Does The Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen? (Answered)

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This article guide you about Does The Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen? The business created a series of stylus products, including the Apple Pencil, as part of several accessories that can enhance the usefulness of iPad tablets. Thanks to the Apple Pencil, users now have more control over Drawing and other delicate tasks that call for greater precision than simply touching or tapping the iPad screen.

The stylus uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly and quickly to the iPad. Apple designed the original Pencil with touch and angle sensitivity, allowing users to input data with their fingers. With the second iteration of the stylus, its capabilities were expanded, and certain regions of the Pencil could be mapped to various functions within select apps.

Although Apple created the Apple Pencil expressly for use with iPads, some owners are concerned that the tip can harm the tablets’ screens. In the piece that follows, we shall examine this problem. Additionally, we can discuss if users can easily scratch these tablets’ displays with regular usage and determine whether it is wise to use screen protectors with these gadgets.

As we go along, we’ll also discuss how well the stylus works when a screen protector is used, and we’ll offer our opinion on how risky it would be to use the Apple Pencil without any screen protection for the iPad.

Does The Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen?

The Apple Pencil is made to ensure that it doesn’t scratch the screen unless there is dirt or another foreign object on it that is doing the scratching. With a screen protector, though, you can still use it without a doubt.

Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen

Apple Pencil And iPad: The Perfect Match

It took Apple a little more than five years to make the Apple Pencil available to its devoted customer base after the first iPad was released in the spring of 2010. The users’ options were expanded by the availability of a stylus that could be used with an iPad.

The Apple Pencil’s tip is constructed of plastic. It won’t scratch the screen of any iPad model because it glides over it without effort. However, it is acceptable to consider the potential harm the Apple Pencil could do to the tablet’s surface. You may be confident that if you take a few simple steps, you won’t cause any scratches.

How To Protect The iPad Screen?

The screen cannot be scratched by the Apple Pencil alone. However, other things may! You should take the following actions to limit potential damage: Look at the hint. If you frequently carry your iPad and Apple Pencil with you, there’s a chance that you’ll drop one of them.

Unfortunately, other dirt or debris from the ground might get on the tip of the Apple Pencil. People may feel these flecks when using their fingers on the screen, but the Apple Pencil is different.

How To Protect The iPad Screen

These might not leave the screen with large apertures. You will instead develop little scratches. These are practically undetectable unless you are using your iPad in direct sunlight. Therefore, make sure to check and wipe the tip routinely. You may get the job done with a piece of cloth, and no particular product is required.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

Apple Pencil is likely already familiar to you for its pressure sensitivity. However, it would help if you learned when to quit squeezing the Apple Pencil against the display. While you won’t make scratches this way, the screen itself could get hurt.

This is probably familiar to you, but your children might not. Keep your iPad and Apple Pencil out of their reach at all times. Kids can mistake your iPad for a drawing board and use the Apple Pencil excessively.

Do iPad Screens Scratch Easily?

Explore the broader category of objects that might be able to harm the surface of the tablet to comprehend better how the Apple Pencil might scratch an iPad’s screen. However, we may need help objectively responding to how simple it is to mark an iPad.

Where and how you use the iPad will determine many factors, including how long it will survive in perfect condition. The likelihood of experiencing screen issues is low if you are solely using your iPad to browse content at home.

But you could have to utilize your iPad in a more challenging setting. This scenario might involve using the tablet in environments where dust or debris is widespread; these particles might even fly around and affect your screen in ways you can’t immediately perceive. In these circumstances, it’s safe to state that your risk of harming your iPad’s screen in some way is higher than it might be otherwise.

Do iPad Screens Scratch Easily

It’s challenging to determine precisely how much you might be damaging the iPad’s screen, but anything with a more complex rating than the screen could do so. It is essential to exercise some caution when using your tablet outside of the home environment because you cannot know the exact ratings of everything you encounter.

Additionally, dropping the iPad may be sufficient to cause the screen to break or dent. This is still true even if you don’t drop the tablet on something much harder than the screen. A screen crack could be brought on by just the force of the gadget striking the other surface.

With all this said, damaging an iPad screen while using it as intended should be challenging. Apple creates the screens as a component of the tablets to be resistant to fingerprint oils and markings. Although scratches are possible, most iPad owners should be able to avoid them with regular usage and care.

Should I Use A Screen Protector On My iPad For Drawing?

Using a screen protector on an iPad is a matter of personal preference. However, utilizing protection shouldn’t be necessary if you’re drawing with the stylus. The iPad’s screen won’t be in danger of being scratched when using the Apple Pencil. Even though it’s possible, the risk can be sufficiently reduced by regularly examining the stylus’s tip.

The most practical screen protector would be one that reduces glare on the screen if you want to use it for Drawing. There may be screen protectors that can simulate how the paper feels when a pen is pressed on it. Some users prefer a screen protector for a more tactile and realistic experience.

Does The Apple Pencil Still Work With A Screen Protector?

With an iPad screen protector installed, the Apple Pencil should almost always function correctly. Although the company developed the stylus to integrate smoothly with the standard screen, a screen protector should be fine with the Pencil’s performance.

To be thorough, we should point out a few restrictions on this. One reason is that the type of screen protector you select might slow things down. As a result, there can be a slight lag between the signal of the stylus touching the screen and the drawing motion you use.

It can take a moment for the effects of your Apple Pencil action to appear on the iPad’s screen. While this might not bother some users, it might prevent you from drawing in the exact way you want to or hinder your creative process.

Does The Apple Pencil Still Work With A Screen Protector

In connection with that, a thick tempered glass screen could make the lines you draw less accurate than they might be. Your iPad’s screen might be effectively protected with a double layer of thick glass to fend against scratches and cracks brought on by collisions with complex objects.

But you can also make a concession and choose a thin film screen. This option would provide the Gorilla Glass on the iPad an additional layer of protection, but it would also make it easier for you to draw precise lines with the Apple Pencil.

Is It OK To Use Apple Pencil On An iPad With No Screen Protector?

The Pencil’s design makes it easier to use with an iPad’s standard screen. The tip makes contact with the screen and is too soft to scratch or harm the iPad’s front glass in any other way.

Check that no gritty debris has accumulated on the Apple Pencil’s tip before or after each use if you want to be entirely sure that your use of the item won’t cause the iPad any problems.


I hope you understand all about Does The Apple Pencil Scratch The Screen? Apple’s iPads are shaped and sized like paper, making it simple to imagine utilizing the tablet to create various artistic patterns. Apple is aware of this and created the Apple Pencil specifically for this use. The stylus’s construction enables it to interact with the iPad’s surface and draw on it without leaving any traces.

You can examine the stylus tip as a precaution, even though there is always a potential that you’ll come across some debris that is harder than the glass surface of the tablet. An additional thin layer of protection can also be applied to the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a screen protector with Apple Pencil?

Not required. Writing using the Apple Pencil on the glass iPad screen can seem strange. Purchase a matte screen protector. This improves the writing experience by giving the iPad screen more resistance.

Do I need a screen protector on my iPad?

A screen protector is needed if you don’t like cases. If it is not protected, your iPad screen will be scratched by other items in your bag, including keys, phones, and other objects.

How easily do iPad screens scratch?

No. The screens of iPads are incredibly resilient and are meant to be strong enough to prevent the need for additional protection, but if you use the tablet frequently, take it on trips, or allow sloppy people to touch it, there is always a chance of surface scratches.

How do I stop my Apple Pencil from damaging?

Preventive measures are always the best form of defense. I always advise installing a high-quality screen protector when using an Apple Pencil (or another stylus) because it is a sacrifice layer that can be easily changed if damage occurs.

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