Does Discord Automatically Delete Old Messages? Answered

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It’s okay to delete messages on any platform from time to time, whether to make room for new ones, reinvent oneself, or clear out old ones. So, the question is Does Discord Automatically Delete Old Messages? It’s no different on Discord, where some people feel forced to delete all of their messages at some point.

Discord is a helpful tool. However, it doesn’t like it when users delete messages. If you break the rules, the platform’s administrators may take action against you.

Does Discord Automatically Delete Old Messages?

No, Discord does not automatically delete old messages. Therefore, if you have chosen a time of 5 minutes, every message will be removed 5 minutes after it has been delivered. Simply open the Discord channel where you wish to erase messages and type @AutoDelete start 24h to begin the auto-deletion procedure.

Discord Automatically Delete Old Messages

However, if you’re a server owner or administrator, bots can assist you in deleting messages in bulk. It’s possible to clone a channel and delete all of its messages. There are many possibilities, but we’ll discuss the most popular and strong ones here.

Deleting All Direct Messages Using Bots

Discord doesn’t give us the easiest ways to remove all our conversations. Discord is not only a deterrent, but it may also get you in hot water. The use of scripts and other tactics may get you in hot water. Your account may be terminated in the worst-case scenario. As a result, doing so is not something we advocate.

That’s why we won’t discuss it in this lesson. You’re on your own if you choose to delete DMs in this manner. Self-bots to remove direct messages were discouraged by Discord in the past. However, because so many people did so, Discord declared it a violation of its service rules. Many users claim that Discord won’t discipline them for using self-bots for non-harmful and non-public objectives.

Why Is It That Discord Forbids Bots From Deleting Direct Messages?

That’s an easy question to answer. User accounts that run on API tokens are known as self-bots. Discord now requires all bots to be labeled and tracked through the Developer Portal. API queries can be made, and many chores can be automated using a self-bot that breaks these restrictions.

The Silver Lining

Is there a way to erase direct messages in bulk without using auto-bots? Yes, in a nutshell. POST requests can be made over Discord’s API. Message Delete Bulk is the event that is triggered when these requests are made. Direct messages can be deleted in bulk, but only for two weeks. Messages that are more than 14 days old will not be included in the results of this POST request.

However, you can manually erase outdated messages from your inbox if you choose. It’s vital to know that removing DMs in Discord isn’t possible. The best strategy is to break it up into smaller chunks and take a break in the middle of each session. Then you won’t have to worry about any Discord issues.

Remember that it may take some time to completely remove a chat history that spans many years and thousands of messages. We’ll go over some restrictions on deleting messages in Discord in the FAQ.

Deleting All Channel Messages Using Bots

You may use a bot to clear out a Discord channel of all messages. Discord has no trouble removing messages from servers. Remove messages from channels if you own one. Here, you have many choices. Make certain, however, that the bot you choose is capable of doing so. The powerful MEE6 bot is the most popular choice, although CleanChat is not far behind.

Please keep in mind that even bots with the ability to purge server channel messages may not be able to do it all at once. It’s possible to delete all of the messages on a new server in one fell swoop if there are only a few. Cleaning up a huge community, on the other hand, may take some time.

The reason for this is that bots have a limited batch size. Some only allow the deletion of up to 100 messages at a time, while others allow the deletion of up to 1,000 messages at a time. The CleanChat Bot belongs to the first category, while the MEE6 is part of the second one. Let’s check out what the bots can do for you now.

You must be logged into the proper account (if you have several accounts). Instead of using a desktop or mobile app, use the browser to add bots. On the other hand, the browser is compatible with both mobile and desktop/laptop platforms. All of these operating systems are covered in this section; we’ll also discuss Android smartphones.

MEE6 Bot

If you wish to clean up your server channels, the MEE6 bot is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. It can send up to 1,000 messages every action, but you can set a different quantity. You can delete messages from all or specific users with this bot. The choice is yours, and we’ll go over both possibilities to make the best decision for yourself.

How To Remove All Messages From Your Discord DM Mobile Account?

  • Enter a DM on Discord.
  • To choose your most recent message, press Up once.
  • Press Up once again to open the editor.
  • To select all the field text, press Ctrl + A.
  • To erase the text, hit Backspace.
  • To accept the edit, press Enter once.

Are Discord Messages Kept Forever?

What follows is optional. We keep personal data as long as it’s required for initially gathered purposes. This implies that we keep your personal information for as long as your Discord account is active. You can directly erase some information from the services.


Now, you know everything about Does Discord Automatically Delete Old Messages? It is possible to choose from various bots, each of which has a slightly different function. Messages of a certain type can be deleted with the command cleaning.

Bot communications and messages that activate bots are removed from Clean Chat. Using Auto Erase, you can delete messages that have yet to be sent. Mee6, on the other hand, is a one-stop shop for all of your bot needs because it doesn’t necessitate the installation of several bots for each purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

On your phone, how do you remove discord conversations?

Under “Direct Messages,” choose a buddy. All of your Direct Message chats with friends will be stored in this section. Hold your finger on the message you want to erase. There will be a pop-up menu. Select Delete.

Is it true that blocking someone on Discord deletes their DMs?

You’ll be requested to verify that you want to block them, and their communications will vanish. This person’s communications will be buried if you share a server with them.

How long has the history of Discord talk been kept?

The Discord team is proud of their data structure, which allows a server’s chat history to survive indefinitely (and I’m grateful for it; it’s one of the reasons I converted from Skype), but they seem to believe that everyone who leaves or is removed from a server wants their access to it erased.

What happens if you remove your Discord account?

Deleted accounts are irreversibly lost and cannot be restored. This functionality should not be used. This wiki is not liable for any losses incurred. If a person no longer wishes to have a Discord account, they can delete it.

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