Does Apple Care Cover A Cracked Screen? All You Need To Know

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Is your iPhone screen cracked? Or Does Apple Care Cover A Cracked Screen? If you are searching for answers to these inquiries, continue to peruse. The iPhone has been a revolutionary product in the past few years. It has changed the way we communicate, watch movies and perform work. With many features and a sleek design, it is hard to resist its alluring appeal.

The iPhone is one of Apple’s most successful products and will be around for many years to come. It has replaced the need for traditional communication tools like landline phones, laptops, and desktop PCs at home.

In terms of design, it offers users an engaging experience with its sleek touch screen interface. The integration of technology with personal mobility can be seen in how people use their phones as their primary means of transportation while they are on the go.

Does Apple Care Cover A Cracked Screen?

The front screen repair is covered with a cost under an instance of accidental damage from handling under your AppleCare+ plan.

Apple Care Cover A Cracked Screen

How To Protect iPhone Screens From Cracking?

Apple has a vast range of products, and it is common for many of its devices to get cracked. If you love Apple products, you need to know how to protect your screen before it gets cracked.

When you place your iPhone on the ground, it is more vulnerable to cracking. This article will discuss how you can prevent your iPhone screen from cracking and protect your expensive device.

The first step of protection is to take precautions while transporting your phone, like placing it in a plastic case or bag. You also should avoid using public places because they are more likely to have dust particles and other harmful substances on them.

Lastly, you should make sure that you put your phone in a protective case if you are going out for an extended period or if there is any chance that something might happen to the phone.

The second step of protection is getting a screen protector for iPhones since they are inexpensive and easy to install. They come in various designs and can protect your screen from getting cracked.

How To Apply A Screen Protector?

The first step is to apply a screen protector on an iPhone screen crack to prevent the formation of air bubbles on the surface. You can do this by inserting a thin needle or toothpick into this tiny hole in your phone’s case or screen protector and then tapping on it several times while rotating it around until you hear a slight pop noise.

Everyone needs a good screen protector, and many different screen protectors can make your screen feel less vulnerable and prevent your phone from getting cracked. But they don’t always do the job they are supposed to. So, if your screen gets cracked, does apple care cover a cracked screen?

Guide On Does Apple Care Cover

A screen cracked is a common issue for iPhone users. The phone may still be in warranty, but it can still be an expensive repair. It’s not always possible to have the phone fixed by taking it back to the store where it was purchased and waiting for new parts to arrive. With an iPhone screen cracked, you’re likely out of luck with only one option left to buy a new iPhone.

This problem has become a big headache for many iPhone users, especially those who have just bought their iPhones and are not covered by Apple Care. AppleCare is a service that provides you with product protection and technical support in exchange for your purchase cost. This gives users time to decide whether they want the security or not before investing their money into repairs.

Apple Care

Apple Care is a type of service offered by Apple Inc. to consumers who buy its products or use them on a regular basis. Apple Care offers two types of service: hardware repair and support and software support. It has been in the market since 1984 and provides services such as resolving software conflicts, troubleshooting, installing new apps, fixing iOS issues, and other troubleshooting tasks.

AppleCare is available for all Apple products regularly under warranty for one year or more from the date of purchase. A cracked screen is considered a “manufacturing defect.” Apple Care does not cover cracked screens caused by abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or accident. Screens that crack due to “abuse” are not covered, and Apple will only replace the screen if it can be traced back to abuse.


Apple Care+ is the company’s extension of its after-sales support services. It offers up to two years of warranty coverage and provides users with 24/7 live phone support. Apple Care+ is a service that comes in handy when you experience a hardware or software issue with your device. A few examples of these issues include:

  • Malfunctioning product
  • Physical damage to the product
  • Accidental damage within the first year
  • Software failures

Apple also offers up to two years’ worth of telephone technical support. With this Apple Care+ package, you get 24/7 phone access and more than 500 troubleshooting articles that can be referred to for any given situation.

Does Apple Care+ Cover A Cracked Screen?

AppleCare+ offers protection against accidental damage, including cracked screens.

What Damage Does Apple Care Not To Cover?

Normal wear and tear, intentional damage, fire, loss or theft, cosmetic damage that doesn’t impact the device’s functionality, and deliberate damage. The covered Apple product has a design, manufacturing, modification, or another alteration defect.


That is all we have on Does Apple Care Cover A Cracked Screen? AppleCare will not cover a cracked screen. Apple Care+ does not cover cracked screens, but in some cases, the cost of a replacement can be cheaper than the deductible for Apple Care+. AppleCare+ covers up to two incidents of accidental damage within 12 months.

For example, if you drop your phone in the water, this is one incident. If you crack your screen with a hammer or accidentally knock it against something hard and break it, that’s two incidents. AppleCare+ coverage also doesn’t cover water damage unless the device was submerged and remained wet for 24 hours or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my iPhone is cracked?

If you see something on your screen that looks like a crack or it’s not working properly, there is a chance that your screen might be cracked.
This happens when the glass from the display or digitizer breaks and gets stuck between two layers of glass. If you can remove the broken pieces, they can be fixed by replacing only those 2 parts.
But if you cannot remove these pieces, then it’s time to buy a new phone just to avoid further damage from happening again.

What are the different types of iPhone screens?

There are three kinds of screens on your iPhone:
Liquid Retina Glass,
LCD, and
Gorilla Glass.

Can you replace your cracked screen yourself with a DIY repair kit?

It is important to know the different types of iPhone screens before you start repairing your cracked screen. A cracked iPhone screen can be replaced with a DIY repair kit, but if you have an iPhone 6 and it’s more than three months old, it’s not recommended.

Is it safe to use my iPhone without a cover?

A cover for your iPhone can prevent it from getting damaged. Plus, the latest iPhones are water-resistant to some extent, so you don’t have to be worried about water damage too much.

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