Does Mint Mobile Offer Phone Insurance? Answered

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Here is all about Does Mint Mobile Offer Phone Insurance? There aren’t many self-indulgent purchases as thrilling as a new cell phone. Furthermore, Mint Mobile doesn’t simply provide fantastic deals on new phones because we don’t like to tie you into lengthy commitments. We have solutions for everyone, whether you’ve been with Mint for a long time or want to sign up with us for the first time and obtain a new phone simultaneously.

Does Mint Mobile Offer Phone Insurance?

Device insurance from Asurion is accessible through T-Mobile (Mint’s carrier network) and T-Metro Mobile’s PCS subsidiary. Still, I haven’t been able to locate a method to get Asurion outside the major carriers like T-Mobile. To transfer a lost/damaged device coverage plan from T-Mobile or to create a new one with Mint, Asurion and Mint must reach an agreement.

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What To Know Before Signing Up For Mint Mobile?

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that gives users access to the T-Mobile cellular network is Mint Mobile. The top three wireless carriers’ current performance leaders, T-5G Mobile’s network, are accessible through all plans.

Mint Mobile not only offers prepaid plans that are reasonably priced but also access to a fantastic network. High-speed data pricing starts at $15 per month for 4GB, but you must purchase at least three months’ worth of service in advance.

Due to these factors, Mint Mobile has won numerous accolades on, including the most excellent value for a cheap phone and the cheapest unlimited prepaid and postpaid phone plans. For 30 days, I tested Mint Mobile’s 4GB plan to examine its coverage, call and text quality, customer support, and other features.

Table of Contents:

  • Pricing and Plans
  • Activation Method
  • Performance for calls and texts
  • Data Rates
  • Customer Support
  • Methodology

You can learn more about Mint Mobile below, including what plans are offered, how dependable the service is, and whether you should consider using it as your mobile provider.

Plans And Pricing

Four prepaid plans are available from Mint Mobile, although the cost varies according to the plan’s duration. Unfortunately, a Mint Mobile plan cannot be purchased for a single month at a time. Alternatively, you must pay three, six, or twelve months in advance.

Mint Mobile’s plans offered free calling to Canada and Mexico and unlimited talk and text. Once you’ve used up your monthly data allowance, you’ll still have unrestricted access to mobile data, but it will be used slower. Each plan also offers free mobile hotspot service, Wi-Fi calling/texting, and access to 5G and 4G/LTE networks.

Mint Mobile regrettably does not provide discounts for additional lines. Nevertheless, you can pay the total price and order up to four lines simultaneously. The three-month plans, likely to be less expensive than the majority of phone plans that offer multiline discounts, will be eligible for new customer savings on all four lines. Check out our complete list of the top cell phone plans for two lines if you’re looking for the best discounts on 2 line plans.

Activation Process

A Mint Mobile plan can be purchased quickly and easily. I recently tested the 4GB data plan and wrote up the selection and activation procedure. The Bring Your Phone (BYOP) program link was in the plan details, but I wasn’t prompted to do so.

Inputting your phone’s brand and model will perform a quick compatibility check, but entering your IMEI number will yield the best results. By dialing *#06#, you can get your phone’s IMEI number. Additionally, ensure your phone is unlocked before purchasing a SIM card from Mint Mobile. Thankfully, my phone worked with it.

After confirming that my phone was compatible, I felt comfortable obtaining a SIM card. After entering my ZIP code, I discovered that shipping for 3-5 days was free. Delivery is also free for an eSIM if your phone qualifies for one. Shipping the next day costs $15.

There was still a $5.63 “Recovery Fee” in addition to the free shipment and the free SIM card, as well as $1.76 in taxes and levies. With this, the three-month plan’s final price came to $52.39. Although there is an optional auto-renewal option, you are not required to use it to receive the offered price. After entering my billing and shipping information, I clicked “Place Order.” Two business days later, the SIM card was delivered to my door.

An itemized receipt, a Mint SIM card kit with a SIM card remover, and comprehensive instructions on how to activate your SIM were all included in the shipment. A “Refer a Friend” package containing an additional SIM card kit and information on the referral discount was also provided. I put my SIM card into my phone, activated it, and used a QR code found in the SIM kit to download the Mint Mobile app. Following the app’s download, I choose “Activate your SIM.”

On the back of my Mint SIM card was an 11-digit number I needed to locate. I could then confirm that my phone was compatible and decide whether I preferred to keep my present phone number or get a new one. You’ll need your previous carrier’s account number, passcode, and billing address if you want to preserve your current phone number.

I decided to obtain a new number to receive a new local number; I entered my ZIP code and submitted my name and email address to register for the Mint Mobile app. The service setup took the app roughly a minute. When it did, I could follow the instructions to make sure my settings permitted Mint Mobile’s service and data. Once my phone had automatically connected to the T-network, I was able to make a test call.

Call And Text Performance

I used Mint Mobile for 30 days, sending and receiving text messages and making and receiving phone calls, to test the service. I used Mint Mobile’s service for a month to test it out, and I never experienced dropped calls or undeliverable text messages. Service, however, differs from region to region.

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Data Speeds

T-4G/LTE Mobile and 5G networks are accessible through Mint Mobile. Your chances of having dependable access to data with this MVNO are good, according to my experience and the coverage map provided by T-Mobile. Before switching to Mint Mobile, enter your address on the online coverage map to be sure you’ll be covered. Since Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network, you may also view the coverage map to understand your area’s service better.

With Mint Mobile, you’ll probably get excellent download speeds and superb coverage. Mint Mobile has the quickest download speeds of any MVNOs I’ve tested. I wasn’t shocked because T-Mobile now has a far better 5G network than AT&T and Verizon. The average download speed was 75 Mbps. I observed download speeds ranging from 66 Mbps to 105 Mbps, with 105 Mbps being the fastest.

Consumer Reports states that 18 Mbps is the minimum required speed for 4K streaming movies and TV shows. For 4K watching, Netflix advises a download speed of 25 Mbps. For SD video on Prime, Amazon states that a minimum download speed of 8 Mbps and 40 Mbps is required. These figures indicate that Mint Mobile’s high-speed data is quick enough to do most internet tasks, such as streaming HD video.

Hotspot data, Which allows your mobile data to be shared with other gadgets, is also included in Mint Mobile subscriptions. Throughout the month, I used the identical website on both my laptop and my Mint Mobile hotspot to compare download speeds. Hotspot download speeds were often in the range of 35 Mbps. I observed download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 40 Mbps, with 40 Mbps being the fastest.

The package I tried included 4GB of high-speed data each month, and using the Mint Mobile app to monitor my data usage was quite simple. However, Mint Mobile’s unlimited data plan includes up to 35GB of high-speed data each month. Once your high-speed data cap has been reached, speeds will decline until the next month.

Customer Service

A phone carrier must provide excellent customer service. Unfortunately, customer service is currently a problem for almost all big businesses. Dealing with customer support with phone service providers may be a hassle, whether it’s long wait times or useless people.

I got in touch with Mint Mobile using the phone and an online chat option to learn more about how long I would have to wait for service and what kind of service I would get. Calling Mint Mobile is possible seven days a week between 8 a.m. and midnight at (800) 683-7392. and 10 p.m. To contact a representative, go to the website or mobile app, call EST, or both.

Customer care at Mint Mobile informed me that wait times were longer than usual when I called. However, the wait time to speak with a customer support representative on the phone was only two minutes. I waited for just over three minutes, including all of the automated messages, before speaking with a human person.

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I just had to wait a minute and a half to speak with a customer support agent when I used the online chat tool. Despite the long wait, once I was connected with a representative on the phone, I received a quicker, more detailed response. Nevertheless, every customer service agent I dealt with—both before I bought the plan and throughout the month I tested Mint Mobile—was educated, amiable, and supportive.


Before I started testing phone plans, I noted the main factors I would be looking into. I would be able to compare phone plans accurately and get a complete picture of what to anticipate from the service in this way.

I tried each phone plan out, paying close attention to the following main points:

  • Duration of time. To assess the network’s dependability and get customer feedback, I tried each phone plan for 30 days.
  • Enlisting. To record the process of getting started, checking phone compatibility or BYOD (bring your device), how long it takes to receive the SIM card, and the activation process, I signed up for each phone plan myself.
  • Reliability. I observed how frequently the tested phone plan had service using my personal AT&T line as a reference point and made a note of any dropped calls or undeliverable text messages.
  • Service. I placed/received at least 15 calls and at least 15 texts throughout the month. Using, I also evaluated the phone’s data and hotspot speeds.
  • Customer service. I used all accessible channels to get in touch with customer care while checking out each phone service to see which was the most efficient and how helpful the encounter was.

To Sum Up

At the end of the article Does Mint Mobile Offer Phone Insurance? I had a wonderful experience throughout the month I tested Mint Mobile. The data speeds were the fastest I’ve experienced from an MVNO so far, and I had excellent service and coverage the entire time. No calls or texts were missed, and getting in touch with customer service was quick, simple, and generally nice.

The Mint Mobile, 4GB plan, has been recognized by as the most terrific deal for a low-cost phone plan, and after using the service myself, I firmly believe this to be the case. For as little as $15 per month, you can get unlimited high-speed data (4GB), access to T-amazing Mobile’s 5G network, and mobile hotspot capabilities. But when you’re ready to renew, I do wish you could choose a month-to-month plan or preserve the new customer price for the three-month options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does T-Mobile own Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that was founded in 2016. (MVNO). It operates on T-cellular Mobile’s network, which means it uses the company’s infrastructure but is not owned by it.

Is Ryan Reynolds the owner of Mint Mobile?

Reynolds, a Mint Mobile shareholder since 2019, frequently promotes the cell carrier in commercials. Some people might be more receptive to him because he was once deemed the “sexiest guy alive,” but I remained dubious.

Does Verizon own Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile utilizes the T-Mobile network, as was already mentioned. To determine which provider offers faster data speeds, you must contrast Verizon and T-Mobile.

Why is Mint Mobile so slow?

If your Mint Mobile speeds are poor, it’s most likely because you’ve used up all of your high-speed data for the month or because T-Mobile (the network Mint Mobile uses) prioritizes its customers, and your speeds have been deprioritized due to congestion.

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