Does Discord Say When You Leave A Server? Brief Guide

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You’re not alone if you’ve never used Discord before. The number of people using the game chat platform has constantly risen over the last few years, and it now encompasses a wide range of people and not only those who play games. Many people have questions about Discord, so I thought I’d answer some of the more common ones here. ‘How do I get started with Discord?’ is a good example. But do you know Does Discord Say When You Leave A Server?

Does Discord Say When You Leave A Server?

You are not notified when you leave a server via Discord, no. In contrast to WhatsApp and other social media platforms, Discord does not include a function that alerts users when a new user joins a server or channel.

Announcements are frequently issued when new players join a server. A simple ‘User has joined the server’ message was all that was needed. When someone leaves, is there a goodbye message? No, not unless the server administrator has set up a bot. As soon as someone leaves a server, the conversation moves on, and there’s no use in continuing.

It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it, although it can be a bit intimidating at first. For the most part, app users are courteous and willing to lend a hand during your initial explorations. This guide will also answer some of your queries about the service.

Discord Say When You Leave A Server

No, unless the Discord channel or server admin has set up a bot. Because once someone leaves a server, they’re no longer there, there’s no use in bringing it up. Furthermore, there is no indication that you have exited a service when you do so.

API exit requests are made, which allows any bots that have been connected to this to do whatever they want. When a user exits a channel, a bot listens for it and directs it to that channel. You may be kicked out of a server. If the server administrator decides to notify other users, this is up to them.

Is It True That Your Messages Are Deleted When You Leave A Discord Server?

No, everything remains the same. Only when you delete your messages individually (by you or a user with suitable permissions) or when you’re banned, and the User who is banning you decides to remove all of your messages at once will they all be gone.

What Are Discord Bots?

When you use Discord, you’ll hear about bots because they play a key role in server management. Programs installed on a server by third parties are capable of doing everything from deleting outdated messages to making phone calls to members to a variety of other functions. There is no need to worry about bots until you have your server up and running.

What Discord Are Privacy Options Available?

There’s always someone who likes to ruin the fun when there are many people in the same room. So, what are your alternatives? The only privacy settings you have as a server user are those that apply to you. Many more tools are available to you if you are a server administrator. Since you’re a new user, it’s doubtful that you’ll jump right into managing your server.

Discord’s privacy settings and how to alter them are described on this page on the Discord website. It includes normal communications, as well as the ability to block messages. Unfortunately, the block option will become more familiar to you the more time you spend in Discord. Even though most users on the network are nice and want to get along, there are a few jerks.

What Are Server Roles?

The term “role” in the Discord lexicon refers to the User’s current rank. A user role called @everyone is likely to be assigned to you if you are a new user on a server. You can join and talk with other players as a player, but you cannot make any server modifications.

Moderators have basic management privileges, including the ability to block and kick users from the chatroom. The admin role belongs to the server owner, and they have full control over the server. New users needn’t worry too much about permissions when using Discord.

If you’re curious about the default server permissions, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. You don’t need to worry about server roles at first, but if you become more engaged with a server or set up your own, you will need to understand them as much as you can.

Can Someone See If You Leave A Discord Server?

No, there isn’t, unless the server administrator has installed a bot to act. There is no point since conversation moves on as soon as someone quits a server.


To conclude, Does Discord Say When You Leave A Server? To leave a server, you must be prompted to do so by the server administrator. This isn’t slack. Thus you can’t quit channels. The only method to tell whether you’ve been booted or banned from a server is to check your list of all the servers you’ve been on and see if one is absent that you didn’t leave. Then, who else? If you log out of a server, no one will know that you were ever there.

However, a member leave (API) request is issued; thus, any bots that can access this can do so. Every server has a bot that watches for messages from the admins and places them on a channel of their choice. It’s like with your server list: unless the staff is constantly updating their records, they won’t know you’ve departed (unless they use a bot).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to rejoin a Discord server after leaving it?

Yes, if you’ve been invited or have the invite link, you can rejoin a Discord server at any time.

What is the best way to exit a Discord server without being noticed?

When someone exits the server, there is usually no warning. Though some Discord server administrators can add a bot that can deliver notifications when someone quits the server.

When I leave a server, what happens to my messages?

The messages you have sent on the server will stay after leaving the site.

When I leave a Discord server, what happens?

You will no longer be able to send or receive messages from a Discord server once you have left it. Notifications from the server will no longer be sent to you. Furthermore, your name will be removed from the list of members, and the function you previously held on the server will be disabled.

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