Does Mavic 2 Pro Record Audio? Expert Guide

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Here is detailed information and guideline about Does Mavic 2 Pro Record Audio? Because it lacks a built-in microphone, the Mavic Mini is unable to record audio. But there are several ways to include sound into the footage taken by your drone.

Learn how to record audio with your Mavic Mini using the following skills, strategies, and tips. There are many great specifications and features in the Mavic Mini. Aside from the Mini’s 2.7K video capture & 12MP camera shoots, it has a compact design and a stable flight.

Does Mavic 2 Pro Record Audio?

No audio may be recorded with the Mavic 2 Pro. On the other hand, the DJI GO 4 App will control how the audio is added to your movie using the mobile device you are now holding.

Mavic 2 Pro Record Audio

Does The Mavic Mini Record Audio?

Well, the answer is Not really, but as It can already take pictures and videos, adding voice recording functionality shouldn’t be too difficult. First, let’s go with the simplest solution: add a soundtrack to the video you shot using your drone.

Once you have the movie on your computer or laptop, use your video editing software to add sound to the selected file. Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, and Corel Video Studio are some of my favorite video editing programs. All of the above-mentioned programs allow you to layer your audio tracks. It’s possible to adjust the volume to match the audio in the video.

Audio & sound effects can be found on many different websites. I recommend checking out sites like YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, and No Copyright Sounds if you’re looking for regular royalty-free music.

The Best Way To Use The Mavic Mini As A Microphone

Try placing a microphone under your drone if you don’t want to upload or add an external audio file to your film. As far as practicable, hang it at least 20 to 30 feet away from your drone to reduce buzzing and mini-helicopter noises to a minimum. If you want to record nature and ambient sounds exactly as they are, this is the way to go.

This approach has some drawbacks, despite being optimal. For starters, the props could accidentally cut the microphone wire. If this happens, not only might the mic wiring be damaged but so could the drone or other props. Another concern is that the drone’s center of gravity will be off; causing it to need more power to stabilize. Expect a shorter flight time as a result of the additional weight.

Then why don’t you try recording audio like this if you’re a badass? To begin, you’ll want to invest in a lavalier mic. Clipping onto a person and capturing audio for them while they move about is the most common use for these devices. Tascam’s DR-10L is the camera I use to record my YouTube videos. However, the less expensive Samson might also be a good option.

It’s preferable to tape or strap it to the top center of the drone to avoid getting it in the way of the sensors and battery ventilation on the bottom. Let go of the Mic wire and allow it to fall to the center back. Tape the mic wire to the back if you can. Another option is to use a piece of strong wire, such as a clothes hanger, as a safety measure. Immediately after it falls electrical tape it to the wire to keep it straight.

Does DJI Mini 2 Record Sound?

The DJI Mini 2 lacks a built-in microphone. Hence it is unable to record sounds. The DJI Mini 2 requires an external microphone if you wish to record audio, but that microphone will mostly record propeller engine noise, which typically drowns out any other audio.

Is There A Drone That Records Audio?

Drones can capture video, but they often cannot capture audio. This is due to the lack of an internal audio recorder and a microphone. Even if a drone had a microphone affixed, the loud propeller noise would be the first thing it would pick up. In addition, a drone cannot record audio in its footage.


To sum up all about Does Mavic 2 Pro Record Audio? Manufacturers have yet to find a means to include microphones into the internal hardware of aerial drones, despite significant technological breakthroughs.

Considering how noisy drones are and the lack of practical use they have, it’s understandable. Despite this, we still use sound effects to enhance our drone footage. Using any of the methods listed above, you can add audio effects to your Mavic Mini drone footage. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mavic 2 Pro can it record audio?

The mic on your controller module can also be used to record sound for your drone footage. Drones that are compatible with this software include Phantom 4, Mavic 2, Pro, Air, and Spark. Using the app is as simple as turning on the option to cache the transmission video while you’re still using it.

Is the DJI Mavic capable of capturing sound?

There is no microphone built into the device. When flying your DJI Mavic Mini, you can’t use your mobile device like a microphone to record sound. To record audio, a video must first be edited and audio must then be added.

Is audio captured by the Mavic Mini 2?

It’s possible to use the DJI Mini 2 with DJI Native software that simultaneously records video and audio. Using a drone would result in a sound recording that would only contain the propellers. You can either utilize a pre-recorded backing track or record your sounds.

What types of drones are capable of recording audio?

It’s possible to record sound from a mic on the device you use to fly and operate your DJI drone using an app called DJI GO 4 if you’re a DJI owner. You can record audio on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in recorder.

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