Does Discord Delete Messages On Both Sides? (Answered)

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Have you ever thought Does Discord Delete Messages On Both Sides? When deleting a message, you can only erase your part of it. On the other person’s end, DMs are permanently lost. Discord DMs communicated between you can be deleted from your Discord app, but the other person’s app will retain the messages until they do so as well.

In light of this, what does “close DM” in Discord mean? Be gone from your list of recent communications. However, all previous conversations are saved.

Does Discord Delete Messages On Both Sides?

The message has indeed been removed for everyone in the chat. Only direct messages you have sent to others and shared in a conversation can be deleted.

Discord Delete Messages On Both Sides

Is It Possible To Remove All Of Your Discord Chat Histories?

Discord’s built-in deletion procedure can be used to clear a chat. Click on “Navigation,” then “Channels.” While holding down the Shift key, move your cursor over each message. When you’re done with the message, click the trash can icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Then Is Discord able to access messages that have been deleted? Does Discord Allow You to View Deleted Messages? No formal method exists for retrieving a message that the sender has removed. Discord’s developers confirmed this on their official Twitter account in early 2018.

Is It Possible To Erase Both Sides Of A Discord Conversation’s DMS?

The deletion of Direct Messages is not without risk. When deleting a message, you can only erase your part of it. On the other person’s end, DMs are permanently lost. Discord DMs communicated between you can be deleted from your Discord app, but the other person’s app will retain the messages until they do so as well.

On someone else’s Discord, you can’t get rid of private messages you’ve sent to them. However, even if they came from you. This is critical information for everyone who uses this or a similar platform. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get rid of what the other person has on their side of the dialogue.

Additionally, a copy of the document will also be preserved on Discord. Even though neither user can see this, it is a chat record. That’s something else to keep in mind.

What Is The Best Way To Clear Out All Of My Messages On Discord?

To delete a single message, pick “delete” from the three dots in the upper right corner of the message. Messages can be deleted in bulk by visiting your preferences page. All of your servers will be listed in a drop-down on the left of your screen. Go to the “options” menu at the top of the screen by clicking on one. A message-delete option will be available in that section.

How To Use Discord Responsibly?

A personal Discord account can be an embarrassment if you have DMs that you don’t like or prefer not to have. Your organization may have additional concerns if it uses Discord and there are DMs that you wish didn’t exist.

There is only one rule for Discord and any online discussion: don’t be rude. Keep in mind that your words may be used against you. Even if they turn up in the most unexpected locations, your words will always be remembered. If you don’t want to use Discord or online chat, don’t.

That is not the case. Just keep that danger in mind while you’re conversing with someone. A copy of the DM will always be available on the Discord servers of any organization that uses it. Even if Discord doesn’t see it or know about it, the proof is there. E-Discovery will be possible if you ever find yourself in a legal situation.

How To Delete Discord Chat For Both Sides?

Only your portion of the chat can be deleted. DMs sent to the opposite party cannot be deleted. Therefore, even if you remove your Discord app, any direct messages (DMs) you’ve given to someone else will still be there until they do the same. On another person’s Discord, you cannot erase their direct messages.

Can You Delete A Text Once It’s Sent?

There is no way to take back a text message or an iMessage once it has been sent unless you delete the message before it is shipped.


Let’s conclude about Does Discord Delete Messages On Both Sides? Discord’s Direct Messages function the same way on other social media platforms. Two or more people have a text-only chat that isn’t visible to the rest of the channel’s audience. However, I’m aware of a few small businesses that use Discord to communicate with their remote employees and freelancers. Only with more free features than Slack!

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Direct Messages. Using these, you’ll be able to conduct private discussions. Through these mediums, people can also say things they wouldn’t normally say or don’t mean. They can also be utilized in an unintended manner. Regardless of how you choose to utilize Discord, it’s not always a good idea to have messages like this floating about.

Other than that, do you have any ideas on how to get rid of every single Discord Direct Message? To remove them in bulk from the system? DM leaks have been a concern for you, haven’t they? Please share your story in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that removing a DM removes it from the other person’s Discord?

If you remove a message, it is deleted for everyone who has received it, not just for you. At the moment, you can only delete your messages and each message separately.

Is it true that deleting a DM removes it from the other person’s inbox?

Is it true that when you remove a DM on Instagram, it also deletes it for the other person? Yes, if you remove a DM (direct message) on Instagram, the message will be gone for the other person.

Can you determine if someone on Discord has blocked you?

Using message reactions, you may see if someone has blocked you on Discord. Using message reactions is a more reliable, albeit contentious, technique for determining whether or not someone has blocked you on Discord. React to the person’s message on the common server. If the individual hasn’t blocked you, your response will show.

Is it true that deleted Discord communications are lost forever?

No, you won’t be able to see your deleted Discord communications. They’re gone for good once they’ve been removed. It’s the same for text chat and Direct Messages, and it’s been confirmed by Discord several times.

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