Does Moto G7 Have Wireless Charging? Brief Guide

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Unfortunately, Qi Wireless Charging is not available on the Motorola Moto G7 series (Motorola Moto G7, G7 Play, G7 Power, and Moto G7 Plus). So the question that arises here is Does Moto G7 Have Wireless Charging? However, you may make your device Qi-compatible by using a Wireless Charging Adapter, or you can look at a list of all Qi-enabled phones.

For the Moto G7, there is a wireless charging pad. According to a leak, Motorola is working on a Qi wirelessly charging pad, which is being designed for next-generation Motorola handsets because no current Motorola devices enable wireless charging. If this information is correct, the Moto G7 will be the first Motorola Smartphone to support the Qi wireless charging standard.

Does Moto G7 Have Wireless Charging?

There is no support for wireless charging, as one might anticipate in a low-cost device—a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor powers the G7 Plus from Motorola with 4GB of RAM.

Moto G7 Have Wireless Charging

The round-shaped device was first identified by tipster Roland Quandt and has now been added to the Wireless Power Consortium’s list of new Moto Qi wireless charging pads. This charging pad features a comfortable non-slip surface, as well as an LED charging indication. It’s a 10W charging pad, and the fact that it’s listed implies that future products will allow wireless charging.

We expect Motorola to first deploy the new wireless charging function on one of its flagship products, which is why the Moto G7 is expected to arrive with it next year. Of course, this is all conjecture at this point, and Motorola could introduce wireless charging on a different Smartphone first.

The freshly leaked Moto G7 images also reveal a reflective back surface, implying that the phone would have a glass back that will allow wireless charging. A water drop-shaped notch and a thin bottom bezel for incorporating the Motorola mark are also visible in the renders. The Moto G7 has a twin camera arrangement with the sensors placed horizontally on the back, as well as a fingerprint scanner underneath the lens setup. The Moto G7’s rear appears to be extremely reflective, with tapered edges for enhanced grip.

The Moto G7 is expected to include a 6.4-inch full-HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) display, an octa-core SoC (perhaps the Snapdragon 660), and 4GB of RAM, according to previous reports. A 12-megapixel selfies camera, 64GB of inbuilt storage, and a 3,500mAh battery are all rumored to be included.

A 16-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel secondary sensor are expected to be used in the dual rear camera arrangement at the back. A 3.5mm headphone socket and a USB Type-C port lie alongside the loudspeaker grill, according to the renderings. The Moto G7 is expected to be 157×75.3x8mm in size, with the camera hump adding 9.5mm to the overall thickness.

Wireless Charging Support Could Be Available For The Motorola Moto G7

For a long time, we’ve seen numerous flagship handsets with wireless charging capabilities, but until today, there hasn’t been a Motorola product that fits into this category. Although Motorola is known for manufacturing a unique shell cover for its G series phones that enables this capability, it does not support wireless charging on its own.

It appears that things are about to change, as Motorola has filed a product that indicates that wireless charging will be supported by smartphones. The Wireless Power Consortium website has discovered a Moto Qi wireless charging station with a 10W charger, which is sleek and ball carrier with a non-slip surface and base, as well as an LED charging indicator.

There’s still a chance that this Qi wireless charger will work with Motorola’s special case for wireless charging, but there’s no official word on it. The Moto Mod shell, which was utilized for wireless charging, is currently out of sale at Motorola’s online store, indicating that another technology will be purchased.

According to the images for the next Moto G7, the handset will have a reflective back that could be made of glass and will support in-device wireless charging. The item is likely to hit the market in the first quarter of 2019, although the company hasn’t announced anything yet.

Moto G7 Power Wireless Charging

Unfortunately, Qi Wireless Charging is not built into the Motorola Moto G7 series of devices (Motorola Moto G7, G7 Play, G7 Power, and G7 Plus). However, you can browse the list of all Qi capable Phones or use a Wireless Charging Adapter to make your handset Qi compatible.

Can A Motorola G7 Be Charged Wirelessly?

Expectedly for a low-priced phone, wireless charging is not supported. To power the G7 Plus, Motorola opted to use the Snapdragon 636 chipset from Qualcomm and paired it with 4GB of RAM.


Hence it ends up about Does Moto G7 Have Wireless Charging? More leaks about Motorola’s Moto G7 Smartphone are likely to emerge, given the company’s positive response to its G-series of products. Do you believe Motorola will finally include wireless charging in its forthcoming devices? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned to Phone Radar for even more. If you have any further questions, please leave a remark in the space below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Moto G Power equipped with a hole-punch display?

It contains a USB-C charging port as well as an excellent headphone jack. A fingerprint reader that also serves as the Motorola logo can be found on the rear of the phone. It doesn’t support wireless charging and lacks an IP rating for dust and water protection.

Are there any wireless charging-enabled Motorola phones?

Motorola currently does not have a Smartphone that supports fast charging (built-in). Some Moto Style shells, on the other hand, provide wireless charging functionality to the Moto Z series. The wireless charging Moto Style shells allow 10W rapid charging.

Are wireless chargers compatible with all phones?

Furthermore, the Qi wireless charger, which is a worldwide standard, is compatible with all devices. As a result, wireless charging for iPhone and Androids is the same. You can charge all of your devices with the same charging mat. They’re also safer than using an unfamiliar charging wire with your device.

Is it possible for cheap wireless chargers to harm your phone?

According to a scientific study, wireless charging could shorten the battery life of iPhone and Android phones. According to a study conducted by the University of Warwick, charging your phone through induction may shorten the battery’s lifespan.

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