Does Engraving iPad Delay Shipping? (Answered)

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Are you confused about Does Engraving iPad Delay Shipping? Apple is offering engraving in the Fifth Avenue shop for the old second-generation AirPods, the new third-generation AirPods, and the AirPods Pro. A retail expert estimated that the procedure would take 20 minutes.

Does Apple engraving take longer in this sense? All responses In addition to the fact that it has been noted that it will take longer, one reason is that engraving is a different procedure. If you ordered one of the iPads, which will require additional time anyway, it would still take longer for an engraved device.

About this, may AirPods be personalized after purchase? You must use to place your order. To begin the engraving process, go to the “Music” page, then choose “AirPods Max,” and then click “Buy” in the top right corner of your screen.

There was a problem; I apologize. Amazingly, does shipping AirPods with engraving take longer? Non-customized orders are usually fulfilled from a nearby warehouse’s supply. This means there may be a slight delay in engraved items delivery due to overseas shipping problems.

You can generally find an exact estimated release date on Apple’s website. Can you still make more customizations if you own a pair of AirPods Pro? No. The Apple store won’t engrave them.

Does Engraving iPad Delay Shipping?

Items that have been customized (i.e., engraved) are ready and dispatched to the customer from the manufacturing location in China. Orders that are not personalized are typically filled from local inventory. As a result, engraved items could take a bit longer to arrive, given that there are delays in international shipping.

Engraving iPad Delay Shipping

How Does Apple Engraving Work?

This option is only accessible through the online Apple store since high-powered laser engravers are used in manufacturing facilities to engrave Apple gadgets. Here is a list of all the gadgets for which Apple currently provides free engraving.

  • Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch
  • iPad (all models)
  • AirPods
How Does Apple Engraving Work

Two potential explanations why iPhones and MacBooks should be added to this list: gadget construction and consumer desire.

Some Apple products, like the iPhone 12, are composed of glass, which is more difficult to engrave than plastic or metal. Similar to the iMac, other gadgets are less likely to require engraving or may be too troublesome to engrave effectively on a big scale.

What Can You Engrave On Your Apple Device?

You may engrave a string of numbers, letters, or symbols with Apple products. Apple even enables customers to engrave emojis on AirPods cases.

Thirty emojis can be engraved. A fist bump, robot, extraterrestrial, unicorn, all the animals of the Zodiac, and even the feces emoji are among them. Emojis are written in a bigger font than conventional characters.

What Can You Engrave On Your Apple Device

For various Apple products, you can engrave a different amount of characters. Apple allows customers to add up to 34 characters per line on iPads. Only 15 characters can be inscribed on second-generation Apple Pencils. It’s understandable why so many individuals have chosen to engrave their Apple gadgets given these alternatives. But why do they do it exactly?

The Advantages Of Customizing Your Apple Device

Apple keeps offering free engraving options for a reason. The following summarizes some of the most significant benefits of engraving your Apple products.


Personalization is a means for you to stand out a little more in mass production—many Apple fans like standing out from their peers in a market where thousands of iPads are available. A fantastic approach to set yourself apart is to add a little personality to your engraving, whether it’s a hilarious remark or a nickname.


People need to be reminded occasionally of the benefits of having you around. Giving them an Apple iPhone with an etched logo is one way to ensure that they will never forget you. For many kind recipients of gifts, special occasions can only be enhanced with a personalized engraving.

Do Not Mix Devices

Accidental misplacements of small items like AirPods or Apple Pencils frequently occur in homes or workplaces that love Apple products. You may be unable to identify which device is yours if you haven’t customized your cases.

For this reason, some people seize the chance to engrave their device to prevent someone else from unintentionally taking it home.

Prevent Theft Of Devices

Many people also engrave their contact information on smartphones for more practical purposes. Additionally, engraving reduces the possibility of your item being stolen and sold because of its perceived reduced resale value. Additionally, engraving makes it easier for kind people to return it to you.

The Drawbacks Of Apple Device Engraving

Even if there are certain benefits to engraving Apple products, these are the typical explanations for why others choose not to do so.

Delay In Delivery

Remember that using the Apple engraving option will add at least one to three days to the lead time for delivery of your gadget. The additional processing time for engraved devices can last for many weeks during hectic seasons.

A Case Blocking

While Apple products are renowned for their durability, many of them cannot withstand a severe fall. For this reason, many individuals frequently spend money on cases for their Apple products. Some individuals don’t see the benefit in waiting a few extra days for an engraving that will likely remain unseen because cases block the original body.

Reduced Resell Value

Since Apple products can survive far longer than we anticipate, many consumers opt to trade in or sell their existing models before upgrading. Although Apple will accept inscribed devices for its Apple Trade-In program, selling a used Apple gadget directly is considerably more likely to result in a better price.

Unfortunately, engraved items are frequently more challenging to sell, particularly if they bear your name.


The answer of Does Engraving iPad Delay Shipping? Is Yes! You can always ask Apple to replace the engraved parts for an out-of-warranty cost if you’re wondering whether there’s a method to get rid of your ex’s name on your Apple gadget.

It’s also important to remember that Apple stopped engraving iPod replacements in 2020. However, there might be a cap on how long Apple will continue to provide free engraving with your replacement iPhone.

Apple allows you to return eligible products for up to 14 days after purchase if you experience early buyer’s remorse. However, engraving shouldn’t pose any eligibility issues if you regularly upgrade your iPhone using the Apple Trade-In program. But in the future, Apple might pay less to exchange inscribed devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Apple’s shipping and engraving processes take?

When you order, the Apple website will inform you. 1-2 weeks.

Does iPad engraving reduce its value?

Any consumer product’s trade-in value will be diminished if it has engraving. Because the company purchasing your gadget for resale will not be able to sell it for as much as an unengraved device, they will make you a lower offer.

Can I get an iPad engraved after I buy it?

You can’t, sorry. Only orders placed through the Apple Store’s website can be engraved. If not, you must take the iPad to a shop for engraving.

How long does iPad engraving take?

While shipping delays for the iPad decreased to Apple’s standard “within 24 hours” in August, having the device engraved will result in a brief delay of one to three days. Since engraving is free, it’s a little fee to pay, but keep in mind that, like the iPod, personalized iPads are yours forever.

Why does shipping an iPad take so long?

Due to its revolutionary Liquid Retina XDR display technology, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is most affected by shipping delays. Due to Apple’s brand-new mini-LED screen technology, this model appears to be much more supply-constrained.

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