghost calls can be uncomfortable, port scanning is the most significant concern, so let’s start there. SIP Vicious, a free and well-liked port scanner, was introduced in 2007. SIP Vicious has a sinister name, yet it serves a valuable purpose.

It is used, for instance, by QA teams and IT administrators to confirm or examine their network security policies. Unfortunately, SIP Vicious has been used by hackers to look for possible phone system weaknesses.

An attacker can do a lot of harm if they are able to exploit your system. They could, for instance, clone the targeted phone system to make it possible for them to place calls that would be charged to the scanned phone number while the authentic caller would go unnoticed and, of course, not be charged for any calls placed using the victim’s phone number.

These fraudsters can interfere with legitimate calls you try to make and receive on your system and make expensive international calls, which could harm your capacity to conduct business. The scary part is that they can access credentials and attack other networked devices.

The situation is less eerie when a local number appears on the caller ID. When the phone is answered, there is a significant delay before you are connected to a contact center that attempts to sell you something. Some call centers offer genuine products, while others run scams. What a jumpy experience!

What about the commonplace, unnerving pocket dial? They can potentially waste a lot of your time and excessively increase the number of 911 calls made yearly. A conversation emoji-adorned image showing a person working at a desk, a person outside of an office building, and a residence

How Can You Prevent Ghost Calls?

You have several methods to combat or avoid phantom calls, including engaging with your internet and phone service providers. The first step is to inform your VoIP service provider immediately because they can take steps to assist you in stopping the calls. The end user can adjust the default value of 5060 for the phone adapter or SIP port. (It’s vital to confirm that your business phone carrier supports the SIP messaging option.)

The “Direct IP calls” setting can be disabled. Additionally, employing a firewall to block ghost calls is a dependable method because it can distinguish between legitimate sources of traffic and port scans. Additionally, you may use firewalls and port scan alerts to track the traffic to your ports and ensure that malicious attackers do not find any openings for illegal access to your network.

How Can You Prevent Ghost Calls

The “one-ring cell phone hoax” has been around for a while, with its popularity ebbing and going. In this case, international scammers utilize auto-dialers to make one-ring calls to mostly American Mobiles. The expectation is that the recipient of the “missed call” will be interested and immediately dial back.

The number is a toll-free international number that the receiver will see as a charge on their phone bill. The expense of the call is then divided between the con artists. Since 2014, the FCC has warned the public about this fraud and continues to do so as long as scammer activity intensifies.

Who You Gonna Call?

The Ghostbusters cannot assist with phantom calls since Egon, Venkman, and the rest of the crew lack proton packs. Vonage Business Communications has put processes and solutions in place to address these terrifying tendencies. These include fraud teams that check for scams and security teams with various tools to monitor, mitigate, and handle port scanning and other issues.

Additionally, our product team is developing a robocall mitigation solution in which we identify possible spam by using trust scores based on market data. Customers can choose whether to respond to calls at all when they are reasonably certain of their legitimacy, send calls to voicemail so they can be checked, or block malicious calls.


I hope you get your answer: Does The Ghostbusters Still Phone Number Work? You should expect Ghostbusters to wait to answer the phone because they are pretty busy. Alternatively, one of the Ghostbusters will say, “Hello, you have reached the Ghostbusters hotline,” on an answering machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you call the Ghostbusters number?

To receive a very unique #Ghostbusters message, call 212-897-1964. Hunter Harper and 9,586 other people like her.

What is the phone number of the Ghostbusters in the original 1984 film?

A lot of Bill Murray’s dialogue is spontaneous. To maintain interest during the film’s original run, Ivan Reitman ran a trailer that was essentially the Ghostbusters commercial from the movie, with the 555 number changed to a 1-800 number that allowed viewers to call in.

What is a ghost phone number?

When porting a number from another carrier, carriers utilize a ghost number as a temporary stand-in. It is a temporary number but a real one.

Who did Egon Spengler marry?

Dixie revealed herself to be a ghost. She fell in love with Egon Spengler on their second date and wanted to wed him. Her two brothers were present to ensure that the wedding went ahead (and to prevent them from trying to blast the Ghostbusters with their throwers, they confiscated them).

What is the unknown number?

A restricted number is one with a blocked caller ID, but an unknown number is one you don’t recognize. There are techniques you can use, but it’s only sometimes practical to call a number you don’t recognize back. It is only sometimes advisable, even when it is possible. When answering calls from unknown numbers, use caution.

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